5 Tips for Moving in the Winter

The entire period of moving can be quite stressful, and is usually very time-consuming, especially so if you’re moving on a low budget, and plan on tackling some or all the steps of the moving process on your own. Many people decide to move during winter, as relocation can be much cheaper during this period, as opposed to moving in the summer. This is probably why you’re looking up tips for moving in the winter, as you’re surely aware that the cold weather, and the snow can make the relocation even more challenging. But, Cross Country Movers Group has gathered some of the most common tips for moving in the winter, which you’ll hopefully find useful.


1)    Hiring a professional moving company

Even though you could try and handle everything on your own, remember that hiring professional movers for the job is the safest way of going about it. You can find affordable deals during winter, and you won’t have to risk damaging your items, or hurting yourself, by driving a moving truck on your own.

2)    Plan for the weather

Every relocation takes a lot of preparation and organization to go smoothly, and doubly so when it comes to moving in the winter. Going the extra step, and being prepared for the unpredictable weather can’t hurt. As the weather might be perfect a couple of days before the moving day, and change to snow, rain, hail etc. in the blink of an eye. If you know that there’s going to be a storm around your moving day, you might want to reschedule, if possible.

3)    Preparing your home

You should get up as early as possible, and start preparing your moving checklist, and your home for the moving day. Sort out all of your moving boxes, and get them ready to be loaded in the moving trucks. You shouldn’t wait until the movers arrive to do this, and it will make the whole relocation go faster, and as smoothly as possible.

4)    Clear out the way

Safety should be your number one priority, especially so when it comes to moving in the winter. Take enough time to shovel all the snow from the driveway, and make a clean path from your home to the place where the moving trucks will be. Don’t forget to salt all the important walkways as well, besides clearing out the snow.

5)    Protect yourself and your belongings

Don’t forget to dress for the weather, as moving in the winter can be quite a cold affair, and remember to do the same for your belongings. You’ll want to protect all of your items from the cold weather, so make sure that any items which might be affected by the temperature are double wrapped, and covered with thick blankets.

You should always keep safety as your number one priority, and we hope that our moving tips for moving in the winter will help with that. If you do decide to hire a professional moving company which can provide you with quality and affordable moving services, you should consider hiring Cross Country Movers Group. We’d be glad to handle the whole relocation for you, and you can always contact us if you’d like to learn about any of our moving services. We also recommend checking out the American Moving and Storage Association’s website, if you’d like to learn more about US moving companies.

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