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Must-Know Tips for Moving to a New State

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When moving to a new state, there are many things to take into account. From finding a perfect place to live to hiring the most reputable cross-country movers group, you will unquestionably need to do a lot of research. Also, you will have to pack carefully and start the whole process on time. And lastly, you must notify certain people and companies of your upcoming move.


A rough estimate suggests you should begin getting ready around two months in advance. And since more than 9% of all Americans relocate yearly, you should keep an eye on their reviews, experiences, and challenges that they have faced. But first, follow our proven guidelines to have a smooth transition and select the best company.

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What to Do Before Moving to Another State?

While listing your reasons to move, you will need to do thorough research of the region you have set your aims to. Since Statista has shown us that the main criterion people kept in mind when moving from one state to another was housing, exploring this market should be on top of your checklist.

Aside from that, there are other things to know when relocating to another state alone or with family:

  • Pay a quick visit to your chosen city and explore its neighborhoods carefully. This includes schools, traffic, job market, safety, and more.
  • Start planning your budget on time and calculate each cost precisely,
  • Find a home that matches your needs, preferences, and finances,
  • Find the most trustworthy long-distance relocation company and make sure to avoid relocation scams,
  • Select the date of your move based on the price range and busyness of the cross-country movers,
  • Contact your post office two weeks prior to the move and notify them of the address change,
  • Get in touch with utility companies, tax agencies, and other service providers to transfer or cancel their service,
  • Start to look for a job on time or discuss relocation with your current employer,
  • Talk about the whole process and plans for after the move with your family,
  • Inform your friends, neighbors, and relatives about your upcoming plans.

These are some of the basic things to do when you move to a new state, so ensure to see them through to have a stress-free experience.

Visit Your Chosen City

When making a gigantic switch in your life and jumpstarting it elsewhere, your primary goals likely include the ways to move safely. However, safety will remain a major concern after you reach your destination. Be sure to read about the town you like and want to call yours. Visit your chosen location and explore it:

  • Check out various neighborhoods and compare them,
  • Talk to the locals and get their insights,
  • Take some maps and brochures,
  • Double-check the housing and job markets before you decide,
  • Go to local hot spots, tourist attractions, and less known places,
  • Find out about the city’s infrastructure.

Although you can find plenty of useful information on the internet, it’s still best to have a trip to your future hometown at least once. Feel its pulse and get to know the communities before deciding to pack quickly.

Make Sure to Check Out the Best Schools in the Area

If you’re moving out of state with a child, doing some extra research is implied. One of your top priorities will be finding a great school. If you plan to send your kid to a public school, pick a neighborhood that ranks highly when it comes to this criterion.

Making friends in a new city is essential for everyone – and particularly for children. That is why you will have to be more cautious when selecting a community and ensuring that your kid will have an excellent educational experience, as well as an opportunity to socialize, find hobbies, and enjoy various activities.

Know How to Plan the Budget

Relocating across the country usually doesn’t come cheap. But if you know your finances and plan everything out, you can save up and have less trouble budgeting. Begin with how much you are ready and capable of spending on the move. Apart from the basic stuff you will have to pay for, you should also set aside some extra cash to cover unpredicted fees.

What Is the Average Cost of Moving to Another State?

Moves can be costly. It’s not just a matter of knowing how much you’ll pay for a car shipping service or renting a fitting storage unit. There’s more to count in. So, how much should you save to move out of state?

According to research, the average long-distance move can cost around $4,300, but there are many factors that will impact this range. The season and date, the weight of your shipment, mileage, and the complexity of the process might raise the expenses.

Aside from these, there are more costs to keep in mind and add to your checklist for moving out of state:

  • Packing materials and supplies,
  • Closing costs you must pay when buying real estate,
  • Buying furniture or other stuff from your new apartment checklist,
  • Move-out cleaning products and services,
  • Plane tickets for you and your family.

Ultimately, there can be some extra fees. If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses, start to prepare timely, purge your home, be careful when getting packed, get some professional help with packing glassware and other fragile items, and stay organized. By avoiding some common relocation mistakes, you will also keep the expenses under control.

Find a Suitable New Home

You will most likely want to find a home to live in before you relocate. Renting instead of buying is often the best way to save up and get to know the area during the first six months. To find a secure, cost-effective house or apartment, hire a dependable real estate agent to show you homes in your chosen zones. Not only will they keep you in the loop regarding the market and pricing, but they will also land you a hand with paperwork and legal issues.

Contact the Best Long-Distance Moving Company

When looking for the most suitable cross-country moving services, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. To avoid headaches and have a stress-free move, watch out for the scammers and learn to spot the red flags:

  • Frequent name changes and missing information (such as phone number or USDOT number),
  • Weirdly low or unrealistically high estimates,
  • Over-the-phone assessments only,
  • Cash payments only,
  • Estimates based on cubic feet.

If you spot any of these warning signs, it is best to just find another company and reduce the odds of getting scammed. Even if this is a last-minute relocation, don’t skip the research, quotes, and reviews. Make sure you have found the best ally out there and that you will reach your chosen city safely and efficiently.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Move from State to State?

The first question you should ask is – how to move to a new state without breaking the bank? Will you hire a reputable company and ask them for relocation or packing services, or would you rather consider a DIY move? If your principal idea is to save money on relocation costs, it might seem intuitive to conduct the whole process individually. However, this can end up costing more in the long run, especially if something ends up broken or damaged along the way.

Whether you choose to hire long-distance movers or handle it yourself, these steps will cut your costs:

  • Declutter your household and get rid of unwanted items by selling or donating them,
  • Get cheap or free boxes and other packing materials and supplies,
  • Ask your friends or relatives for help,
  • Check out some roommate websites to reduce living costs,

Finally, if you’re about to manage the entire move without hiring the pros, you can rent a truck or a container, depending on the amount and weight of your belongings.

Change Your Address, Schedule the Utilities, and Contact All Service Providers

Whether you’re moving out of state alone or with family, you’ll have to contact some companies and notify them of the changes. Start by notifying your post office and changing the address there. You can do this in person or by filling out a form online.

Then, transfer your utilities in advance. Start with the basic ones like electricity, gas, water, and sewer. Remember to do the same with the internet, cable, and phone companies. While you’re at it, see if you have any unpaid bills. Be sure to pay these debts and do a final meter reading before you get packed and ready to go.

Get in touch with your tax agency, bank, and any other financial institutions you’re involved with. Finally, you need to cancel or transfer all subscriptions and memberships.

Find a Job Before You Move

A majority of Americans choose to relocate for a job. Even if this isn’t your main reason to change your location, don’t forget to update your resume, social media, and LinkedIn, and create a spotless cover letter. It is best to find a fresh career opportunity in advance, so you can easily overcome some of the relocation stress you’re bound to face.

In order to choose the most suitable employer and land a fantastic career opportunity quickly, follow these steps:

  • Adjust your location and filter the search,
  • Follow some companies you find interesting, catch up on their activities and openings, and subscribe to receive updates,
  • Be engaged in networking, expand your connections, and stay focused on your goals,
  • Get in touch with relatives, friends, or former colleagues in the area, and ask them for recommendations and advice,
  • Update your CV and LinkedIn profile,
  • Get ready for the interviews.

Lastly, be open to part-time jobs and freelance work. That way, you can boost your savings and meet people who can point out a more suitable (and permanent) solution. While doing all of this, learn about optimization. Keep your profile visible to recruiters by writing captivating and clear descriptions of the positions you’ve occupied. The same rule applies to your resume – keep it tidy, simple, and keyword-friendly.

Check out this video for some extra help and proven CV building tips:

Focus on These Basic Things to Consider When Moving to a New State

Choosing a city you like is easy. You only have to follow your own gut and preferences. But there’s more to relocating than that. You will want to get more meticulous and cautious. When you start to make a moving to a new state checklist, you must be organized and objective. Keep an eye on all proven relocation tips and tricks, and find the best team to help you.

Get a quote and choose the most skilled cross-country movers that will ease your struggles and transport your belongings safely and timely. That way, you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to move to a different state or whether something will get misplaced or broken. Begin your fresh chapter comfortably.

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