Do you move often and carry a lot of stuff with you? Then you’re probably constantly looking for new and creative storage ideas for all those belongings. Relocating frequently means that you often don’t get to unpack everything that you’ve brought with you. But that doesn’t have to mean that your only option is to have moving boxes in every corner of every room in your home. Here are some clever ideas for storing your belongings we’re sure you’ll like.

Wall-Hanging Storage


One of the most space-saving methods of storing things is by hanging them on the walls. All it takes is a couple of nails and a hammer, and you’ve got yourself some handy wall-hanging options that save room on the floor. You could use this to hang anything from your shoes to bags with toiletries. The possibilities are countless. In fact, people go as far as to hang footwear and bicycles on walls.

Hang Things on Doors

If you’re not too fond of drilling or nailing holes in your walls, door hooks are a good alternative. People usually use those in the bathroom to hang their towels or bathrobes, but the truth is – you can use them for pretty much any room. From hanging pots and pans in your kitchen to storing jewelry, there are so many options. All you need is a door and a couple of hooks.

Your Wardrobe Rack

Who says that wardrobes are for clothes only? If you still have bags of, for example, bed linens, you could hang them in your wardrobe. This is a handy solution for pretty much anything that wouldn’t break if it accidentally fell off the rack. That is to say, you might not want to hang your wine holder there, but it would be a perfect place for towels and save room in your bathroom.


Creative Storage Ideas for People Who Frequently Move

Drawers Under the Bed

We all know how handy drawers under the bed can be. Not only do they take up virtually no space, but they are large enough to fit all kinds of things. Unfortunately, not every bed frame comes equipped with those. If you’re not really looking to buy a whole new bed frame, the good news is that some furniture stores sell drawers separately. In fact, if you feel like it, you might even make them yourself. Just make sure you get the measurements right.

Shelves and Drawers from a Furniture Store

We understand that, as someone who moves frequently, you might not be too willing to invest in new drawers and shelves. However, this could prove to be quite efficient in the long run, especially if you opt for a more affordable store and products, even if it only means replacing ugly cardboard boxes with nice decorative ones.

DIY Shelves and Drawers

Of course, you can always build your own solutions for storing items. If you have some time on your hands, this could prove to be a fun project and, who knows, you just might end up with a new hobby. And the good news is – DIY shelves and drawers are some of the easiest pieces of furniture to make.

Vacuum Bags

Anyone who has ever lived in a tiny apartment knows just how handy vacuum bags are. Seeing your thick blanket compressed into a pancake makes you wonder just how much space you would be wasting without them. And the great thing is – vacuum bags come in so many different sizes that you can use them for pretty much anything.

Creative Storage Ideas for People Who Frequently Move


Supplies Needed to Install DIY Solutions

If you are an experienced mover, we’re sure you already know exactly what you need to store your things. However, if this is your first time, a list of items necessary to install DIY solutions might come in handy.

  • Door hooks. As we’ve already mentioned, these versatile little hooks could help you save up a lot of floor space.
  • Nails and screws. In order to hang pretty much anything on a wall, you’ll need some old-fashioned nails or screws.
  • S-hooks. S-hooks are useful for hanging stuff on wardrobe racks, shower curtain racks, or even radiator rods if you feel like it.
  • Bags. You will need lots and lots of bags. Keeping your items bagged will help you keep track of where everything is.
  • Boxes. Just like bags, boxes should be your go-to option when storing anything. Not only do they keep your things in place, but they also protect their contents from damage. In addition to that, by labeling your boxes, you will have no trouble keeping track of where everything is.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Every once in a while, you should do a quick walk-through of everything you own and get rid of the things you don’t really use. It’s simple – the fewer things you own, the less space you’ll need to store them. Feel free to get rid of everything you haven’t used or worn in the last six months, or a birthday gift you received a couple of years ago. Regularly throw out things that are past their expiration date and, of course, don’t binge shop on items you don’t really need. 

Consider Using Your Movers’ Storage Service

Sometimes, it is better to simply use a facility. Most moving companies, along with relocation and car shipping services, also offer convenient storage services. So why not utilize them? Here are some reasons why you should turn to your movers for a solution.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

It’s Just Easy

Moving often means having to pack and unpack way too frequently for anyone’s liking. Simply keeping the things you won’t be needing in a container or a unit will make the whole thing much easier.

You Won’t Have to Look for Tips and Ideas

You can forget all about scrolling through Pinterest to find new and innovative DIY ideas to store your things. Now you can actually put things in your home to make it feel like home.

Home Storage Can Turn Into Cluttering

If we get too comfortable with the idea of storing everything we own in our home, it can be all too easy to start hoarding and cluttering your living space.

It Is Secure

Containers and units are the most secure solution for your belongings. From heavy-duty locks to alarm systems and security cameras, there is a lot of effort put into ensuring that nothing goes missing. 

You’ll Always Know Where Everything Is

Once again, you move into your new home, you start unpacking, and you just can’t find that one box with something you really need. How many times has this happened to you? The best way to avoid such a situation is to keep everything in one place – in a safe, secure, and climate-controlled unit.

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