The last thing you should do in your old place before moving out is to clean it thoroughly, especially if you are renting it. The easiest way not to overlook anything is to make a move out cleaning checklist. If you want your full deposit back from your landlord or home leasing company, your place should be left in the best possible condition. Most landlords will even insist on checking up the overall condition of the apartment, the state of the appliances and furniture if you rented a furnished home. 

Since you are moving out and your mind is all over the place, this simplified checklist with some useful tips can serve as a guide. For efficiency, we are going to divide your home into rooms and make an emphasis on each cleaning step. 

Move Out Cleaning Checklist for Your Apartment

Certain steps are applied throughout the whole place, but there is also targeted cleaning according to the purpose of the room.

Many of the surfaces that have to be cleaned are found in all parts of your home, such as floors, windows, doors, etc. These are the steps you need to take so that someone else could move  very quickly into your old apartment:

  • Vacuum all the floors and don’t forget the parts that are usually hard to reach. Like under the furniture, in the corners, behind the furniture, etc.
  • Wipe floors after you are done vacuuming them. Depending on the floor material, you are going to need different supplies. There is wood, tile, laminated floor, etc. Be careful not to use harsh chemicals on the types of floor that can be damaged, like wooden ones. Some tiles could lose their shiny glaze if you use acid or bleach. Don’t forget to remove the carpets and wipe underneath them.
  • Dust all the hardly reachable spots, behind the furniture, on the highest shelves, on top of the furniture, in remote corners, etc.
  • Clean windows, blinds and window frames, inside and out. If your windows have wooden frames and glaze, be careful of what kind of products you use.
  • Clean the doors and doorknobs, pay special attention to the top of the frame and under the door, since there are spots that are often overlooked.
  • Apply putty to the damaged walls, remove nails or screws and fill the holes that are left behind. Also, check for the spots on your walls and dirt, you can clean some of them with cold water and sponge. But in other cases, you might need a paint job.
  • If your vents are full of dust and dirt, we recommend you first vacuum them and then remove and wipe the hatch with soapy water.
  • Dust ceiling light fixtures in every room. Sometimes you should even remove them and clean on the inside.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start.

Tips on How to Clean Kitchen, Bathroom, and Toilet

Stove and stovetop can get quite greasy and dirty, sometimes so much that their performance may be affected. Turn off your appliance and wipe the grill, the stovetop and the oven with a mildly abrasive cleaner and then wipe it with water. 

The refrigerator needs to be defrosted before you start cleaning it. Turn it off a day in advance and wash it with some soapy water after it defrosts. The freezer needs to be defrosted first too and then cleaned with soapy water. Countertops need to be wiped down in every corner and every crevice. 

The kitchen sink, especially the metal parts, should be cleaned from dirt and limescale with abrasive. Kitchen drawers and cabinets can collect a lot of dirt and crumbs in the corners. You should first vacuum them and then clean the surface. Check if all the kitchen appliances are working properly.

The bathtub, shower, toilet, sink, and mirrors are surfaces that call for specialty products. Wipe all the tiles and the joints, and leave the drain products overnight. Polish the mirrors with glass liquid and you are all set. And remember to pay special attention to limescale. 

Tips on Cleaning the Living Space and Bedroom 

  • Furniture should be deep-cleaned if possible. If not, they should be vacuumed and refreshed with spray or some other product for fabric.
  • Drapes need to be washed if possible or dusted.
  • Carpets should be deep-cleaned and refreshed.
  • Electronics have to be dusted, wiped and repaired if they are not working properly.

Aromatherapy Home Products for Daily Use

If you view your home as your safe zone, and you want to relax after a hard and long day at work, aromatherapy products are exactly what you need. You have air fresheners that are based on essential oils, furniture refreshers, bathroom cleaning supplies, etc. This can become your daily routine, and therefore you are going to have much less work to do once you decide to move out. Daily home maintenance with aroma-therapy products is a healthy, chemical-free, and holistic way to keep your place spotless. You will not only enjoy your escape zone every day, but you’ll have just a few touch-ups to do when moving out.

Aromatherapy products have health benefits.

Final Moving Out Checklist and Tips

Go through your contract with your landlord and if you don’t have an inventory list, try to remember as best as you can what was the condition of the furniture and appliances when you moved in. Double-check the walls, doors, and windows. It may seem like overkill, but if even one of those things is damaged, it can cost you a big chunk of your deposit. Sometimes you may lose your whole deposit if the damage is more significant.

Make an Inventory Checklist When You Move In

Fair is fair, but you should have a paper trail of the furniture, appliances, and the apartments’ condition in general when you move in. If your landlord or leasing company doesn’t provide you with an inventory list, make one yourself and add notes if they are needed, especially if some things are not in pristine condition. Check if all the appliances are working properly and if the furniture, plumbing, doors or windows are damaged. Look for both mechanical and electronic damage. Even better, photograph any damages you find the first day you move in. 

If you organize your daily routine properly, you will have much less to worry about when the time comes to move out. Be proactive and repair all the damages so that you can get your deposit back before you start packing. Check your contract and be sure that you have met all the points for the moving out.

Move Out Cleaning Checklist to Help You Get Ready to Leave

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