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Heading to the East Coast? This is the Best Time of the Year to Move

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Picking the best time of year to move is a crucial part of your relocation experience. Not only that, relocating in different seasons will influence not only your budget but the overall experience as well. And if you are relocating to the East Coast, weather can be a huge factor. So let’s see what is the best time of the year to move?

The best time of year to move cross country is in spring or fall. The weather will not be too warm or cold, and the price of the move will be more affordable. But if you really want to cut back expenditures, winter will be perfect.

Why Is It Important to Include Seasons When Relocating to East Coast?

Whether you are relocating for a job and have to relocate at the last minute or you have enough days to plan your relocation to East Coast, the weather must be included in your planning. No matter if you live on the West Coast or in Midwest, you need to look for a weather prognosis on the East Coast. As you know, the East Coast climate is nothing like West Coast – it has warm summers and cold winters, while the mid-seasons are mild. So if you decide to relocate in December, for example, East Coast will probably be covered in deep snow.

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Be Prepared for Relocation in Cold Weather

Relocation to a new city means you need to make tons of arrangements in advance, such as house hunting, booking a cross-country movers, and finding a new job. The last thing you need is to be unprepared for something so expected and natural such as snow storms on the East Coast. So if you don’t want to end up frozen to death while waiting for movers to arrive at your new location, make sure your relocation essentials include warm clothing and blankets.

Also, if you plan to ship a car, which we highly recommend for the East Coast, make sure you pack all the necessary winter gear. Pack this equipment in your car before you hand it over to a cross-country movers group for auto transportation. Don’t make a rookie relocation mistake of not having this prepared in advance. Because it may happen, you will have to drive your car from a terminal to your new home. And if you don’t have everything you need for safe driving, it can be quite dangerous. Here is a list of things you need to have prepared before you move to a cold climate:

  • Jackets,
  • Boots,
  • Gloves,
  • Scarfs and hats,
  • Tire chains,
  • Antifreeze for the car

Things to Consider About Cross Country Moving in Each Season

Deciding when is the best time of year to move out is not the same as knowing what is the most popular month to move. These two can be quite different depending on the location. For example, relocating in summer is the most popular, which means there will be a higher demand for movers, so relocating in winter provide more option since demand is lower. So if you live in a warm climate with no snowy months, the perfect course of action would be to relocate during this period. On the other hand, if the winters are mild where you are currently living, they will be nothing like that on the East Coast. So while there are benefits of relocating in each season (coming up in a sec,), let’s first see the biggest downsides of moving in each season:

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Spring ● It can be cold depending on the region, ● Possibilities of rain, ● Allergy season, ● School is not finished yet.
Summer ● It can be hard to find the perfect company, ● Risk of heat strokes is high, ● Fewer options when picking a date for the move.
Fall ● High chances of rainy days, ● School is starting, ● It can be warm.
Winter ● Snow storms and blocked roads, ● Shorter days, ● It is cold.

What Are the Benefits of Relocating in Wintertime?

There are many benefits of relocating in winter, and one of the biggest is that most companies will give discounts on their moving services. The reason is simple – few people relocate in this period, so demand is less and the prices are more affordable. Another benefit is that you will have a larger pool of companies to hire and dates for relocation to pick. All you have to do is to avoid relocating during the holidays because they will probably be short on stuff.

Mid Seasons Are Most Optimal for People With Health Issues

If you are looking for an ideal climate to relocate to, then spring and fall will be perfect. You will get warm weather summer offers and affordable relocation costs in winter. And the best is that these seasons are excellent for people with health issues. Extremely cold and hot conditions can be harmful to persons with heart diseases, asthma, and other problems. While in the spring, the only danger for your health comes from allergies. So if you wish to move safely and, most importantly, more efficiently, May, April, September, and October will be perfect.


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Why Is Moving in Summer So Popular?

When thinking about what time of year is the best time to move, everybody imagines summertime and warm weather. Nobody wants to carry boxes when it is cold. But there are other reasons to move in this period. For starters, the real estate market is booming, so renting an apartment or buying and selling a home will be easier. Also, downsizing for a move will be much better because you will be able to earn some money by selling unwanted items. As you can imagine, organizing a garage sale will be much more profitable in warm periods.

If you are relocating alone, what is the period will not matter much, but if you are with kids, the months when school is off will be perfect.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Move When Relocating to the East Coast?

Well, the answer to this question will mostly depend on your worries about how much movers will cost. Also, it will depend on your health and (perhaps crucially) whether you can choose when to move. If you have to be somewhere on a particular date, then there is no point in looking at the climate or seasons. But what you will get once you relocate will depend on the area you are relocating to.

As you may know, East Coast has sub-tropical, continental, mild continental, and warm climates along the way, so ending up in the summertime in Florida, where is a subtropical climate, can also be quite a shock and hard to bear. Especially when you have to clean the apartment before moving in and unpack everything after relocation. Note the hot sunny day will not only be hard for you but your pets as well.  If you are relocating with a dog, take a look at this video for more tips on how to prevent heat strokes in dogs.

Which Month Is the Best Time to Move?

So if we had to pick the best month to move to the East Coast, no matter where you decide to live, probably the greatest month will be April and May. Because no matter where you end up, in Maine or Florida, the climate will be mostly without rain, comfortably warm, and without any unpredictable storms. If we have to pick the second-best months to relocate, then September and October would be our top picks. The climate will be warm, with some shower rains, but it will not be too hot.

What Is the Cheapest Time of Year to Move?

Let’s face it, moving across the country doesn’t come cheap, and if you wish to save on some costs, you can then decide to move during colder seasons. In this period, companies will be more available, and you will probably get better service as opposed to warm-weather relocation. The only downside is that it is cold. And as you may know, storms, ice on the roads, and snow will most likely interfere with your relocation. Because no matter how great and professional help you’ve booked, cross-country movers are not gods and can not do anything if the roads are closed. But there are ways you can be prepared for this kind of hiccups, and that is to have perfectly packed relocation essentials for you and your whole family. This way, you will be able to live normally until your items arrive at your new home.

What Time of the Month Is It Cheapest to Move?

At the peak of the season, you will probably have difficulties saving on relocation costs because everybody would like to move during this period? But if you go off the peak season and choose dates in the middle of the months, you may save some money. It can happen that some companies will give discounts for relocating in the middle of the month, to urge people away from choosing the end and beginning of the month when is the most popular period to relocate. Also, the most popular days of the week to relocate are weekends and Friday, but if you want to get the greatest service, the better option is to choose midweek days. And no matter if you are relocating in cold or hot weather, you need to start early in the morning. In the winter, the days are shorter, while in the summer, the middle of the day and exposure to the sun can be dangerous and lead to heat strokes .

When Is the Best Time to Book Cross Country Moving Company

As you can see, moving cross-country demands a lot of preparations and thinking ahead, and it’s the same when it comes to booking a cross-country moving company to help you with your move. The ideal scenario would be to book a company at least three months in advance. This way, you will have enough days to deal with other arrangements and pack your entire home. On the other hand, if you hire professionals for a packing service as well, one-month booking in advance should be enough.

If you have to relocate on short notice, finding a good company at the peak of the season will be hard but not impossible. Still, there are good chances you will not get the greatest service for the money you paid. So before you agree and sign any contract make sure to check all the credentials those professionals have. If you plan to move now, book professionals for help in advance, and you will have no worries.

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