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Moving Essentials Checklist – Supplies You’ll Need for the New Home

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People often tend to forget the most important moving essentials when relocating, from packing materials, first-night, and a couple of days necessities. To not make such a mistake when relocating, be sure to read (and write it down) our moving essentials checklist of supplies you’ll need for the new home.

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What Supplies Do You Need for Moving

If you want to save money on packing materials, you should check your storage areas and sell unwanted items. However, you still have to acquire plenty of packing materials for moving. Boxes are far from the only thing you’ll need to obtain to pack your home, and that is why we have gathered a quick checklist of necessary supplies:

  • Boxes: Even though boxes are not the only thing you’ll need, they are still the most important ones to obtain. To make the packing process easier, it is advised to get boxes of various sizes and types. You can also save money and search for some free moving boxes.
  • Box cutter: Remember to get a box cutter because you’ll have to use it for unpacking.
  • Cushioning: Be sure to know how to use bubble wrap, foam wrap sheets, and packing paper because you’ll have to wrap fragile items from your household.
  • Labeling materials: You will make a huge mistake if you forget to label your boxes. Get those moving labels such as permanent markers and color labels and use them to mark each box on multiple sides.
  • Duct tape: Spend more money on high-quality tape with better sticking power.
  • Scissors: You will certainly use a pair of scissors when relocating.

The Essential Thing for a Moving Day Is an Overnight Bag

Before we move on to the necessary things you’ll have to pack for your household, we must highlight an overnight bag. After a long move-in day, you’ll want to take a shower. That is why you should bring an overnight bag and include toiletries, a shower curtain, pajamas, and a change of clothes for the next day.

What Moving Essentials Do You Need for a New Apartment

Forgetting to pack necessary things that are needed for the first couple of days in a new apartment is among common moving mistakes. We would advise you to check out the list below and put those things into one box or two and, if possible, transport it yourself. If you have to transport them with the rest of your belongings in the truck, make sure those are packed last and put above other boxes.

Bring Some Cleaning Supplies for a Healthy Home

clean home is a healthy home. Relocation and everything that follows it is pretty messy. Even a brand-new apartment will have to be cleaned and scrubbed on the first night. That is why you should remember to pack necessary cleaning products like a vacuum cleaner, paper towels, and mop with a bucket. Don’t forget garbage bags as well!

Pack Toilet Paper and Other Bathroom Essentials

You probably won’t believe that toilet paper is among the most commonly forgotten things to pack when relocating. Remember to bring a few rolls for each bathroom. Apart from the toilet paper, bring everything else needed in the bathroom for the first couple of days like hand soap, bath towels, trash can, and some cleaning products.

Transport Basic Kitchen Items

You have to pack all the necessary kitchen supplies for eating and drinking during the first couple of days in your apartment. We would advise preparing mugs rather than glasses because they can be used for cold and hot drinks. Apart from that, be sure to bring plates, knives, spoons, and forks for each member of your household.

A Good Night Sleep in Clean Bedding and Linen

Not only you’ll want to shower after all the hard work during a relocation day, but you’ll also want to go to sleep in a clean and cozy bed. Bring clean sheets, pillows, blankets, and bed linens for everyone in your household.

Bring Chargers on a Moving Day

Trust us when we say that your phone battery will drain pretty quickly on a relocation day. You don’t want to have a dead battery on your first night in the apartment, so bring a charger with you. Other electronic chargers must be packed in a special box where you’ll put all other necessities.

New Apartment Checklist: Additional Tips

We have gathered more moving tips on the essential supplies needed for the first night and next couple of days in your apartment:

  • Don’t be shy to ask for help and hire moving services whose professional packers will do all the packing of your belongings properly, but also unpack it
  • If you own a vehicle, remember to schedule auto transport services as well
  • Remember to bring bottled water, snacks, and some fruits
  • If you are moving with pets, you surely won’t forget their food, but remember to bring pet dishes and the leash as well
  • You and your crew might get a few scrapers when lifting heavy objects, so remember to bring a basic first aid kit
  • Bring a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine and celebrate the beginning of this adventure.

Pour a Glass of Wine and Enjoy Your New Adventure

Hopefully, this essential moving checklist will be helpful when you decide to relocate. After a long period of preparing, scheduling, and everything else moving-related, you will feel exhausted. However, this is also an exciting period, and when you finish with all the chores on relocation day, know how to enjoy and pour yourself a glass of wine to salute your brand-new adventure.

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