Where to Get Free Moving Boxes - Clever Ideas for Packing Materials Near Your Home

Where to Get Free Moving Boxes – Clever Ideas for Packing Materials Near Your Home

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Around 850 million tonnes of paper and cardboard waste are produced in the United States annually. So figuring out where to get free moving boxes shouldn’t be that hard, of course, if you know where to look. You probably think cross-country moving is stressful enough without adding the additional stress of scooping for places with gratis supplies. But this doesn’t have to be the case if you organize a move in the right way.

If you learn where to find free moving boxes on time, you will save a considerable amount of money. And even if you are relocating at the last minute, you can find free boxes if you start preparing to move on time. There are tons of clever ideas where you can find supplies, and some of them don’t even require you to leave your home – they are just a couple of clicks away. But let’s be fair, you may be in a bit of bad luck and not be able to find supplies you want this easily. That is why we made an extensive list of places where you can look up.

Start by Determining How Many Packing Materials You Need

Before you start determining where to get moving boxes for free, you need to figure out how many boxes you need. So start with making a move-out list of all the things you must do and buy, from hiring cross-country movers for the relocation services to buying top-notch packing materials. But probably the most important part of an efficient move is to create an inventory list of all the things you plan to bring with you. With this list, you will get a more precise estimation of your move, and you will know approximately how many containers you have to get.

With Packing Service, You Will Get Gratis Supplies

When moving cross country, probably the first question that comes to your mind is how much movers cost? You will be surprised to hear that DIY relocation and hiring a professional are nearly the same financially once you consider everything you get from a cross-country moving company and the things you must buy and do alone.

Also, if you are not comfortable going around and asking for gratis containers, maybe the better option is to hire a cross-country movers group for packing service. Furthermore, with this service, you will get free of charge packing materials. Also, some companies will provide you with free storage facilities as well. So when you contact your company of choice, make sure to ask them about these options as well.

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Ask People You Know

When thinking about where to get free boxes for moving, friends and family are the first options that pop into our minds. If you are relocating for the first time, pieces of advice from your friends and family will be very helpful. Ask them if they have any spare containers in their basements and garages. You will be surprised how many people actually keep these in their homes.

Go to Your Office

As you know, offices are places with a lot of papers that need to be stored somewhere – usually in containers. So the only logical step, of course, will be to seek some from your employer. Many companies handle tons of deliveries each day with a bunch of leftover containers for you to take. In fact, these leftovers will probably end up in a recycle bin. So, next time you go to work, look around the supply corner and see if there are any containers left or urge your co-workers to keep some for you.

Look Up Local Yard Sales

Stay alert for any yard sales that are happening in your neighborhood. If your neighbors are holding a yard sale, there will probably be a lot of leftover containers that they are undoubtedly trying to get rid of. So talk to your neighbors and tell them you are interested in taking their containers away.

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Make Usage of the Holiday Season

If you plan to relocate in the winter, not only will you save money on relocation costs, since the relocation is cheaper in winter, but you will be able to get more gratis supplies if you relocate during holidays. So before holiday fever kicks in, talk to your friends and family, let them know you are relocating soon, and ask them to keep all the boxes left from presents. There are good chances they will be happy to get rid of them.

Find Someone Who Just Moved

Statistically speaking, there is a great chance that someone you know knows someone who recently moved. Talk with your co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family and see if they know someone who recently moved to give you relocation supplies. Who knows, maybe you hit gold and get spare bubble wrap, labels, and some packing paper as well. Make sure you write them a thank you note because they are saving you a lot of money and energy with planning your move.

Scope Out Local Big Box Stores

As you know, every neighborhood should have large discount stores or home improvement stores nearby. Maybe this option never crossed your mind, but these places are great for scooping out cardboard containers. The following places gladly give away heavy-duty containers:

  • Walmart,
  • Costco,
  • Home Depot,
  • Office Depot,
  • Lowe’s.

These are probably the best places to get all kinds of cardboard containers, such as large ones for relocating furniture or strong, medium ones that are excellent for your books. You can even plead with them to give you a sectioned cardboard container where you can pack your fragile items, like mugs and delicate glassware. If you don’t know how to make a request, you can always call their customer service. Trust us, and they will be happy to help and, most importantly, get rid of debris.

Go To Your Local Grocery Stores

Another excellent way to get gratis containers for relocating to a new state is to seek them at a nearby grocery store. These shops get shipments on a regular basis, so you should be able to accumulate some containers and crates here. Find a manager or worker there and seek to see their recycling and storage room. When searching for containers, ensure to look for any food debris or other dirt inside of the containers. But if you have to pack quickly, this dirt and debris can be avoided. Simply put all your belongings in garbage bags before putting them in containers.

Liquor Stores, Bookstores, and Pet Shops

Head off to your nearest liquor store and seek the most durable containers you can find on the market. These containers are even better than buying new ones. That is right, containers for liquor and glasses have to be extra strong, and best of all, they usually have sections inside, so you can even pack your champagne glasses here. Other shops with regular shipments are bookstores, and yes, these containers are also specially made to endure extra heavy items such as books. Even if you get a couple of these containers, it will mean a lot. If you are relocating with a dog or maybe a cat or some other pet, you can visit their pet shop to get some traveling supplies and see if they have any containers to give away.

Where to Get Free Moving Boxes – Best Online Ways

There are tons of ways you can acquire gratis stuff. For example, many recycling centers have an area where you can drop off or pick up containers, so go online and check it out. Also, you can use your social media channels in pursuit of gratis materials. Post that you are about to move and in need of supplies. Also, there are a lot of social media groups intended to serve as resources to residents in a particular city. Just declare you need containers in good condition and see what happens.

Community Groups Like Nextdoor Are Excellent for Getting All Kinds of Resources

Limited community groups like Nextdoor are more and more popular among people. Because they are tailored to specific neighborhoods, the members can only see the content posted in this group of that community or neighborhood. So posting that you are interested in acquiring materials for relocation will be an excellent idea.

Try Freecycle and Craigslist

When you are in doubt, go on Craigslist. To find gratis stuff, choose your location and go on “for sale opt,” then click on the free option, and you will go on the page for advertising gratis stuff — just type “boxes” in the search bar, and voila! You will get gratis materials. On the other hand, there is a grassroots nonprofit organization called Freecycle, fighting for a healthier environment. The whole purpose of this organization and its members is to reuse items in order to keep waste out of landfills. See if this community has a branch near you and try to find used materials there.

Public Spaces With Relocation Supplies

As you may guess, many government agencies have shipments daily and a lot of paper and cardboard waste, but we are not suggesting that you go to the DMV and ask them for help. But you can go to schools in your area and ask them. The beginning of the school year in the fall is an excellent period to request this because they will get a lot of shipments of office and school supplies, and therefore a lot of cardboard waste will be at your disposal.

Apartment Recycling Bins

As you may know, people order many thighs online and put cardboard waste for recycling. We are not suggesting that you go through a dumpster on a lookout for supplies but through recycling bins which are much cleaner, and there are good chances to find containers of all sizes and shapes. Also, you can speak with the apartment complex office and talk to them about your needs. Maybe the manager knows who moved recently and can refer you to that apartment where you can make a plea for gratis supplies.

Local University Mailrooms Are Filled With Boxes

You may not know this, but more and more students decide to purchase school books online in their dorms. The result is a lot of waste that usually ends up in university mailrooms or their recycling bins. The drill is the same as with schools. Call the office in advance and make arrangements about picking up the supplies.

Now That You Found All Supplies You Need, Your Moving Across Country Can Begin

Relocation is a time-consuming and stressful event, considered to be in the top five most stressful events in a person’s life. But if you organize your move and start with preparations on time, you will have a stress-free relocation. And best of all, settling in and unpacking after a move will be much easier if you implement a good strategy. Furthermore, no one will argue that reducing the costs of a move will reduce your stress as well, so it is always advisable to cut some costs wherever you can. Not to mention that with the procurement of used supplies, you will help yourself and our environment.

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