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Moving With A Toddler – A Guide for New Parents

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The challenging experience of moving with a toddler can be terrifying and traumatic for both children and their parents. The younger they are, the more difficult it is to explain the reasons for changing their environment and routine. Teenagers have to face the loss of friends and starting anew, but toddlers don’t even understand what’s going on. It is hard for them to grasp why there is so much commotion suddenly and why there are so many people roaming around. Going to a different house can be confusing and stressful for a child, so be patient. And try to be very positive about the move yourself, as such sentiment will transfer to your child as well.

Prepare Your Kids for the Move

Toddlers will not fully understand the concept of moving, but you need to talk to them about it anyway and prepare them to deal with it when the time comes. Such an approach will also impact the way they adapt to their future home. The younger they are, the easier they will adapt. Just make sure to let them know everything will stay the same, just like their old room will look the same. If possible, you could take your children for an advance tour of the future home, showing them the neighborhood and potential sites they would like.

Hire a Babysitter for the Moving Day

If you are relocating locally, the best option is to hire a familiar babysitter to watch over your baby, as the moving noise and fuss might frighten it. But, it is also important for the toddlers to arrive at their future house sometime before bedtime, to get acquainted with the new home.

If you can, stick to the usual living routine, as it may have a calming effect. Continue that routine in your new home, even if it means unpacking at a slower pace. That way, the child will feel less distracted by the sudden change. But let them express their anxiety, as they may need more time to adjust, even with all the efforts you have made in advance. And don’t hesitate to seek help if needed.

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Parenting Tips for Moving with a Toddler

When your belongings arrive in your new home, try to stick to the usual furniture layout at first. Unpack your child’s things first and take out the favorite toy or book as a comfort. Also, keep their schedule the same as much as you can by feeding them and taking a bath at the same familiar time.

The safety of your son or daughter is essential, so take steps to baby-proof the place, as your kid will certainly want to explore the house. For example, stash cleaning supplies somewhere the baby cannot reach them, remove any sharp-pointed objects, and create a safe place where the child can roam free. If needed, get someone to help you ensure that the house is safe.


Keep Your Kids’ Toys in Storage

If there are too many toys to carry or keep in your future home, it might be best to place them in storage. Keeping your items in storage can be a good way to declutter in your home and to preserve a little bit of nostalgia.

Tips for Adjusting Your Family to the New Home

When everyone manages to overcome the initial frustration associated with the move, your family can start building up a positive attitude towards your new home. If you can, take them for a tour of the new house and neighborhood and try to depict it as an adventure you will all be participating in. Take the entire family to a playground and let your child meet other kids.

How to Pack Things for Your Children

Toddler’s things should be packed the last and opened at the future destination first, so make sure their boxes are put in a truck. Packing and unpacking need to be arranged as an adventure for your kid, which will entertain him and give time to adjust. Happy labels on the boxes can also do the trick.


What to Pack for your Toddler?

As mentioned above, it is not about what to pack, as baby stuff is pretty much the same in all households, but the point is to pack it last and make sure you involve the kids in the packing and unpacking process.

It goes without saying that heavier items should be wrapped and packed first as they need to be at the bottom of the boxes.

What to Pack for Your Child?

It is similar as for toddlers, but pay more attention to safety in your future home. Make sure they are involved in the packing process and let them remember where their particular belongings are packed. That way, they will feel important and in charge of their stuff. Unpack them first, letting your son or daughter do most of the work and allowing them to decide where particular furniture pieces will be placed.

Make Sure Everything is Done in a Peaceful Manner

Too many distractions associated with the relocation process can be frustrating for toddlers, so try to keep them as calm as possible. The best option is to leave them with a familiar babysitter or relatives during the relocation activity. If that is not possible, invest more time and energy into keeping him away from the noise and chaos. The same goes for you, as your angst can transfer to your kid as well. Organize a tea break to let yourself rest even for a few minutes.

If you want to take some burden off your shoulders, hiring professional movers to do most of the relocation job for you is always a good idea. When you find a reputable and reliable company, don’t hesitate to contact them and ask for a free quote.

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