Moving is a delicate process that requires a certain level of organizing, and of course, budget planning, especially when it comes to packing. No matter if you decide to use the services of professional movers or move on your own, you will need a solid budget plan. People tend to have a lot of misconceptions about the costs of their relocation. Many first time movers end up falling short or allocating too much of their money to it. Working out a budget will require insight and planning, and we want to help with the foundation of any move – packing. Getting the right supplies, using the proper techniques, and organizing belongings will ensure safe transport. We are here to help you cover this vital step with some experienced advice.

Decide How You Are Moving

An essential step in planning out a budget is deciding how you are going to move. There are basically two choices, to carry out the relocation on your own or hire a professional company to do it for you. Both options have their pros and cons and should be planned out differently. 


Moving On Your Own

Sealing boxes


Tackling a move on your own will include long drives and a lot of heavy lifting. Besides, you will have to handle the packing process without the help of movers. To get supplies for a solo move, you will need to obtain them on your own. You can purchase from a professional moving company, or buy them in stores. Keep in mind that moving supplies that companies provide are of the highest quality and are the best for undertaking any move. It’s better to use them whenever possible. Solo moves look cost-effective at first glance but don’t forget that packing is a very arduous and time-consuming process. Handling it on your own is also risky, as a single mistake can damage your property. 


Using Professional Movers


Hiring professional movers


Using professional movers will relieve you of having to micromanage and handle all aspects of the move. They can handle all the loading, logistics, and transport, leaving you time to focus on managing other important aspects of the relocation. Planning out a moving budget with a moving company is easier. They can provide all the moving supplies and take care of all the packing. All it takes is a quick call or a few minutes to fill in a form. So, if you don’t know how to pack some items or don’t have enough time to pack them efficiently, professional movers are a great option if the budget allows it.


What Affects the Price of Packing?

How much can a move cost?

When planning a budget, it is essential to know what can affect the price. Not all services are the same, and wrapping some more delicate or fragile objects can be charged extra if you hire a moving company. Before starting the process, make sure to have a list of what you will be taking with you. When making this list consider the following things:

  • What belongings do you intend to bring
  • Are the items on the list essential for the new home
  • How many supplies will be needed to secure your property
  • Can you properly handle the job on your own
  • What kind of help you will need to secure all the items properly

When all these questions are taken into consideration, you should be left with a list of belongings that will be going to the new home. Look over the list carefully and try to roughly group belongings according to their fragility. Sturdy items require different methods and techniques to secure compared to more breakable belongings. Once the items have been classified, make a plan on how to appropriately handle them using correct tools and methods. When you get that done, you can move on to supplies.

What Supplies Will You Need

Packing supplies No matter if you decide to pack everything yourself or hire a professional company to help, you won’t get anything done without the correct supplies. That’s why they have to be included in your budget. What kind of supplies will you need to carry out a move successfully? 

Types of Packing Supplies

Packing has a lot more to it than just getting boxes and putting belongings inside. Boxes need to be properly marked, labeled and sealed. The items inside need to be fixated and secured for the lifting and transporting they are going to go through. To adequately pack all your belongings, you are going to need the right tools and supplies. 

  • Moving boxes – You will need a variety of boxes. Different dimensions and sizes are used for handling different property
  • Packing paper – This is an ink-free paper that is ideal for protecting fragile belongings during a move. You can use it to fill open spaces to prevent items from shifting. 
  • Packing peanuts – They are light and durable foam peanuts that are used to fill in space and prevent damage of fragile items.
  • Tape – Any old tape will not keep boxes properly sealed. Carton sealing tape is ideal for the job.
  • Stretch Wrap – Stretch wrap is perfect for bundling items and is used to secure moving blankets once they are wrapped around furniture. Stretch wrap does not stick to belongings and is easy to remove after items have been unloaded.
  • Markers – Essential for organizing. Marking boxes helps the relocation go smoother since it will let you know where to unload boxes.

Filling a box with packing peanutsWhen getting the right supplies, make sure that you have most of these at hand. Use the list you have created for necessary items and take the time to work out what and how many materials you will need. 

Planning out a budget for packing might seem like hard work, but it pays off in the end. If any part of the process is overlooked or rushed, it can result in damaged or lost property. If you want to delegate the task to a professional company and easily plan your budget with an estimate, Cross Country Movers Group can help. We can provide estimates and state of the art services that can handle any move. Contact us and secure a date that meets your needs.


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