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Philadelphia Professional Movers

Guaranteed prices for Cross Country Moving

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      Philadelphia Professional Movers

      Guaranteed prices for Cross Country Moving

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      We Make Moving Easy

      It doesn’t matter which service you need, whether it is long distance move, commercial or residential, or auto shipping, our crew of professional movers is highly trained and experienced to handle any of these tasks.

      Since we have the expertise, we are more than capable of handling all the tedious details that each type of move involves. This makes your experience hassle free.

      Family moving across the country

      Our Services

      Our professional moving services starts with your inquiry and the planning stage of the big move. We’ll be happy to chat with you on the phone. When it comes to packing up your things, you have a few options.

      There’s full-service packing, self-pack and fragile-only packing. Furthermore, we provide storage, assembling and installation of any furniture or electronics to help your long distance move to go over smoothly.

      Long Distance Moving

      Our professionals work with you to come up with a long distance moving solution that best fits your needs. Whether the move is residential or commercial, we are here to make your relocation hassle free. You can choose to use as few or as many moving services as you want. It is completely up to you.


      When it comes to our moving services, our storage service is just as important as the rest. Whether you need longtime arrangements or short-term, our team of professional movers are more than qualified to handle your needs. When storing your belongings, we store them in a secure facility.

      Auto Moving

      Whether you need to transport your family van or SUV or deliver a collectible rare car from an auction, Cross Country Movers is happy to help. Our trained professionals know how exactly to handle your car to make sure it arrives to its destination safe and sound.


      Cross Country Movers have professionally trained personnel that will be happy to assist you with packing even the most fragile dishes or antiques. You can choose to oversee as we do the packing for you. We’ll carefully pack it all into moving boxes, regardless of the size.

      Cross Country Movers Group Reviews

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      • 5 star ratingI had to move from my walk up in Washington Square West to New York City and I found Cross Country Movers on yelp. I had used another moving service for a local move in Philly the year prior but wasn't that happy with their services. Cross... read more

        Karen W. Avatar
        Karen W.

        5 star ratingIt was stressful planning a cross-country move and searching for a company I could trust to ship my car (which had a lot of my belongings in it). The process could not have been easier or quicker than with Cross Country Movers Group. Someone came straight to my... read more

        Sara C. Avatar
        Sara C.
      • 5 star ratingGiving a shoutout to cross country movers group because they gave my boyfriend and I a very good moving experience. We just got a place together so it was moving out of 2 separate homes. I called and explained our hectic situation and they pretty much told me it could... read more

        Jasmine N. Avatar
        Jasmine N.

        5 star ratingLooked at a couple places to help out with my move and heard of this one through a friend of mine. She gave me good feedback so I figured I'd try it out! The movers came and handled EVERYTHING. I mean I loaded and packed the things I could carry... read more

        Jessie L. Avatar
        Jessie L.
      • 5 star ratingI needed to find a company who can help me move to another part of philly and cross country movers group responded the quickest and provided me with some pretty awesome rates. My roommate and I decided to move into a bigger spot that was closer to most of our... read more

        Daniel M. Avatar
        Daniel M.

        5 star ratingWho knew moving could be so simple!? The guy I got in contact with through email was very thorough and helpful. The type of movers these guys hire are fast and hard-working. I haven't seen a group of guys hustle that hard in my life! Our old house was emptied... read more

        Angelo P. Avatar
        Angelo P.
      • 5 star ratingUsually I have some friends or family members who help me with my moves, but this time, I had a time limit and everyone I reached out to had things to do. My brother told me about these guys and his most recent move w/ them an he said that... read more

        William T. Avatar
        William T.

        5 star ratingI've moved once a while back and my experience was so-so. This made me very picky about using a moving company again, but this experience was different. This girl I work with actually told me about them and she said that everything was great. I gave it a shot and... read more

        Jazmin P. Avatar
        Jazmin P.
      • 5 star ratingI was thinking about moving my business but I was real skeptical because it can be a fortune. I went in to Cross country so I could develop a budget and get a picture of how much the estimate. I was so impressed that I booked my move on the... read more

        Mandie R. Avatar
        Mandie R.

        5 star ratingThe customer service was outstanding! The prices were the best I've seen comparably to any other company. The best thing is that this company allows you to bring your items nationwide at a flat rate. The freight cost were very affordable. You basically have to check it out for yourself... read more

        Ashley P. Avatar
        Ashley P.
      • 5 star ratingThere really isn't any other moving company out there like this one. Especially when it come to the flat rates they have to offer. I got quoted and that's exactly how much I paid. Im moving from Phillie to Chicago so it was going to be a long move especially... read more

        Brittany B. Avatar
        Brittany B.

        5 star ratingThe customer service was very impressive, and the pricing was what I was looking for. We're a big family so literally all of our expenses are budgeted. The service rep found a reasonable price to accommodate our 5 rooms of furniture and appliances. The movers were very responsible with all... read more

        Linnette V. Avatar
        Linnette V.
      Philadelphia Cross Country Movers Group

      Philadelphia Cross Country Movers Group Review


      I've used their moving service both from VA to CA and from CA back to VA over the years and it never disappointed me. They print out bar codes for every little thing, even a bucket, so that no item gets lost/damaged. Not to mention the pricing is the most competitive in the market (has always been the lowest!)

      You won't regret going with these guys!

      3 ways to avoid last minute moving costs

      Ready to Make Your Move?

      Perhaps you have found the perfect job in another city, maybe you’re looking to move in with your loved one who’s in another city or you want to begin anew by moving to a different state. Whatever your reason for moving from Philadelphia, PA,  you should keep in mind that doing it solo can get very challenging and stressful, especially if you haven’t moved by yourself before. This is why you should consider hiring a professional moving company, like Cross Country Movers Group to handle your move.

                 Here at Cross Country Movers Group we know about all the stressful aspects when it comes to the moving process, as we have lots of experience in the moving business. We aim to provide some of the best and most reliable moving services for all of our customers. Our services are affordable, too, in case you are moving on a tight budget and you’re wondering if you can afford hiring a moving company for the job.

      Don’t hesitate to contact Cross Country Movers Group, either by calling or through our website, and our helpful staff will gladly provide you with the right moving assistance and more information about any of our moving services. Wherever you choose to relocate, we are here to help you out.

      Serving the Philadelphia Area

      Cross Country Movers Group

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