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Moving insurance is an indispensable part of our moving, packing, and car shipping services. Cross Country Movers Group offers three different types of moving insurance policies that grant different reimbursements in case of damage. Although with professional movers by your side, accidents are rare, additional protection is always welcome, especially when it comes to your valuables that are brand new or a part of the family heirloom.

At Our Cross Country Moving Company, You Can Agree On Moving Insurance Coverage That Suits Your Needs

There are a couple of options when it comes to moving insurance coverage and policies. Regardless of what type you go for, there are some general rules each policy implies. Firstly, full value replacement is guaranteed only for items that are packed and handled by cross-country movers. Secondly, make sure to review what exactly the policy covers and what the rules are to meet in case you have to claim the reimbursement.

Mandatory Liability Coverage Is Free Of Charge and Included in Every Quote Our Company Provide

By Federal law, all relocation companies in America are obligated to provide mandatory liability coverage, which is a basic deal. If you decide to use our relocation and packing services, you’ll get a free mandatory liability coverage policy.

This deal implies reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged items. Although it is free of charge, this policy could not be enough to cover damage to more valuable goods, and this is the reason why you should consider an upgrade.

Full Value Replacement Is Extra Charged and Is the Perfect Choice for All Those Who Don’t Like to Risk

Although rare, damages during the transportation or handling of items could happen. We don’t doubt that those situations are quite uncomfortable and stressful. To avoid them, our dedicated agents will always recommend you to go for a full value replacement when moving across the country.

This type of policy grants reimbursement for the full value of the damaged items. This means that all your possessions will be insured in full value through an insurance company, so you can be completely relaxed about the upcoming relocation. It might cost you a bit more, but with this type of policy, there is nothing to worry about.

We Also Provide Car Shipping Insurance if You Decide to Go for Our Auto-Transport Services

In case you decide to book auto-transport services with us, you’ll get a free car insurance policy. This type of policy covers only external damage that occurred during the transport, and the amount differs based on the type of trailer you choose. External damage on vehicles transported on open trailers can be covered for up to $100,000.

On the other hand, four-wheelers transported on enclosed trailers are insured with up to $500,000. Since more luxurious vehicles and new cars are most often shipped on enclosed trailers, the amount goes such high. However, we would like to emphasize again that such worst-case scenarios happen rarely, and there is no need to worry about it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Insurance That Will Help You Understand How Does the Whole Process Work

Getting additional moving insurance is not obligatory. However, sometimes we need to think about situations we can not control and ensure we did everything in terms of additional protection. That’s why relocation insurance is always a great option.

No matter how carefully movers handle your belongings, from time to time, some accidents could happen. And whether you go for mandatory liability or want the full value replacement coverage, we can provide it for you, and here are all the answers to questions that cross your mind often.

Where to Get Moving Insurance?

If you’re moving cross country and have already booked professional movers, then the most convenient way to get your insurance will be to get it from your relocation company. The main reason why you should make an investment of this kind with the relocation company is that they do their best to resolve customers’ claims in the customers’ favor in case of any damage, so keep this in mind when opting for a policy.

Why Should I Buy Moving Insurance?

Going for full value replacement coverage is always highly recommendable, especially if any luxurious or expensive things are on your packing list. The reason why cross-country movers are advising on this is that in case of any damage, you’ll be able to get reimbursement for the full value of the goods, which will at least keep you financially supported.

How Does Moving Insurance Work?

This question is usually related to the question of how you claim the reimbursement in case of any damage. Depending on the option you choose, the rules will differ. However, you’ll be guided through the whole process with the help of your designated agent if the situation requires such an action.

Just keep in mind that taking photos of all possessions is highly recommended because this will be the best way to prove the condition of the item. Also, if you notice that an item is damaged, contact the dedicated agent right away, since there are many deadlines to follow when it comes to such complaints.

Is There a Chance My Homeowners Insurance Covers the Damage Occurred During the Move?

It depends on the deal you’ve previously agreed on. In general, homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage that occurred during transportation, but there are always exceptions. Make sure to contact your provider and check all the details before agreeing to a new policy with the cross-country moving company.

Our Company Values Your Possessions and Provides the Best Options to Insure Your Goods Fully

We understand not only the material but the emotional value of your possessions. For that reason, we provide different insurance options to keep you carefree when it comes to the safety of your belongings. The moment you provide your dedicated agent with an inventory list, you’ll get the quote with included mandatory liability coverage, and if you wish, we can add the cost of the full value replacement coverage.

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