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When people plan to move, they mostly feel like they could do it alone, but it’s not until they see piles of things to pack that they realize how much there is to do. Packing services by trained professionals can help you avoid getting overwhelmed and losing time on small things. At the Cross Country Movers Group, we can help you pick the perfect relocation package.

The Cross Country Movers Group Offers Packing Services For Every Relocation Need

A professional relocation company knows that the most vital part of relocating is packing well. If your belongings are packed and protected for transport adequately, there’s not much more you need to make the relocation successful. High-quality packaging is a life-saver when it comes to moving across the country.

When you visit the Cross Country Movers Group website, you can request a free quote to learn about relocating prices and terms. After reviewing the quote, our customer service will contact you to go over the details with you and plan your relocation. You’ll hear about the numerous packing options and perks available.

We Have Professional Packers for Any Kind of Moving and Packing Request

When you opt for a standard relocation package, you get a few valuable services for that price. Packaging and insurance are a couple of them, but there’s also storage use and truck use (together with loading and unloading). These are the essential parts required for any move to go smoothly; with us, you’ll pay for them all together, without worrying about hidden costs.

If you need anything else besides the standard relocation package, you’ll be given a fair price that won’t change in the middle of relocating. You can additionally pay for things like custom crating, full and partial packaging, and full value insurance, as well as some smaller parts that could take place during the move. These can be explained in more detail by our customer representatives when you give us a call.

Movers Will Pack Your Furniture and Appliances as Part of the Standard Moving Services

The packaging services within the standard relocation package entail the following:

  • Disassembling and packaging basic furniture,
  • Packaging and protecting appliances with the right supplies,
  • Loading the packaged cargo into the relocation truck,
  • Unloading the cargo upon arrival at the destination,
  • Unpacking and assembling all the furniture our crews disassembled before transport.

Essential or basic furniture is everything in the house used by every family member. The things you additionally pay to have packed are usually clutter and stuff that adds to the essential functions of a home.

Get the Most Out of Our Packing Services With Custom Crates for Valuables

If you have valuables that must be treated with the utmost care, our recommendation is to get a custom crating service. For a fee, you can have some of your most precious possessions packaged into a custom-made, sturdy wooden crate. These carefully crafted boxes will keep any item safe during transport, so you never have to worry about them.

There’s the option of choosing the total value insurance for these things, which is recommended. If you go through the trouble of preparing things for custom-created boxes, it would be a waste not to fully insure them. While the crates are sturdy, we simply recommend insurance to double-down on protection. This is, of course, optional, but you’ll discuss it with the customer support team.

Pay Extra to Get the Full Packing Service and Take Care of Other Relocation Tasks

The full packaging option is for those who don’t like to leave anything to chance, but more so for those with a generous relocation budget. This option means that our relocation workers will come to your house and package everything for the new one, from the basics to the smallest details.

Full packaging will allow you to take care of many other tasks that revolve around relocating to a new place, such as canceling utilities, changing the address, and transferring jobs and school. It’s also convenient if you’re relocating at the last minute, which is when most multitasking tends to happen.

This option means that our relocation crew will package more than 15 boxes of stuff.

Participate in Your Cross-Country Moving Plans by Getting the Partial Packing Service

Making plans to move out a few months in advance is the best possible scenario. You don’t have to rush, other opportunities to save up and add services to your relocation package may come up, and most importantly, you can box up your stuff personally.

If you choose to package some of your most personal and important belongings but still need the help of trained relocation professionals, opt for the partial packaging option, which is cheaper and gives you more freedom with handling your belongings. This seems to be the optimal balance between getting everything you need and staying on budget.

With this option, our relocation teams will package fewer than 15 boxes of stuff. The rest is your responsibility.

If anything comes up and you cannot bring everything with you to the new house, you can let us know, and we’ll take your boxes into storage until you can pick them up again.

How Much Does It Cost for Us to Pack Your Belongings?

Moving across the country with professional relocation workers may seem expensive, but consider how much money and time you’d have to spend to get to a starting point. You’d need many boxes and other packaging supplies first. You could simply buy them, which would require money, or look for them for free, which could take a long time.

Overall, you wouldn’t spend much more on professional packaging and relocation than you would on seeking out supplies and methods by yourself. With our company, you’ll know just how much money you’d need to move in advance because our relocation costs are mainly based on customers’ inventory lists.

Your inventory list guarantees the expenses, and other factors such as weight and distance won’t play a part at all. You can even change the list up until relocation day, and our customer support team will update the price accordingly.

When you take a phone call with us, one of our agents will go over the inventory with you and mention the different options available for each type of item and every amount. You can also welcome one of our crew members to your home and do it all in person, or even do a video call if, by any chance, a home visit isn’t possible. Once you finish the call, a fixed cost with all the items considered will be sent to you.

Moving Insurance Is an Integral Part of Packaging and Relocating

We know moving is tough and scary, so we’ve made sure to include all possible services to make customers feel better about it. One of those is moving insurance.

The mandatory liability coverage is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods, and it applies to everything packed and loaded into the truck. This isn’t optional but mandatory because accidents can happen without anyone being directly responsible for them. Having insurance in these situations is like having a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You can even pay extra for full value protection for some items. Perhaps you have a large piano, a grandfather clock, or something else that’s valuable both financially and emotionally. There is the Full Value Replacement Insurance for these things, also known as FVRI. You can go for this option; however, it is only applicable to the items packed by our relocation team.

Over time, we’ve learned that some items are priceless and cannot be replaced and that people value good, honest service that helps them feel supported and in control at the same time. We’re proudly transparent about our prices and stand behind our relocation workers and everyone else involved in relocating, but most importantly, we offer various options because we know we can provide them all perfectly.

Things to Know Before Cross-Country Movers Come to Your Home to Pack

Moving cross-country isn’t just about having a team come to your home and package everything. If you went for the partial packaging option, you could box up some stuff before their arrival; if you went for the full package, be at home to help if something unexpected happens.

No matter what packaging service you choose, you need to do some things to prepare your home for the arrival of our relocation workers.

Also, our customer representatives and relocation crews all have detailed lists of things prohibited from being transported and packed. If it doesn’t get mentioned by any of them, ask about these things before anyone comes to pack your belongings.

How Do I Prepare My House for Packers?

Our relocation crews will pack the appliances, but they won’t disconnect or reconnect them; this action is up to you. We don’t take responsibility for plugging and unplugging essential appliances because we’re not acquainted with their every function.

If one of our crew members makes a mistake with an appliance, it will cause significant damage and inconvenience for everyone involved. You can prepare by properly unplugging your appliances before our crews’ arrival.

It would be a good idea to protect floors by laying down cotton or plastic sheets and securing them to the corners of the rooms. If you’re selling the house or have already sold it, it should be in excellent condition for the next tenants. Scratched floors aren’t what they have in mind, for sure, so floor protection is a convenient solution.

You can also ensure that all distractions are removed from the home, such as pets and children. We’re not trying to say that your youngest and furriest family members are by any chance annoying. We just mean that they don’t always know what’s happening during relocation and could get injured if they start discovering.

There are distractions of other kinds, so if you think something may be in the way, ask our customer service for more information.

What Will Relocation Workers Not Pack and Move?

The extensive list of things relocation crews don’t pack and transport is available when you call Cross Country Movers Group. However, we can mention a few examples here, and they are:

  • Flammable items – fuel, gas, barbecue coal, matches, and alike,
  • Hazardous liquids – cleaning fluids, bleach, acids, and pesticides,
  • Illegal items – fireworks, unchecked and unlicensed electronics and alike,
  • Plants – these are tricky to transport because they’re living things and require attention,
  • Pets – this may be self-explanatory, but your pet isn’t an item, and it will have to come with you, whether in a fishbowl or on a leash.

With some common sense guidance, we’re sure you won’t pack any remotely similar things. Still, there are no crazy or stupid questions – if you wish to know more about this, you should ask. We will answer any question about these types of things.

Is It Worth Paying for Packing When Moving? With Us, You Won’t Wonder If You’ve Made the Right Move – You’ll Know It

We at Cross Country Movers Group consider ourselves a serious and professional cross-country moving company. Over the years, we’ve worked hard on perfecting all our services so that every customer feels not only satisfied but genuinely happy that they chose us.

All the best memories are created at home, and having a good relocation experience to a new one simply increases the chances of fitting in and feeling comfortable sooner. We care about these memories and making life simple again after a move, which is why we continually strive to improve and be there for every type of customer.

We hope you trust us with your belongings and give us the chance to prove why we’re one of the best relocation companies in the game.a

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