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    We Make Moving to Los Angeles Easy

    If the American dream is something you’re chasing, moving to Los Angeles should be high on your to-do list. And what better way to get to LA than with the help of professional Los Angeles movers? On that note, let us introduce you to the best ways to move to California, as well as tell you a bit about the City of Angels and all that it has to offer to new heavenly beings coming into its ranks.

    Moving Cross Country Has Never Been as Easy as With the Help of Professional Los Angeles Movers

    Statistics show that moving across the country is experienced as the third most stressful event in a person’s life. And as a cross-country moving company that has seen the good, the bad, the easy, and the difficult of relocation, we can surely second this. When any hardship in life arises, it’s always good to turn to others who have more experience in the matters that are giving us a headache. And in this case, the best thing to do is turn to cross-country movers.

    With Just One Phone Call, You’ll Be on Your Way to Receive a Free Quote

    Of course, it’s crucial not to hire just any long-distance moving services one comes across, but find a reliable and transparent company that won’t employ relocation scams. One of such companies is Cross Country Movers Group. If you take a look at our reviews, you’ll soon see how content our clients are with the provided services. Even more so, they are thrilled to finally have movers in Los Angeles that don’t overcharge or have any additional fees hidden in the back of the truck.

    Our charging process is crystal clear, as the LA ocean in the glistening sun. We take our customers’ inventory lists as the only point of charging and provide a free quote that explicitly shows every charge. In it, you will find that we will provide you with a truck, mandatory insurance, a month of storage, and standard packaging that includes packing and loading of furniture and basic appliances free of charge. Contact our customer services for any additional questions and inquiries on the basic relocation packet, and obtain your quote as soon as possible so that you can plan the move accordingly.

    Our Movers in LA Will Pack Your Belongings With Ultimate Care and Speed

    While one might think that loading a truck is the hardest part of the relocation, research shows that actually packing is considered to be the most difficult part of any move. It requires knowledge in the matter, a steady hand, as well a multiplicity of materials and equipment to get it done properly. That’s why many people choose to hire a professional company to supply them with things like a dolly, moving blankets, a truck, packing materials, as well as their experience in the matter.

    Observation shows that it’s best to hire competent workers to provide packing services when one is relocating to the other side of the continent – and trust us that it’s almost impossible to find some that will do the job better than Cross Country Movers Group’s employees. Not only are our LA movers as efficient as can be, but their experience makes them the true experts in the matter.

    Consult Our Movers and Choose a Service That Will Fit Your Needs and Financial Capabilities

    If you want the ultimate licensed and qualified workers to carefully and meticulously pack up your inventory, you won’t go wrong with us. We provide packing services suited to your needs, requirements, and, of course, budget. So, go over your inventory, and choose whether a partial or a full packing service would work for you better. The first one covers packing of up to fifteen full boxes, while the second one refers to any quantity over that number.

    Our Cross Country Moving Company Can Take Over the Shipping of Your Vehicle and All the Worry That Comes With It

    Driving to your future residence isn’t an ideal task to do in the middle of a move. Although you may not feel it at the moment, relocation has a way of overburdening your mind and taking out the necessary energy required not to fall asleep over the steering wheel. So, why impose additional unnecessary stress on yourself when you can obtain affordable and professional long-distance auto moving assistance from a reliable and trustworthy company?

    Our Los Angeles Moving Company Offers Multiple Vehicle Transportation Services to Choose From

    Is there anything more convenient than shipping a vehicle out of your apartment bedroom? If you want to get your car to California, there’s no need to actually drive it there. All you have to do is contact our service center, and they’ll get everything done for you. But first, make sure you read up on our vehicle shipping options to choose one that suits your needs:

    • Enclosed trailer – If you want to ensure your car will get to its destination in the safest possible way, an enclosed trailer is the best possible option. Although it may be more expensive than the other options, it’s perfect for any car-lover who invests in taking care of their home on wheels. The service is perfectly suited for anyone with a keen eye for vintage, new, or luxurious vehicles.
    • Open trailer – Those relocating on a budget might prefer an open trailer option. This is one of our most popular services, although it leaves your car exposed to weather conditions. However, you shouldn’t worry about that, since on the one hand, California weather isn’t known for precipitation, and on the other – your vehicle will be insured. Open trailer insurance covers any external damage of up to $100,000, while the enclosed trailer one covers sums much higher than that.
    • Door-to-door auto transport – If you want your car waiting for you in the driveway, make sure to emphasize to our support center that you would like door-to-door transportation. It is the easiest pickup option for anyone who wants to refrain from additional tasks while relocating.
    • Terminal-to-terminal car shipping – We have multiple pickup venues that you could take your vehicle over. All you have to do is find the one closest to you, and we’ll make sure it gets there in the shortest amount of time. And don’t worry – we will arrange together that the pickup date is the one that works best for you.

    Obtain a Month of Free Storage Use With Cross Country Movers Group

    Quite often, a move will make a person look for storage for a surplus of their items. Whether the surplus is caused by a move to a smaller apartment or changes in the interior, it is one you’ll have to store somewhere if you still want to have the items in your possession. So, the question arises of what to do with the extra stuff? Well, our recommendation is to rent a storage unit with us and get the first month free of charge. Of course, you’ll be able to extend the use of storage for however long you seem fit, and after that, we’ll make sure your items reach you in a pristine condition and timely manner.

    With Our Services, You’ll Have Default Long-Distance Relocation Insurance You Can Additionally Upgrade With Our Employees

    No matter how stellar a Los Angeles moving service is, there is always a chance something will go wrong. And while we are among the ultimate long-distance moving companies in Los Angeles that never make a mistake, malfunctions may arise that are out of our control. For that reason, we always provide our customers with mandatory relocation insurance. Under it, you’ll have coverage of 60 cents per pound of your inventory to ensure you don’t experience losses while relocating.

    In case you are relocating valuable and even irreplaceable items, such as artwork and heirlooms, we would suggest that you upgrade your insurance with the hired moving service in Los Angeles. A full value replacement insurance will cover any and all stuff our movers have packed. We suggest contacting our support team for any additional questions you may have regarding our insurance policies.

    We Applaud Your Decision to Move to the City of Angels – One of the Most Beautiful and Special Places in the World

    California is one of the most special states in the US, and LA is its ultimate jewel. It is vast, comprising a multiplicity of communities and neighborhoods sheltered by the ocean. And other than amazing nature and wondrous landscapes, LA provides its residents with so much more opportunities – working, housing, and living ones. If you feel like it’s time to become a part of the LA ranks and join almost four million others who’ve recognized its enormous potential, we will be there to help.

    Choose One of the Best Neighborhoods to Move to, But Check the Living and Housing Costs First

    With its ever-growing economy, you will surely find employment to support your lifestyle in LA. Generally, the city has an unemployment rate of about 8%, which is nothing when compared to the rest of the world. Even more importantly, the rate has been dropping for years now. So if you are stressed about finding a job – don’t be.

    Just make sure the paycheck you agree on with your future LA employer isn’t lower than $136,000. With an average rent of $2,518 or a median home price of $795,000, you deserve to live your best life, and you may even want to live in one of the following amazing California areas:

    • Malibu – Did you know that Malibu was once a private ranch? And now, it is one of the most expensive yet comparingly beautiful beaches in the world. Close to the inner city, it is bejeweled by cliffs, hills, and the otherworldly nature of the oceanfront. So if you are a sporty person who enjoys green spaces, Malibu’s beauty is definitely worth considering.
    • Santa Monica – All those shopaholics might best enjoy Santa Monica’s life and everything it has to offer. From giant exclusive shops to fancy hotels and five-star restaurants, there won’t be a dull moment in your LA life.
    • Venice Beach – If you are looking for a home next to the canal, you won’t have to go to Venice, Italy, because Venice Beach is much nearer, and yet comparingly mesmerizing. Other than amazing duplexes and boujee homes, you’ll get to experience some of the most special and interesting LA architecture right here.
    • Beverly Hills – If your dream is to have Jack Nicholson as your neighbor, don’t think twice about Beverly Hills living. It is the queer center of California, as well as one of the most walkable areas in the region. Sunset Boulevard, the Sun, and the beaches are all there – so what more can one wish for?

    Those Who Are Done With LA Living Can Count on Our Trucks Too

    Most people get to LA and never want to leave, yet a small portion of them might be in need of change. If you recognize yourself in these words, it may be time to start the next chapter of your life. And don’t worry, because our professional movers will be by your side every step of the way – even if it is in a different direction from Los Angeles. All you have to do is contact our friendly staff to consult on the terms and conditions of your move, and of course, get your free quote. And everything else, you can leave to us to handle.

    Moving Insurance

    Moving insurance is an indispensable part of our moving, packing, and car shipping services. Cross Country Movers Group offers three different types of moving insurance

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    When it comes to our moving services, our storage service is just as important as the rest. Whether you need longtime or short-term arrangements, our team of professional movers is more than qualified to handle your items. When storing your belongings, we store them in a secure facility with guards and video surveillance.

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    Cross Country Movers have professionally trained personnel that will be happy to assist you with packing even the most fragile dishes or antiques. You can choose to oversee as we do the packing for you. We’ll carefully pack it all into moving boxes, regardless of the size.

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    Moving Services

    Our professionals work with you to come up with a long distance moving solution that best fits your needs. Whether the move is residential or commercial, we are here to make your relocation hassle free. You can choose to use as few or as many moving services as you want. It is completely up to you.

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    Auto Moving

    Whether you need to transport your family van or SUV or deliver a collectible rare car from an auction, Cross Country Movers is happy to help. Our trained professionals know how exactly to handle your car to make sure it arrives to its destination safe and sound.

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    Cross Country Movers Group Reviews

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    Moving sucks, moving across country to a brand new State sucks, finding someone who actually knows to move things properly is super stressful too. How was I about to go about this to move from state to state without having to drive cross country? My friend suggested to go with movers on Yelp and I stumbled upon Cross Country Moves in DTLA. Rent in DTLA is ridiculous so I need to move for the better. I called for a quote, they replied back within 10 mins, maybe even faster as I shopped around for other places. Got my quote, of course it is within reason, would be less of a hassle then renting a giant uhaul and driving there myself and finding someone in Texas to unload my heavy furniture and belongings.

    They arrived ON TIME at my place and handled all my things with care. They wrapped up my fragile glass cabinets and tapped it up which was a sigh of relief for me, I paid a lot for that cabinet. Anyway, everything was packed neatly and didn’t take as long if I were to do with my friends and I because we wouldn’t know how as they are professionals. They even had special crates for my fragiles and valuables!

    Overall it was a great experience and helped me out a ton! They arrived at my new place on time again! That’s twice now! Timing is everything because timing is scarce for me as I have to get on with my new life in Texas! I recommend anyone to saving yourself the trouble and asking Cross Country Movers what they can do for you!

    Joni T. 1/16/2019

    I contacted Cross Country in a panic when another moving company completely blew their pick up date and left me stranded. Not only was Cross Country able to pick up my life within 72 hours, every single person I interacted with was kind, thorough and (gasp!) even funny!

    Moving is tough. This move was from Boulder, CO to Detroit, MI in the middle of winter. The team at Cross Country not only saved the day, they went above and beyond to make sure all our timing hit just right.

    My stuff was picked up on a Tuesday and delivered on Friday of the same week.

    The movers in Colorado were great – easy going yet efficient and very careful with my items. The dispatch team is as good as it gets.

    Overall, dependable, quality service at competitive rates. They may be slightly more than others but when it comes to moving, you get what you pay for. These guys offer peace of mind and ease in addition to outstanding service. Would absolutely use again.

    Tatiana H. 2/07/2018

    Excellent! highly recommend them! Corporate office (Ron Rubin) was very helpful and flexible with the numerous date changes in our move. The actual movers Ricardo and his team… Awesome (Cobra Van Lines) the team went over and beyond in wrapping my furniture and fitting into the truck. They were friendly, helpful and seemed to really care about doing the best job for me and my family. I truly appreciated it.

    Patricia D. 4/05/2019

    My husband and I recently made a cross country move from SF Bay area to Maryland. We used Cross Country movers and had an excellent experience. Researching online about long-distance moves resulted in many very negative and costly experiences, so we were naturally concerned about selecting a moving company. None of those concerns applied to our experience with CCM and we highly recommend their services.

    From the walk-thru with us for the estimate, to preparation, packing and pick-up, their entire team was a pleasure to work with. On moving day, the team was very professional and responsive. I had packed the majority of our household goods, but left the larger and more fragile items, along with the furniture, to be packed by CCM. They were extremely careful with our household goods in disassembly, packing and loading. They were very efficient and completed the load up in the time frame promised (1.5 days). They made sure to address any concerns we had with the move process and the security of our furniture and goods before they left.

    Wendi W. 12/04/2017

    Cross Country Movers made our lives so much easier during our move from Seattle WA to So Cal. They handled our home goods with care. The guys were friendly and worked at a good pace! They were on time with pick up and delivery considering I was under a time constraint to leave Washington and settle in in Cali. I was pleased to see my furniture still intact after the long haul. Their wrapping skills were on point, no dents, scratches or damages found as we unloaded and unpacked. The guys seemed knowledgeable and were self-sufficient. They did most of the leg work which I appreciated. Super thankful for them considering the short notice. Recommended from a friend and I’m definitely recommending it for anyone who needs to move across state lines. Hopefully you have

    Gilbert D. 2/26/2019

    Los Angeles Cross Country Movers Group Review


    I’ve used their moving service both from VA to CA and from CA back to VA over the years and it never disappointed me. They print out bar codes for every little thing, even a bucket, so that no item gets lost/damaged. Not to mention the pricing is the most competitive in the market (has always been the lowest!)

    You won’t regret going with these guys!

    Ready to Make Your Move to LA?

    Have you decided to move from Los Angeles, California? You must be excited about changing your address, but you should know that cross-country relocation is challenging. You need to take numerous things into account, and if you want a stress-free relocation, you will have to start planning as soon as possible. What you also need is a professional moving company, and Cross Country Movers Group provides the necessary relocation assistance.

    Do you have any questions for Cross Country Movers Group? If you need more information about our services feel free to contact us! Our friendly representatives will make sure that you have all the necessary details before you schedule your moving day! Last but not least, Cross Country Movers Group is able to move you from and to any destination in the States. Contact us to ask for a free quote and book your relocation today!

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