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Cross Country Movers Group is a full-service cross-country moving company that can provide you with all assistance you need to organize and simplify your move. Aside from moving, packing, and car shipping services, our company provides storage services too, so you can be sure all your stuff is safely stored until the moving day comes.

All Our Clients Get a One-Month-Free Fully Protected Storage Facility

All clients who use our moving services get a special deal of one month of free usage of a storage facility to store their packed belongings. This service will be a perfect match for all those who are in the middle of searching for a new home, still dealing with renovations, or are downsizing and need time to get rid of all the extra stuff. Regardless of the reasons, all your stuff will be perfectly protected and secure, all for free within the period of one month.

Need to Extend the Rental Period? You’ll Get Special Conditions and an Additional Discount!

Moving across the country can come with many unpredictable situations due to which you may need to extend the rental period of the unit. For all clients who need a couple of extra weeks of access to a unit, we prepared special per-day prices so you’ll pay only what you use.

Also, in case you have to prolong the period for a couple of months or even a year, just make sure to contact your dedicated agent on time and agree on all the details – additional discounts are waiting for you!

Our Facilities Are Protected 24/7 With Guards and Video Surveillance

Safety always comes first, especially when it comes to your valuables. For that reason, we provide 24/7 video surveillance and guards, which increases the security level to the maximum. Aside from these, there are also:

  • Access control system – only authorized staff in possession of a keycard can enter the warehouse,
  • Fire protection system,
  • Security fencing,
  • Security lighting,
  • An automated system that records every check-in and check-out of all goods.

The Temperature Control System Will Keep Your Belongings Safe From Moisture or Water Damage

If you have ever used self-storage and had problems with damaged goods because of water, we know that one of your greatest concerns will be exactly that issue. However, when you go for a professionally managed warehouse, there is no reason to be worried about moisture or water damage.

All our facilities are fully waterproof, equipped with a temperature control system that prevents humidity and moisture. This will be just the perfect environment for keeping all your furniture pieces safe, as well as paintings or other pieces of art. Regardless of the period of time, your furniture and packed boxes will not get damaged by water or moisture. Also, keep in mind that all your possessions will be protected with the best packing materials and supplies, which is another benefit of using our services.

Electronic Barcode Labels Our Movers Use Will Ensure Your Stuff Doesn’t Get Mixed Up

Are you afraid your precious belongings will get mixed up with other people’s stuff? With the electronic barcode labels that our professional cross-country movers put on each box when loading boxes into trucks, mixing up your belongings with other people’s stuff is impossible. Those electronic barcodes guarantee ownership over your possessions and are automatically recorded once they are checked in or out from the facility.

Other Important Details to Know When It Comes to the Safety Standards We Follow

To keep all your belongings completely safe from any damage or other inconveniences, we also take care of hygiene standards in terms of regular pest control and cleaning. This is especially important due to current covid-19 conditions, so we take extra care with the disinfection of units and trucks.

Are There Any Limitations to Storage Services? Is There Anything Movers Won’t Move?

There are no limitations in terms of the number of items you can store in our facilities, but there are other safety rules you should follow. We do everything by the book when it comes to items that cannot be accepted on the moving truck or stored due to safety reasons. Here are some goods you should get rid of before you begin to pack:

  • Perishable food
  • Flammable items and materials
  • Bottles under pressure, including oxygen bottles
  • Chemistry sets, cleaning chemicals, and other chemicals
  • Wax candles
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Car batteries
  • Plants and pets.

Is There Any Insurance Policy That Protects Belongings in Storage Units?

There are various policies that could grant reimbursement in case of any inconveniences. However, the best solution is to contact your dedicated agent and ask about all the details. In some cases, even your homeowners’ insurance grants coverage for your belongings while they are stored, but you must check everything with the provider since this is the only way to get accurate information.

What Are the Benefits of Booking a Storage Service With a Moving Company Instead of Taking Self-Storage?

Moving cross-country implies hundreds of small tasks on your moving to-do list. Renting a self-storage will be just another addition to the list, not to mention all the complications when it comes to transporting goods to self-storage units or organizing their transport to your new home address. Not only will this exhaust you but it will also significantly increase your relocation costs.

Keep in mind that we provide free storage units and various special conditions and discounts in case you need to extend the rental period. Considering all this, there is no reason not to take advantage of this offer and keep your belongings fully protected.

Book the Best Storage Services and Ask Us for a Free Quote!

In previous years, we have created the industry-leading set of highest quality practices and standards to keep your priceless possessions safe and secure not only while we store them, but also during transport. If you opt for the top-notch storage service provided by Cross Country Movers Group, just make sure to contact our company and ask for a quote. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to provide you with all information and help you schedule your move.

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