What to keep in mind when moving during summerWhenever you choose to leave your current home and relocate to the other part of the country, it won’t be easy. Let’s face it – the relocation process is not really a walk in the park, which means it requires you to put some effort when getting ready for such a huge step in your life. When you decide to move during the hottest months of the year, in particular, you have to pay special attention to several things, and we are here to tell you which ones are crucial to remember.

  1. Summer is the busiest season for moving

If we take into account scorching temperatures which are not that easy to put up with, it might seem illogical why so many people dive into the moving adventure during summer, yet again, it is a well-known fact that they do. Statistical data show that around 70% of people move between May and September. So, don’t forget about that when you start getting ready for your summer relocation. In other words, make sure that you book a reliable moving company long in advance. Otherwise, you might be forced to settle for a less reputable one, and we’re sure you want your movers to provide you with top-notch service, right?

  1. Start your preparations early enough

You might be tempted to think that there is still so much time for you to organize your move, but, in fact, it is advisable to start getting ready in April already if you want to relocate in July, for instance. Not only will you be able to hire the best movers you can find, but you will also feel relaxed knowing that there is enough time to take care of everything you are supposed to. So, to put your mind at ease, get down to business as soon as possible.

  1. Don’t forget about higher costs

The fact that summer is the busiest period in the moving industry implies that it will be more expensive for you to organize your relocation than it would be if you were to do it offseason. Thus, you will need a moving budget plan long before the whole process gets started, to make sure that you actually can afford to go through with your plan.

  1. Be wise when picking your move-out date

If you can’t (or don’t want to) avoid moving during summer, you can at least be smart about the exact date of your moving day. If possible, do not book your move during weekends. The beginning and the end of the month is not a great option, either. And not to mention the Memorial Day weekend and the end of July! So, all things considered, the best would be to ask for a weekday sometime in the middle of the month.

  1. Be careful with heat sensitive items

Packing is never easy, but keep mind that this tedious job requires extra precautionary measures when moving during summer. Namely, you must not forget that some of your items are sensitive to heat, which means you need to pay particular attention to protecting them. These include sensitive electronics, such as stereos, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, blue-ray discs, DVDs, plants, together with perishable food.

Finally, don’t forget about yourself – drink enough water, turn on the air conditioner, and wear suitable and comfortable clothes. We wish you good luck! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your move, feel free to call Cross Country Movers Group anytime you want.

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