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Every year, more and more people move. Annually, more than 13% of Americans move to a different state. Your plan is to relocate soon and wondering how to get through that stressful and exhausting task? Every relocation requires moving to another state checklist, a good strategy, and a plan. No matter if you’re in for a cross country moving or just around the corner.

How many times during the relocation process do you have to ask yourself what to do before moving to another state? And what should I know before the relocation? A good start is to create a to-do list. Ensure you write down every task that needs to be done, from cleaning your home to hiring a professional cross-country moving company. That way, you will be updated and can keep track of tasks that still await. Take a look at our extensive list that might help you don’t forget something crucial.

Start With a Good Plan for the Relocation Weeks Before

In a hurry, we often tend to forget small things and the big ones, like learning how to move a piano. However, if you start planning the moving out of state checklist on time, it will give you more space and enable you to remember all the things to do before, but also things to do after relocating to a new home and add them to your list.

Creating Moving to New State Checklist Is a Good First Step

You need to reserve a few hours for creating the moving across country checklist. Write down everything you can remember, even the small things. Having the relocation process list will keep you on track and updated with your next move.

Set the Budget and Check How Much the Whole Relocation Process Will Cost

How much money should you save to move to a different state, and how to save on relocation costs. These are the questions you’re probably asking yourself from the moment the idea of relocation passed through your mind. The budget depends on many things, such as where you are relocating, are you planning to hire a professional cross country movers group for moving services and use their packing services too, or DIYing the whole thing. The best way to avoid and prevent you from spending too much money is to go over and calculate the relocation budget and create the relocation expenses checklist. Think about everything you need to buy and write it down. However, keep in mind this list is not definitive because it depends on many factors.

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Pick the Best Day for Your Move

Another factor for the budget is certainly the time of the year when you will move. Suppose you’re asking yourself what is the cheapest way to move to another state. In that case, you should take into consideration the less busy months for booking professional long-distance moving companies. If you think that relocation in cold and bad weather is impossible, you are wrong. Relocating in winter is hard but certainly more affordable. On the other hand, most people prefer the spring and summer for relocation. However, learning and avoiding the most common relocation mistakes will make the whole process a breeze.

Do the Research of the New Location Before You Move

Once you decide it is time to change your address, do the additional research of a place you are relocating to. Gather all the necessary information, such as cost of living, state laws, schools, and job opportunities. If you are relocating with pets, make sure the place you will call home has a yard or park nearby.

Hire Professional Cross Country Movers

If you ask yourself “what should I do 3 weeks before moving,” the answer would be finding a reliable cross-country moving company. Let’s be realistic, it is hard enough to face this big change in your life. So make your relocation stress-free, and start looking for professional companies and movers by asking for free quotes. Check also if the company offers additional services, like a storage unit as well as car transport. However, this research can’t be done quickly, so start looking earlier.

Start Looking for a Job

The one thing you can’t avoid in every relocation is searching for a job. No matter if you are relocating for love or alone, looking for a job is just an inevitable step you’ll have to do right after you decide to move. Start your online search for jobs that are near your new home. That way, you’ll reduce the commute time.

Searching Schools for Kids Should Be on Your Moving to Another State Checklist

When relocating with kids, one of the most important things is to find a nearby school. It would be great if you could visit local schools’ facilities, but let’s face it, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Nowadays, you can, of course, check everything online. The website will provide you with all information on area schools.

Packing Tips and Tricks

Learning how to move efficiently means knowing some packing hacks that might come in handy since the process of packing your things will take you a lot of time. The best way to pack is to do it room by room. Make sure every box has its label on the side, not on the top. That way, you will know exactly where everything is. If you decide to do the packing by yourself and wonder how to pack books, or even how to pack your shoes, it’s best to call some of your friends that recently moved and ask them for help. Note how you pack fragile items because if you don’t pay attention to, for example, how you pack glassware, you might end up buying new sets after the relocation.

Put All the Packing Supplies You’ll Need on Your Checklist for Moving to Another State

Don’t forget to put all the packing supplies on your list. Get them as much as you need. Here are some of the materials:

  • Boxes,
  • Packing paper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Tape.

Get Packing Supplies for Free

We all know how expensive bubble wrap and other packing supplies are, and if you want to save some money, try finding some free boxes at your local stores. You can also check online at FreeCycle. You can also find some of the materials in your home. Use clothes, towels, and other soft materials to protect fragile items.

Decluttering Must Be on Your Checklist for Moving out of State

One of the best ways to start your pack is decluttering. You probably have clothes you don’t wear anymore, stuff you don’t use. So, why keep them? Go room by room and decide what goes to the moving boxes and what doesn’t. It is a great way for you to give away and donate things to organizations such as GoodWill or just sell your items online before you move. If decluttering seems like an impossible thing to do, here’s a video with some tips and hacks.

Important Task on Moving Out Checklist: Gather All Needed Documents

Among all the tasks you’ll have to do like deciding what to keep when relocating and finishing before the relocation day, gathering documents should also be on your list. If you decide to hire a professional long-distance company, they will take care of packing and transporting your belongings, while you’ll have more free time to collect all the important documents. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Financial records,
  • Medical records,
  • School records – if you’re relocating with kids, bring theirs also,
  • Property related documents,
  • Pet licenses – if you have pets, don’t forget their veterinary records and passport. Check also if there is breed-specific legislation.

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is changing your address, no matter if you’re relocating to a tiny house or a big one. You can start notifying the post office. The bright side is that it all can be done online, so you don’t have to run around and lose your precious time.

Don’t Forget About the Requirements for Driver’s License

Does every state require a license transfer? All states have different laws, and the requirement for licensing depends on the location you move to. Take into consideration, for example, that you can transfer your driver’s license in a limited period from one state to another. Note that you can’t transfer your expired driver’s license. In that case, the best solution is to renew it before relocation in the place it was issued.

Transfer Utilities on Time

When it comes to transferring utilities, it is often the last thing on your mind among all the things you have to do before and after the relocation. You don’t want to realize that you have no water, electricity, or internet once you move in. So, first, you should call your provider and schedule turning on utilities at least one day before you move in. Don’t forget to do the same thing for the old apartment. Schedule the providers to turn off all the utilities a day after you move out. If you’re moving out of the rented apartment, the landlord will probably do it himself. However, it’s better to check and be sure.

Clean Your Old House

You certainly don’t want to do it, but you should. It is important to have the cleaning part on your list. The old place should be clean once you leave, so when professional movers do their part and pack all the things, the empty rooms are all yours for cleaning. It is said that cleaning is often a good way to relieve stress and anxiety. So all you need is to grab cleaning supplies and start cleaning as long as you feel stress-free. However, if you just can’t do it yourself, there are professional companies that will help you with this task.

Let Everybody Know About Your Relocation

After all the exhausting things you had to do to make this relocation go swift and less stressed, you’ll have to say goodbye to your loved ones. Let’s face it, the emotions will run high, and it will be a lot to bear, so why not organize the farewell party? Call your friends and family and spend some time together, it will ease the whole relocation adventure, and you’ll feel less stressed and depressed.

Once moved in, take a break. Take a shower and make your favorite drink. Don’t rush into unpacking everything on the first day. Make your new house feel like home and enjoy it.

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Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

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