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Labels for Moving Boxes to Make Organizing and Relocating Easier

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If you are planning to relocate soon, remember that one of the most important things you should do is acquire labels for moving boxes. Labeling cartons is a crucial part of relocation that can easily slip through one’s mind. To make your move organized, easy, and less stressful, we have assembled a list of steps that you should follow.

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The Importance of Moving Labels for Boxes

Whether you are hiring professional moving services or doing the relocation on your own, labeling is a crucial factor for a successful move. In fact, not doing so is considered one of the most common moving mistakes. If you properly mark your packed items, movers will easily handle the transportation without damaging your belongings. On top of that, you will also benefit from this when you arrive at your new home and start unpacking. You’ll spend more time labeling correctly, but you’ll need less when unpacking.

Unlabeled Boxes Can Be a Problem During Shipping

Unlabeled cartons can cause a lot of problems during transportation or while in storage. For example, if you or your movers don’t see the fragile sticker, you might stack something heavy on top of those cartons Then, the heavy ones will crush your fragile items during the shipping process. Labeled cartons will also help you to see which side is up, so you’ll load it on the truck or in the storage unit properly.

Acquire Proper Supplies and Materials

The first step is to prepare good-quality packing materials for moving before you start with the work. Those include high-quality waterproof markers and some labels.

Purchase High-Quality Markers

You probably have different types of pens and markers around your home. However, it is advised to purchase a high-quality set of color markers. Preferably, they should be waterproof and permanent in case there’s rain on the relocation day. The black marker is commonly used for labeling, but you can increase the efficiency of this task by providing at least five different color markers. Vivid colors will be easier to read, and you can use a different color for each room.

Acquire Moving Box Labels

There are a couple of options to purchase or get the moving labels for cartons. You can get them in an office supply store, or contact the company you are relocating with for packing materials. There are many online templates available as well. You just need to find the ones you like and print them out. If you want to have fun and be creative, you can design your own.

Get Fragile Stickers for Breakable Items

If you want to provide additional care for breakable belongings, be sure to get those fragile stickers. When your movers see them, they will immediately know to be careful with loading. You can also print them from an online template or get them in a store.

When Should You Start With Labeling the Boxes You Want to Pack

Maybe this step will seem ridiculous, but the timing is crucial. Do not start labeling before you seal the carton. If you label an empty or half-full container, maybe you’ll change your mind about the contents in the meantime. Then the sticker won’t serve its purpose. The same goes for labeling long after your things are packed because you’ll simply forget what you have placed inside. Therefore, you should pack the items, seal the container, and then label it right after.

How Do You Label Boxes When Moving

When you pack your belongings and get all materials and supplies, you can start labeling your cartons. There are two labeling systems that will help you keep your cartons organized.

Use the Color-Coded System

Using the color-coded system means that you can choose different colors for each room. You can select colors randomly or according to logical associations. For example, if you like oranges, you can choose the orange color for the kitchen. Another example is the bathroom, most commonly associated with blue. For special warnings, such as breakable items, use a red marker, and write either “handle with care” or “fragile” in big letters. Besides writing with markers, you should also place moving labels on your cartons. You can add more info about the content, which will help you during the unpacking.

Use the Number-Coded System

The number-coded method requires a list where you’ll select different numbers for each room. Select a unique number for each room and write the inventory next to it on your list. That number will be the only one written on a container, which means you’ll spend less time with this system than with a color-coded one, and the full content will be known only to you. To not lose this list and the hard work you did, be sure to email it to yourself.

Some Helpful Additional Information for the Safety of Your Items

Both of the above-mentioned labeling systems will be equally efficient no matter which one you chose. However, we would like to add some additional moving labels tips to avoid some common mistakes when packing for a long-distance relocation.

  • Be sure to label each box on its top and on at least two sides to help you with identification when unpacking
  • If you don’t want your stickers to fall off during the transportation process, be sure to provide additional protection by placing clear tape over them
  • If you acquired free moving boxes from the local store or an office, be sure to change pre-existing marks to avoid confusion for both your professional packers and you.

Where to Stock up on Free Packing Supplies

Not everyone can splurge on high-quality, brand new cartons and wraps. Luckily, there are ways to get some (or all) of these materials for free. Check out the video below for some tips.

Make the Labeling of Cartons Enjoyable

As it can be concluded, labeling cartons for your relocation is pretty easy and undemanding. The best thing is that you can have a lot of fun while doing it. On the one hand, you can ease the stress by making your own designed tags. On the other, you can include your kids in the process and make the relocation time enjoyable together.

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