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How to Prepare for Movers Before They Arrive

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Your relocation day is getting closer, and you are probably wondering how to prepare for movers. Long-distance moving requires plenty of organizing, scheduling, and packing, and it’s easy to forget this highly important step. If you want trouble-free relocation, follow our tips on what to do before the movers arrive at your home.

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Useful Tips on How to Prepare for Movers Before They Arrive

You have probably made a moving checklist and started packing a little each day. However, let’s begin with some essential moving tips related to your movers that you should remember.

Pack Small Items and Declutter Your Home

The first thing you should do when starting with a plan for your move is to sort out and pack your smaller items. You should start categorizing something each day at least one month before the relocation. You can donate unused belongings and save some money on packing services and materials. You can also organize a garage sale and sell unwanted items. You’ll earn some extra cash that might come in handy when moving.

Purchase Packing Materials and Label Each Box Carefully

While sorting out your belongings, you must purchase supplies and packing materials for moving. There’s also a couple of places where you can find free moving boxes. Free supplies will come in handy when it comes to saving some money. You’ll surely need a lot of supplies, so make sure to get plenty and not run to the store on a relocation day to acquire more. You’ll also need to label each box properly so that the moving crew can take extra precautions with boxes filled with fragile belongings. Therefore be sure to learn about moving labels too.

Measure Your Doors and Be Sure That the Furniture Can Fit Through Them

Moving furniture can be difficult. You must measure doorways and hallways in your home and check if the larger furniture can pass through them. If you have smaller doors, make sure to call the company and let them know to bring the right supplies. Most of the bulkier things can be easily disassembled and reassembled at your new place.

Be Sure to Know Which Items You Need to Pack or Dispose Yourself

Among important things is to know what movers will not take. Those include flammable, corrosive, and hazardous materials like batteries, chemicals, cleaning supplies, motor oil, and aerosol cans. Click on the video below and find out how to dispose of them in the proper way. Perishable food is also on this list, and you should give it to your neighbors or donate to the local food bank.

Remove Your Children and Pets From the House

Moving with pets and children can be tricky, so it is highly advised to make a good plan for them on a moving day. During the move, it will be quite dangerous for children and animals to be present, so it is necessary to leave them in a room that has already been packed or leave them with a friend who can look after them. Also, remember that the door will have to be open all the time, and you certainly do not want your child or a pet to wander off.

Tips on How to Prepare for the Crew’s Arrival

First, contact the company providing you with moving services a couple of days before the relocation and double-check everything with the agent in charge. If you hired auto transport services, be sure to check that the company is on the schedule with that as well. Also, to prevent the damage, you must protect and cover your floors, walls, and door frames. If you are wondering what to do while movers are moving, you must know that it is important to be present. However, you must let them do their job. Remember that you have hired professionals, and you can trust them to do the task properly. Take a look down below for some other essential pieces of information.

Make Sure They Can Access Your Home

When the time comes for a move, you’ll get the company’s call to let you know they are on their way, asking where to park. Be prepared and reserve a parking spot for the large truck. Ensure that the spot is very close to your home’s entrance, or you’ll be extra charged for a long-carry fee. You can also request special permission to use a shared driveway.

Prepare Some Snacks and Drinks for Professional Movers

Relocation is a demanding and challenging job, and that is why it is necessary to provide some snacks and bottles of water for the crew. They will appreciate the gesture and work more efficiently. Remember to prepare the toilet as well and provide some soap and hand towels in the bathroom.

Have Cash for Tips on a Moving Day

Have some cash with you and tip the moving crew for their labor. You are not required to provide tipping, but why not show appreciation for a job well done? The amount will depend on the number of workers and the size of the move.

Moving to a New Home Is More Successful When You Prepare in Advance

Each relocation is a stressful piece of work that requires a lot of planning and scheduling. In all that mess, it is easy to forget some essential details, such as preparing your home for the moving crew. Hopefully, our tips on how to be ready for movers will help you avoid the most common moving mistakes and easily handle every unforeseen thing that might occur during relocating to your new place.

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