It is a well-known fact that packing boxes for moving is, more often than not, somewhat stressful and hectic, so it’s no wonder many people forget about some first-day necessities and end up feeling even more stressed-out once they realize something important is missing. But you shouldn’t worry about it – we are here to help you avoid this. Here’s a list of first-day essentials that you should keep in mind, so stick to this list when you get down to packing, and you’re good to go.

  1. Cleaning supplies

Even though it would be perfect if you could just get to your new place of residence and enjoy the comfort of your new home, chances are that won’t be the case, as your house won’t be in top condition once you get there. So, you will have to do some cleaning first. Perhaps the previous owners had cleaned it before they moved out, but that does not mean that you won’t have to clean it yourself one more time, and you’ll have to do that right upon your arrival. For that reason, you should remember to bring some basic cleaning supplies such as a small vacuum, a multi-purpose cleaning spray, paper towels, sponges, a broom, etc.

  1. Clothing hangers

Furthermore, we should remind you of the fact that you’ll need something to hang your clothes on when you start unpacking all those moving boxes, so don’t forget to bring as many clothing hangers as possible. We suggest that you put them in one plastic bin so that you know where exactly to look for them when needed. Not only will they come in handy for hanging your clothes, but also for some other items that you can’t find the place for right away.

  1. Toolkit

One of the most important boxes that you should keep at hand is the “toolkit” one, because you can’t do without it on your very first day in the new house. We’re not saying that you should rush and hang your pictures the minute you move into your new home, but you will probably need a measuring tape, a utility knife for opening boxes, a hammer, or a screwdriver, don’t you think? So, keep your tools close and save some precious time looking for your toolkit among all the boxes you have brought.

  1. Fire Extinguisher

Yes, we understand that you don’t even want to think about the possibility of your house catching fire the very first day, but you need to think about the worst-case scenario so that if, god forbid, something like that happens, you know what to do. Thus, don’t forget a fire extinguisher.

  1. Chargers

Finally, even though it might be obvious that you can’t do without your chargers, it’s still worth mentioning that you should put them on your list of first-day essentials. Clearly, you don’t want to spend your first day with a dead phone or laptop, so remember to pack all the charges you need and keep them in a separate box so that you can easily find them.

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