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Moving During the Holidays

The holiday season is slowly approaching. As we all know, this is one of the most hectic times of the year when everyone seems to be in a rush. While some will be busy decorating the Christmas tree, you have different plans – you will be moving during the holidays. Adding a cross-country relocation to the already stressful period of the year can be daunting and exhausting. However, it is far from impossible. One of the most important tips for a successful relocation during this part of the year is to plan in advance and stay organized.

Don’t focus too much on the regular seasonal distractions because your relocation in the winter is in order. With the tips provided below, you can move without drama and headaches during the most festive period of the year.

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Get Organized for the Holiday Peak Season

Knowing that the holiday season overlaps with your moving plans will likely make you stressed and anxious. Can you really enjoy festive events with your beloved ones and deal with the overwhelming task of relocation simultaneously? Of course you can! If you organize it well and let everyone know what their share of the work is, there is no reason to stress out about anything. The earlier you start with the preparations, the easier it will be to finish them and go out for dinner with your loved ones. Do not let this relocation ruin one of the most beautiful parts of the year. Just remember – the key is to start the preparations on time.

We recommend you avoid these days to move:

Advantages of Moving During the Holidays

If you think that there is nothing worse than moving during the holidays, you are wrong. There are many benefits to this. Since December is a busy month for most people, the number of those shopping for homes is lower, which means you have almost no competition and an opportunity to strike a good deal. Everyone trying to sell their home during this period will be keen to get it over with before New Year’s Eve. This gives you the advantage to have the home you have always wanted at a reasonable price– use the better interest rates.

Contact Help – Friends and Family Are at Your Disposal

The holiday season means you’ll likely have some days off. Use this to your advantage and call some of the closest friends to help you out with some parts of the move. Some of them who have moved before might even have some useful tips for you. You can even come up with tasks your kids can help with and assign them some basic relocation chores. Packing books or gadgets from their rooms might be a fun activity, and when they are done, take them out sledding. Use the days off to get the work done, and you won’t need to take any extra leave. There is no reason to stay up late at night and organize everything – you will have plenty of time during the day.

Flexible Moving Companies

If you are not too comfortable leaving your personal possessions and valuable items in the hands of your friends and family, you can always choose the right long-distance movers to help you out. In the relocation world, summer is the peak season, which means you can choose from a wide array of companies and get a good deal during the winter. Leave the tedious parts of the relocation process to those who have the right set of skills. Hiring experienced movers means you can have them do all the packing, unpacking, sorting, and you won’t even have to search for all the packing materials you need for your move. This will work in your favor if you want to enjoy the company of your loved ones while movers with professional moving services handle the hard work.

Tips on How to Pack – Start on Time and Create Categories

If you want to get down to packing way before you have to move out from the current home, you can do so by creating categories. Decide which items you will need in the upcoming weeks, and which ones can be packed right away – stuff like summer clothes, books, gadgets, and any other possessions you are not using at the moment. If you don’t want to skip decorating this year, pack some ornaments in a separate box, and you can decorate the tree as soon as you arrive. Don’t forget to label those boxes.

You Need This – Downsizing

As you proceed with the packing process, you have to eliminate some possessions. All those useless items that take up room in boxes should be left behind. Don’t pack anything until you get rid of the stuff you no longer need. This will help you categorize the boxes easier and keep you on track. Besides, you can start downsizing when moving even before you pack anything. In case you are not sure what to do with some belongings, request a storage unit from your movers and keep them there until you decide.

Put Out Minimal Decoration

Don’t stress out if you cannot decorate your Christmas tree properly. Your home will be crowded with boxes and stuff lying around anyway. The closer you get to the relocation day, the messier it will get. Choose a minimalistic decoration style this year.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Holiday Season

This might be one of the most stressful events, but that doesn’t mean your life should stop. Keep things casual, work at your own pace, and with good organization, there won’t be a reason to get overwhelmed by the cross-country move to a new address. Don’t forget to go out with your family and enjoy each other’s company under the lovely street decorations. Make time for a warm cup of coffee downtown.

Go Through Everything Again

Before you lock the doors and leave your old home, go through everything again. Check all the rooms one more time and see if every box was labeled accordingly. The end of the year is the perfect moment to move into a new home and explore the new city.

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