The Dos and Don'ts When Packing BooksPacking is a critical task that has to be completed during the moving preparations, not only is this task one of the most tedious tasks on your moving to do list, but it is also the one that will make sure that your things are safe while they are being transported to your new home. When moving to your new home, know that some of your household possessions will be easier to keep safe than others. For example, packing all of your books is a lot easier than packing all of your breakable items. You shouldn’t take the task of packing your books too lightly. If you do not pack them correctly, you might still end up with either an injury or damage if not both. To help you find out what you should and should not do when packing books, read the following Cross Country Movers Group article on the dos and don’ts when packing books.

What to Do When Packing Books

These are the most important things you should do when packing books for a move:

  1. Sort through your book collection and take only the books that mean something to you and that you would love to keep and might want to read again.
  2. Put all of your books into two categories, one will have all the books you want to take and the other with books you will be leaving behind. 
  3. Decide what you want to do with the books that you are leaving behind. Check the worth of each book and its current condition and then decide what to do with it.
  4. If any of the books in the giveaway pile are in good condition, give them to friends or donate them to a charity. Places, where you can donate books, include schools, libraries, nursing homes, and hospitals.
  5. If any of the books are too damaged, worn out, or outdated, then you should recycle them.
  6. Buy small, sturdy moving boxes of the right size. Books tend to be very heavy and should only be packed in small boxes.
  7. Get your other essential packing materials such as soft packing paper, packing tape, and a marker.
  8. Check that each moving box is clean, dry, and free of damage before you begin to pack your books into it.
  9. Make sure to reinforce the bottom of every moving box using packing tape to ensure that the moving box can carry the heavyweight.
  10. Put several sheets of packing paper on the inside bottom of each moving box before you begin packing. This way, the box will have an initial layer of protection for the move.What to do when packing books
  11. Make sure that you wrap all of your more valuable books in packing paper before packing them into the moving boxes.
  12. Use one of the three safest and easiest ways to pack your books into the moving boxes. These are the flat, upright, and spines down packing methods.
  13. If you choose to pack your books using the flat method, you should stack the books along the side of the box, as it is the safest way to pack your books when move.
  14. Pack your heavier books into the moving box first, then the lighter books.
  15. If you choose to pack your books with their open parts facing the side of the moving box.
  16. Pick the best packing method that works for you, one that is easy, quick, and efficient, which you will use until you have packed all of your books.
  17. Place a few sheets of paper between the first and second rows of books, which will help you to protect the pages of different books from being damaged.
  18. Make sure to fill in any empty spaces inside the moving boxes with crumpled up pieces of packing paper or even bubble wrap. Basically, you do not want your books to move around inside the box during the move.
  19. Label the boxes that are carrying your books, so that you do not lose any precious time looking for them after you get to your new home.
  20. You can use your suitcases to pack and carry your heaviest books, especially if you own travel suitcases with wheels.
  21. Make sure to take any books that have sentimental value with you when you move, do not just load them onto a moving truck along with all of your other items.

What not to do when packing books

These are some of the things that you should not do when packing books for moving:

Tips for packing books

  • Avoid using second-hand moving boxes, especially ones which have been used to store food products.
  • Do not use big moving boxes to pack your books. Remember that books tend to become very heavy when packed together.
  • Do not pack your books with their spines facing upward. Packing them this way can cause a lot of damage to the bindings of the books.
  • Do not pack your books together too tightly. Packing your books too tightly together could cause you to accidentally damage one or more of your books while you are trying to unpack them.
  • Do not forget to add extra protection to your valuable books by wrapping them in soft packing paper before you pack them into the box.
  • Do not pack the books at odd angles as this can cause them to get damaged. Check to see if all of your books have been properly positioned before you begin on the next row or seal the box.
  • Do not pack the boxes to be heavier than twenty pounds. If you pack more, the box might break under the weight, even worse you might also get injured.

Now that you have read our tips on what you should and should not do when packing books, we hope that you will be able to get all of your books to your new home. If you need the help of a professional moving company to pack all of your things and ship them to your new home, know that we at Cross Country Movers Group are here for you. Our Cross Country Movers Group provides high-quality moving services which can help you to move all of your household items quickly and safely. To find out about our moving services, call our customer support services who will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the move, and will help you to plan it.

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