Tips for moving during the holiday season

Have you decided to move during the holiday season or you didn’t have a choice? Organizing a long distance move is not easy. You will be overwhelmed with different moving tasks, and to make things worse you are going to deal with packing, shipping, and other similar things instead of enjoying the holiday spirit. However, Cross Country Movers Group is here to tell you some moving tips that will make moving during the holiday season easier. Take our advice and you can deal with your long distance move stress-free.


Choosing a moving date

Setting the moving date is one of the first things most people do when they decide to relocate. According to one research, the Saturday before Christmas Day, popularly known as Super Saturday, should be definitely avoided. And it makes sense. Most people choose one weekend before Christmas to do their shopping. If you think about it, maybe you did it also. Many moving companies will charge you more because of the higher demands and heavy traffic. Of course, you have to check your calendar and see what day Christmas is on this year and then decide on your moving date. You should generally avoid weekends because people usually choose these days to travel to their loved ones if they are not living in the same cities. Opt for Tuesday or Wednesday instead, which are often less busy and even more affordable.

Pack on time

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like packing, there are ways to make it more interesting. With holidays come days off and probably a lot of your friends and family members can come over and help you pack. And that will be your chance to make one seemingly tiresome task into a joyful time. Spending time with the people you love sounds fun, even though you are going to fold clothes and wrap kitchen supplies. Call them and schedule packing on time. Remember, it can last a bit so be sure to plan it ahead.

Separate a small box for decorations

Although all your things should be packed into the moving boxes, you should find a way to keep your Christmas cheer during your move, especially if you have kids. This doesn’t mean that you should put all your Christmas ornaments and lightning in every room. Find a few favorite ornaments and buy a small Christmas tree. Decorating a small tree can be fun for your kids and you won’t have to waste much time packing it after the moving day comes. Just separate a small moving box where you will put these “emergency” Christmas decorations.


Do you find these tips useful? Cross Country Movers Group is here to share with you more moving tips because we know how stressful this period can be. If you hire our professional movers, you won’t regret. They will plan and carry out the entire long distance move instead of you, by providing you with excellent moving services and quality moving supplies and boxes.

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