5 tips to pack your TVTVs are fragile and expensive, which is not always a good combination when relocating. When you are moving to your new home, you want to make sure that your TV is as safe as it can be and that there is no chance that it can be damaged during the move.

You are going to need to pack your TV in a way that provides optimal protection during your relocation. When packing your TV, you can use a box that is specifically designed to keep your TV safe. Here are 5 tips to pack your TV:

1) Unplug the TV and remove its power cord. Roll any relevant cables, wires, and remotes and put them in a clear bag. If your TV has a broad base, you might need to remove this. Again, out the screws and base in a bag. Put these aside, and you can pack these in the same box or tape the bag to the outside of the box to keep them in near the TV.

2) Use foam pieces to protect the TV and prevent it from moving around once in the box. Place two of these on and secure them using packing wrap. You will want to use this wrap to cover the entire TV to prevent scratches. You can also use sheets or blankets to cover the TV.

3) Make sure to keep the TV upright as you place the TV in the box. In most cases, you will have to telescope two boxes to fit larger televisions. This feature makes sure that the box will fit different sizes of TV.

4) To be extra secure, you can use blankets or other soft fabrics to fill in any gaps that you see in between the top of the box and the TV. Doing this helps further prevent the TV from moving around while packed in the box.

5) When you load the box containing your TV into the moving truck, make sure that you keep the box upright and store it next to your mattress, dresser or other flat and sturdy objects if possible.


Now that you have read these 5 tips to pack your TV, we hope that you get your TV to your new home quickly and safely. If you are looking for a reliable moving company to help you relicate, then look no further than Cross Country Movers Group, which is one of the best moving companies in the country.

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