7 things you should photograph when movingTaking pictures before, during and after your relocation will be useful to you for a number of good reasons. Below, we will take a closer look at the reason why you should not pack your camera yet. Taking photos when moving can help save time and money, protect your things, and more importantly, spare your nerves during the move.

Taking random photos of random household items will not work, you will have to know what essential things to take pictures of, and why you are taking these photos in the first place. Of course, you might choose to pack up your digital camera and use your smartphone to take those pictures. That is perfectly fine, make sure that your smartphone takes high-resolution photos that can be effectively used as proof if needed.


  1. Photograph your valuable items

Even though you have done your research and picked the top-rated cross country moving company near you, accidents on moving day can happen now and again. So, no matter how experienced your hired workers are, it is best that you are prepared in case any of your valuable possessions get damaged while being moved by the professionals. Take plenty of photographs, including close-up images, of everything you consider valuable before letting professionals handle those valuables, furniture pieces, especially antiques, electric appliances, electronic devices, and other household things that would cost too much to repair or replace. If you find any of your valuables damaged after the relocation is complete, then those photos will prove that that damage occurred while the items were in transit. And once you can prove that, you will be eligible for proper reimbursement by the moving company.


  1. Photograph any existing damage

The advice is to take photos of any pre-existing damage on your things when moving out. Take your camera and document anything from scratches on furniture pieces to cracks in the frame of your bathroom mirror, for example. After the move is over, you might come to find more or worse scratches, dents or cracks on your things, the ones that already had some damage before the relocation.


  1. Photograph your place when moving out

If you are a renter and you are getting ready to move, one thing you should never forget to do is to take photos of your rented place before you move out of it. First, clean the place thoroughly, and then do your best to repair any damage you may have caused during your stay there, fill in any nail holes in the walls, fix any damage to the floors, fix windows and blinds, etc. Finally, when you have made sure that you are leaving the apartment in excellent condition, document that same condition in photographs. Your landlord might try to pocket your security deposit by holding you responsible for any damage or charging you cleaning fees. That is why you want to have those photos as proof that you did your part of the work and that your landlord should give you back your deposit money.


  1. Take pictures when moving into your new place

It’s essential to have proof of the way the apartment looks like when moving out, but documenting the condition of the place you are moving into might prove to be even more important because it can help you avoid potential issues with your landlord later on. When moving into your new house, do not forget to take many pictures of the whole place before you bring in your furniture pieces and start to unpack. Take detailed photos of any damage that you manage to find as evidence that it was not you who caused it. This precautionary measure will be your evidence that you are not responsible for any damage that was already there when you moved in. This should help you get your security deposit back and avoid unfair accusation when the time comes for you to move out.


  1. Photograph your electronic devices wires

Another way that photos can save you from any possible troubles is to snap some quick pictures of the way your electronic devices are wired up. Take some photos of the back of your television, desktop computer, stereo, DVD player, satellite receiver and any other electronic device that uses them. Take several pictures from different angles and then disconnect the cables to pack the device in question. When you have a good visual reference, it will be much easier for you to re-connect the electronic devices correctly when you reach the new home. Without any photos to guide you, you might lose a lot of time setting up your electronic devices, or worse, and you might wire them the wrong way and damage them for good.


  1. Take pictures of your utility meters before and after moving

One important thing to take pictures of when moving is your utility meters before you leave your old place and right after you arrive in your new home. Just take clear pictures of the readings of each utility meter to avoid being charged unfairly. Utility companies usually charge their clients on usage estimates, which means that if their baseline reading is incorrect, then your estimated utility usage will be incorrect as well. What’s more, it is not uncommon to have lags or overlaps between customer accounts, so take your photos to save yourself some trouble in the future.


  1. Take photos of the moving process

You might want to keep memories of the place you are leaving or maybe even from the moving process itself. You can have fun posting some of the photos on your preferred social media, or arranging the pictures in an album after the relocation is done.

Now that you have read these 7 things you should photograph when moving, we hope that you will have an easy and stressful move. If you are still looking for a professional moving company, then you will be happy to find out that you have found one of the best moving companies in the US, Cross Country Movers Group. Contact one of our friendly spokespersons to get a free moving quote and to schedule your moving date.

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