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What Do You Need to Rent an Apartment? Here’s the Answer

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What do you need to rent an apartment is a question that will continuously be on your mind when looking for a new place. Since rental facilities provide a home for more than 100 million people in the US, the process of finding a flat became more complex over time.

Are you wondering how to qualify and what to bring with you when searching for a place to rent? Know that there are some necessary documents and forms that you should prepare. Knowing how much money you need and what kind of credit score you should have will help you sign the lease agreement that much faster.

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Fulfill All the Criteria and Submit the Best Application

When looking for a place to call your new home, make sure that you prepare for the apartment hunting the way you would for a job search. If you hired professional packing services to handle your belongings, you’d have more time to focus on the rental application and the additional documents that you have to collect.

Nowadays, merely filling out a form is not enough, because your future landlord needs to have more information about you so that they are sure you are a suitable renter. The best application will include all the information about you, your credit score, and the ability to support yourself financially. To avoid missing out on a place, make sure you gather all of these beforehand.

Provide Some Form of Identification

First things first, don’t forget to bring your ID. You can even use your driver’s license, passport, or any other type of document that can prove that you are who you’re saying you are. This might seem simple enough, but you would be surprised how simple things can slip your mind. When relocating, you might be too busy thinking about which stuff to put in storage and which to get rid of, your budget, and so many other things that you may forget the essential documents.

Don’t Forget Vehicle Registration When Applying for an Apartment

Are you shipping your car to your new home? If you are, you should notify your landlord about what vehicle to expect on his property. Depending on where you are relocating, some residential complexes have limited parking space. That is why you should make sure there is a place for your four-wheeler.

Credit Score Will Tell Your Landlord How Much Money You Have

You should prepare to have your credit score checked, which means that you will have to provide a social security number. If you are aware of your financial state, and you know that the score will be low, offer a higher security deposit. This type of background check is done so that the landlord is sure you will be able to pay rent.

Bring Proof of Employment

Being able to support yourself financially is crucial, and providing proof of employment will show that you really can. For that purpose, prepare pay stubs or an employment letter. You can even show tax records, or whatever document you have that will show that you are a working individual with a steady income.

A Suitable Tenant Typically Offers Criminal and Eviction History

If you want to stand out among other applicants, you should consider getting a proof that you have no history of evictions. Also, landlords might run a background check on you so they can dig up any criminal history. Offering evidence of no criminal record can speed up the process of selection, and you will get your new home faster.

What Else Do You Need to Rent an Apartment – References

When you gather all the necessary documents for your application, it is time to collect some good references and recommendations.

Rental references are written by people who know you personally. They can be your co-workers, employers, friends, or mentors. A great referral should be about qualities that make you a good tenant. While your movers take care of your household items, you should look for somebody to put in a good word about you. Pick somebody that can vouch about your maturity, cleanliness, stability, and responsibility.

Obtain Best Recommendations

The recommendation is another step that you should take in ensuring that you get the place you want. A nicely written one will show that you were a good tenant in your previous apartment. Nowadays, most landlords also accept property manager’s contact information.

Show Rental History

Prepare a list of all the places you had rented and lived in before. This list should include all the basic information like addresses and phone numbers of managers. Also, write down how long had you stayed there, as well as why did you leave.

If you move a lot, the tip is to create a file with this information, keep it close, and just update it next time you relocate. If you decide to hire moving services, take your time to organize all of this information, it will pay off in the end.

What to Do If You Don’t Have a Rental History

Is this your first time renting an apartment? Whatever your reasons to move are, you should not stress too much if you don’t have anything to submit. Many people can inform your new landlord about what kind of person you are and what kind of tenant you might be. If you don’t have a history to talk about, use a recommendation letter instead. It will point out all of your qualities, and it will showcase what kind of renter you would be.

Security Steps You Should Take

When renting a flat, the ways you can improve security are pretty limited. That is why you should consider all the security risks before you sign the lease. Sometimes, when money is an issue, you will look for a place in cheaper neighborhoods. If that is the case, take a walk around the block, make sure that the lighting works, and that there are no dark and secluded areas.

Research Crime Rates Before You Sign the Lease

Don’t make one of the most common moving mistakes and rush into relocation. Check out the local crime rates. Some sites can help you collect all the information you need. Talk to the new neighbors, they know the area better than anybody else. Just make sure you are not putting yourself in danger by living in a specific location.

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