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Tips on How to Pack Quickly When Moving in a Hurry

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Have you come to the point where you need to wrap up everything for your new home, but you don’t have enough time to do it? Hopefully, with these few tips, you’ll learn how to pack quickly and prepare everything you need before you reach moving day. It’s all about having a good start.

How Do You Pack To Move In A Hurry?

Packing in a hurry doesn’t have to be so chaotic if you follow some basic rules. These rules are:

  • Use what you have at home as padding materials for each box
  • Get rid of unnecessary stuff – yes, clothes, too
  • Roll, don’t fold when you put your clothes in a box
  • Prepare an overnight bag with all your essentials to carry with you – documents, phone charger, extra pair of clothes, toothbrush, etc
  • Call friends to join in or hire professional long distance movers for their packing services
  • Think about whether or not you need car shipping

It’s important to have in mind that these are just the basic rules you need to keep in mind when relocating cross country with a short amount of time. Like every interstate relocation ever, it all starts with a clear head and good organization, so you’ll avoid common moving mistakes.

Don’t Freak Out On Moving Day

Moving state to state is a stressful business. Panicking and freaking out during this period will only make it worse. So when you do feel like you are going to jump out of your own skin, check out some tips for reducing stress and anxiety.

Organize For a Good Moving Start

Before you start packing or calling your friends, sit and write down what needs to be done. Create an inventory list of all your things, room by room, and try to organize your whole packaging and wrapping process. Work your way from bigger items to smaller ones. Calculate how much time you need per room to see how many extra pairs of hands you need to pack. Don’t forget to hire a reliable cross country moving company or rent a truck in case you need one.

Read our list for a better organization:

  • Write down a to-do list
  • Make a timetable from start to finish
  • Calculate how many hours do you need for each task
  • Sometimes it helps when you give yourself a set of small tasks with a time limit – For example, your task is to throw away makeup that can’t be used anymore and prepare the rest that can be used, in 30 minutes.

Remember This: Proper Planning Is a Job Half Done

Don’t skip this tip, for it’s very helpful. When you don’t organize your time and resources at first, you’re going to be running around your home, not knowing what to do next, and panicking along the way. When you do organize, your job is practically 50% done, because everything else that follows is just going by the book. It will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

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Use Resources You Have At Home For Packing

In case you don’t have the regular packing materials for moving such as boxes, paper, foam, or bubble wrap and you aren’t able to go and find some, you can use things in your house for padding and as substitutes for boxes.

You can use:

  • Shirts and other clothes – Excellent for padding, especially for fragile things such as glassware, stemware, etc
  • Socks – You can fill your shoes, boots, and sneakers with socks. This way, you’re saving extra space and preventing damages when it comes to forms
  • Plastic bags – You can use these as padding materials, too
  • Suitcases – Use every suitcase in your home and fill them up with different things
  • Backpacks – You can put smaller items and books in your backpacks
  • Smaller bags – These are perfect for packing cords for every electronic item you own
  • Purses – Basically, you can put anything that fits in there
  • Small decorative boxes you have at your place – These boxes are good for storing makeup, candles, frames, and other smaller items
  • Drawers – In case you have some furniture like a nightstand, you can leave non-essential and not-so-heavy items in there. Just wrap the entire nightstand, so the drawers don’t fall off
  • Cups – Plastic cups with a top seal are perfect for storing makeup brushes, manicure sets, and small combs.

If you can think of some other way to exploit resources at home, feel free to add it to the list. Don’t forget to clear the clutter while you’re packing. This will save you a lot of space for your other things in every box. You can always try to sell unwanted items or if there are some items that you want to keep but won’t fit in your new place, be sure to check out professional storage services.

Check Out These Hacks To Help You Pack More Efficiently

Every new hack or tip is helpful at some point, so make sure you check these extra hacks on packing and moving.

Ask Close Friends To Help You Pack Quickly

It’s okay to ask your close friends and family members to help you out with your move. The more people you call to help, the more time you will save during the packing process. Remember that you have to be the leader of this small packing team. Organize them and divide them into smaller groups. Each group can be in charge of a different room in the house. Explain to them how you want to pack your items in boxes, like if you want stemware in one box with clothes as padding material, and so on.

Your Friends Can Share Some Ideas With You

Having friends during this frantic process can be quite beneficial. Your friends can pitch in with some new ideas on packing, organizing, or acquiring moving labels. One good idea is enough to help speed up the process and make it easier for everyone involved.

These Tips Will Help You

Relocating to a new home in a different state and wrapping every item in your household doesn’t seem so stressful now, does it? We’re sure you’ll find our tips useful and practical for any type of move or even travel. Soon you’re going to meet new neighbors and enjoy living in new surroundings. In case you’re still not sure whether or not you’ll make it in time or you don’t want to feel stressed out, you can get a free quote on moving services and hire a reliable long distance moving company that fits your needs.

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