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How to Decide Where to Live – Factors to Consider

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About 36 million Americans move each year, and all of them have different reasons for moving. Many people who relocated so far said they needed another kind of home, but changing houses doesn’t have to be the only reason on how to decide where to live. We’ll mention some typical factors to consider when choosing where to live.

The #1 Factor to Help How to Decide Where to Live – Housing

Around 15% of people who relocate yearly name their housing situation as the main reason to move. They’ve outgrown their old home by expanding the family, or the nest became too large for them, and they want something more affordable. There are other factors to consider with housing problems, such as affordability, neighborhoods, and amenities. Maybe your current neighborhood isn’t suitable for small children, pets, or even you. You might have had a lifestyle change in the recent past, or the rent increased over time. It’s OK to consider relocating when any of these problems occur.

Pay for a Place That’s Affordable and Comfortable

Choosing a place to live can be daunting, especially if your budget and needs don’t match each other. It’s important to be realistic about the kind of house you want and how that could fit into your budget; while many of us would prefer living in an oceanside mansion, affording it is a whole other story. However, getting the perfect house on a budget isn’t too difficult; you just have to be a little flexible and imaginative. After all, a house becomes a home only when you make it that.

Moving across country for a more affordable lifestyle wouldn’t be the first time in the world someone’s done it. Many people make the decision to struggle in big cities because they think those places would challenge them and make them better or because they prefer to be close to the hustle and bustle. However, the stress that comes with that kind of lifestyle is immense, and you may start looking up how to decide where to move because the benefits of relocation are higher in that situation. If you see the benefit of choosing comfort and affordability over living in the middle of a busy street with high rent, then the time for relocation is right.

Professional Development and Job Opportunities Are Great Reasons to Consider Moving to a New State

One of the most common relocation reasons for many people is relocating for a job. Grabbing the opportunity to travel for work can make anyone nervous, but if you’re looking for a change, it may turn out to be beneficial. There are a few reasons why this kind of relocation is good for you. If your company has decided to move you, you’ll have instantaneous job security and no problems making new friends.

The only disadvantage of having your company send you to another state is that it may not be your decision. In that case, while you’re preparing for a move, do some research on the place you’ll be going to and try to find as many areas that would interest you there. Write down a list of pros and cons of living there and remember – you can always go back.

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Your Career Could Take Off Wherever You Decide to Live

If you don’t have a job or want to quit and find a different environment to work in, deciding where to move could and should come down to the place that supports and boosts the industry you’d like to work in. Being closer to the area where you know your business could thrive will help you feel more confident about the work you do, yourself, and fitting into a new place. Everything’s connected in that way, and good mental health benefits the rest of your life.

For example, Los Angeles is a great city to move to if you want to be in the creative industry and arts (obviously, because of Hollywood,) but it may be overly expensive for someone who’s just starting their career. However, you could relocate to Philadelphia, one of the most supportive and cheap cities for artists, and pay affordable rent compared to living on the west coast. If you’re looking to jump-start your career somewhere else, ensure you’ve done thorough research.

Education Is an Important Factor When Choosing a City to Move To

Whether you’re looking for a house to move with children or plan on moving to a college dorm, choosing a city that has high-quality education is vital. It doesn’t need to be an expensive, elite private school to provide that for you, it should rather be one where most students are happy to go. After all, a step as big as relocating to another state alone or even relocating for the first time shouldn’t be taken just to get mediocre education and lifestyle quality. The freedom of deciding where to start a new life means you get to pick the things that matter to you the most.

The Best Places to Move to With Children

A ton of factors go into relocating to another state, especially for a family with small children. Things you should consider in that case mostly depend on your child’s age since toddlers need a nice, spacious playground to let their energy out, while teenagers need space to start discovering the rest of the world and ways of life. Combine that with the things you need for your lifestyle, and you’ll find the perfect city. It’s not impossible, but it may seem difficult at first.

The most important thing is to focus on the best schools an area offers because, for children of any age, positive school experiences form how they view others and themselves. Lots of cities provide an excellent education for kids and benefits for parents at the same time, making family relocation easier and better for everyone involved. You can watch the video below for tips on how to choose the best school for your child.

Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Relocate – Accessibility to Basics

When we wonder how to choose where to live, sometimes we overlook the importance of accessibility to essential places and things, like supermarkets, department stores, hospitals, schools, and such. On the other hand, some folks intentionally move to be in the thick of it, right next to all of the amenities and more.

Both situations aren’t ideal because relocating somewhere lovely and affordable that makes you commute for a long time is almost the same as paying high rent for a tiny, cramped apartment that’s close to everything you could possibly need. The great news is that there can be a combination of comfort and convenience that works only if you avoid making some grave relocation mistakes. Our most crucial relocation tip is to take every city, neighborhood, and area into consideration when picking out a living space, and you’ll eventually find a location that works for you.

How Much Money Are You Willing to Spend on Commuting?

Researching your area of interest’s public transport quality and the daily volume of traffic is a good basis for deciding where to move. Did you know that an average American yearly spends 42 hours in traffic? You might think this number comes only from big cities where many residents drive during peak hours. However, did you also know that Seattle, Washington has the best public transport system in the entire USA? It’s one of the largest cities on the west coast, yet it’s the most organized and famous for accessibility, convenience, safety, and resources.

Look Up the Statistics of Each State, City, and Neighborhood

Something important to look out for, especially if you’re relocating with small children or older people, is the area statistics on crime and safety. Crime is inevitable in some ways; minor offenses and misdemeanors happen nearly everywhere. Still, if the statistics are showing large numbers of crime or heavier offenses in certain areas, of course, the first thing you should do is skip that part of the country and go somewhere peaceful.

Crimes such as theft and burglary happen often, and you can protect yourself from them easily (by installing household security alarms and alike). It’s impossible to expect that there will never be a minor offense happening nearby, but many online sources are reliable and will show you places that aren’t that good to live in based on crime and safety statistics. Make sure you do the right research even before you start packing quickly in the case of relocating at the last minute.

The five USA states with the lowest crime rates in 2021 are:

  • Maine,
  • New Hampshire,
  • Idaho,
  • Massachusetts,
  • New Jersey

Does the Area’s Culture Suit You?

Finally, if you found an area that’s right for your recently changed lifestyle, or the life you’ve always wanted to have, that’s great. All we can say is – start gathering the packing materials and check how you can move your furniture across the country because you’re relocating for a great cause. While it may seem like a small thing, it’s as valid of a reason as any other. When the question is, How do I decide what city to move to? One of the most important factors is the culture that the state and town of your choice nurture.

If you were born in a community with a low tolerance for anything and anyone different, of course, it makes sense that you’d look for another residence, preferably somewhere accepting and loving. Suppose you live surrounded by barbecue shops and restaurants, and you’re trying your hardest to become vegan. In that case, you’ll skip the torture and find a town that’ll accommodate that particular need. If you simply like nightclubs, urban culture, museums, lakes, parks, an active or a sedentary lifestyle, we can guarantee you’ll be able to find someplace that’ll grant your wishes.

Wherever You Decide to Move, Call Cross-Country Movers Group for Help

After researching and deciding where to move, you can contact cross-country movers to assist you with their top-notch relocation services. Once you decide what not to pack, you can sell those unwanted items, which will help you save money on relocation costs a little more. Standard relocation service entails packing services, some mandatory relocation insurance, and free storage services for about a month. Why pack alone when you can just hire a cross-country moving company to give you a hand?

The services they provide are great reasons you should hire movers, but you have to look at the bigger picture in addition to those. Moving cross-country is a big feat, and your relocation expenses are bound to be high. However, when you contact cross-country movers, you’ll be able to see all of the costs of cross-country moving services without any hidden fees. If you’re wary of contacting a cross-country relocation company because of potential relocation scams, you can research them, too. Don’t complicate your cross-country relocation, and get in touch with some great long-distance movers.

Start a Different Life and Enjoy the Choice You’ve Made

What’s better than living life on your terms? We think nothing is. While so many factors that go into deciding where to move are full of logistical dilemmas and seemingly adult problems, they are really important in the long run. If you have any reasons besides the ones on this list, that’s awesome. We know that you’ve made that decision because you needed it. Now go on and enjoy yourself better than ever before.

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