4 tips for moving with your dogMoving is almost always a stressful process, and not just for humans, it is hard on dogs as well. If you are relocating to your new home with your pet dog and are wondering how to help your pet adjust to its new home, then read these 4 tips for moving with your dog to help your canine friend get used to his new surroundings.


Plan the move with your pet in advance

Find out if you will have to get a new license for your dog, what the leash laws are, and whether the city has any breed bans. Your new landlord may be okay with a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler, but a few local governments, neighborhood associations, and insurance companies do not allow certain breeds. Do not wait until your dog gets sick or injured. Do a little research to find out if your pet will require any new vaccinations or preventative medications. Does your new home have ticks or other pests? Get your dog microchipped and make sure that your cell number is on their collar. Make sure that your dog has an ID tag on your dog’s collar and that your veterinarian microchips your dog for permanent identification.


Get your dog ready for the move

Let your dog get used to traveling in a crate if you will need one for the move. Most dogs love crates, but no one wants to be forced into one for the first time when it is time to move. You might notice your dog getting nervous when they see you pull out a suitcase for a trip. Imagine how they will react when the whole house is being packed for the relocation. Have a few boxes and suitcases out ahead of time, so that your dog can get used to them an so that they do not associate those items with you leaving. Your dog may have to live by a different set of rules in your new home, especially if you are moving from a single family home to an apartment. Train them to stop barking if you will have close neighbors. Get them on a bathroom schedule if your new home does not have a doggie door. Even before you relocate, you can begin getting your dog used to the new world by taking them to similar environments or simulating new noises. If your move is not far away, try walking them in your new neighborhood and introducing them to the neighbors.


What to do with your dog on moving day

During all the chaos of packing for the move, it is a great idea to board your dog for a few days with a pet sitter. In addition to the basics of food and water, make sure to pack a few of your dog’s favorite toys, extra towels, and bedding. You might want a fresh start, but taking the smell of your old home to your new one will do a lot to help your dog adapt to its new environment and reduce his levels of anxiety. Bring your dog’s medical records, microchip numbers and a current photo in case you and your dog get separated. When keeping your dog in the car, make sure that they always have proper ventilation. Feed them lightly before the move, especially if your pets have a sensitive stomach. Check your route for dog-friendly restaurants, off-leash areas or dog-friendly parks along the way to your new home. You need a break, and so does your dog.


Helping your dog adjust to their new home

If you have a fence, check every inch of it for places where your pet could escape. Use gates if needed, in and outdoors. It will take time for your dog to learn where he can, and can’t go in and out of your new home. You might also have potentially dangerous things like cleaning supplies or human food out before you have fully unpacked. Arrange beds, crates, and toys as similar to your old home as you can. Make sure that you stick to his previous feeding and walking schedule. Get to know your new neighborhood bit by bit, instead of all at once. Too many new things could be overwhelming for your dog. Remember that they hear much more than you can, and they might have never seen a pool before or listened to the sounds of a basketball court. Meet your neighbors so that your pet knows who is allowed on their block and who is a stranger.


Dogs adapt relatively quickly to new situations, but there is a lot to take in during and after a move. Keep calm, reinforce positive behavior, and spend more time interacting with your pet after the move. So now that you have read these 4 tips for moving with your dog, we hope that you are more prepared to help your four-legged friend settle into his new environment. If you are looking for a dependable and professional moving company to help you move to your new house, then know that Cross Country Movers Group is one of the best moving companies in the country. We provide high quality moving services such as residential and commercial moving, Auto transport, professional packing services and storage units. We are a moving company that can help you to move from and to anywhere in the nation. Visit our website or contact one of our spokespersons to get a free moving quote and to schedule your moving day.

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