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4 Tips on How to Pack a TV for Moving

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When thinking about how to ensure the safe transport of valuable belongings, people are usually worried about how to pack a TV for moving. Television is both expensive and fragile, so you have to be extra careful when preparing it for the move. To help you avoid unnecessary stress, we have made a list of tips that can be quite handy.

#1 Before You Pack the Flat Screen TV, Make Sure to Dismount and Disconnect It

The first thing you should do when preparing your TV for the move is to remove all plastic and delicate parts. That way, you’ll easily pack your TV and ensure that nothing will be damaged or broken. To avoid the loss of the removed parts, you should consider wrapping them and packing them with the TV.

Disconnecting All Cables Is One of the Essential Tips When Packing a TV

Another important step is to unplug all external cords. There are so many different cables, including the power cord, that you need to disconnect and pack.

If you have more than one TV, be organized and unplug one device at the time. Don’t forget to label each cable and place it in an adequate bag.

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#2 One of the Most Significant Tips Is to Clean the Screen and Then Wrap It

It is essential to clean your flat screen before you wrap it. That way you will avoid any damage the dust might cause during the transport.

Use the Packing Tape Method When Preparing Television for Moving

The next thing you should do is to wrap a device with tape, but have in mind that tape has to be put side out.

Another material you’ll need is a bubble wrap. It will stick to the tape you have used to ensure that plastic protection will not slip around.

When the bubble wrap is adequately put, it is time to put a moving blanket. Depending on the size of your device, maybe you will need a couple of sheets. Once they are wrapped around the device, loose ends should be secured with tape. Be extra careful with the front of the TV, so it is adequately protected.

#3 What About the Box? Flat Panel Kit Is Ideal for TVs Between 32″-70″ and 1″-4″ Deep

Most people don’t keep TV’s original packaging. These boxes are big and take a lot of space. When it comes time for relocation, it usually comes with the worry of how to pack TV.

The good news is that many hardware stores offer kits suitable for transporting TVs. Since there are many options you can choose from, it is essential to know your device’s dimensions.

Without Original Packaging, Make Sure Kit You Purchase Comes With 4 Foam Protectors

TV kits consist of two boxes that can hold a device up to 70 inches wide, and up to four inches deep, and it is equipped with four foam edge protectors. Before you put a device into the kit, you need to disassemble it, and break apart foam protectors, so you put them on each corner of the TV.

The television is now ready to be placed in the box, so be careful and slowly slide the device’s edge into the smaller part of the carton. Do so until the protectors come to the end of the container. Take another box and slide it on top of the first one. To be entirely confident that your device is well protected, use tape to seal the opening.

#4 Make Sure to Secure the TV Once It’s Inside the Truck

The final step is to secure the television once you put it inside the truck. Bear in mind that the device needs to be in an upright position and elevated if possible.

To avoid that it moves around, consider putting the box between other items. Because relocation includes moving furniture, it would be ideal for placing a TV between a mattress and sofa. Another option is to secure the box against the wall.

You can use a rope to ensure that the TV will not move but ensure that the cord does not come in contact with the screen. Last but not least, position the device in such a way that the screen does not face the wall.

When You Know How to Pack TV for Moving, It’s Time for Action

Though it might seem like an easy task, preparing a TV for relocation can be quite stressful, because it is one of the most expensive, yet fragile belongings you possess.

Purchasing quality packing materials for moving is an excellent way to prepare the device for transport. If you have any doubts about this task, consider contacting a reliable company that offers packing and moving services, and, if necessary, storage. That way, you will be completely confident that your TV will be safely delivered to your new home.

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