How to move a grandfather clockThe relocation process is, more often than not, a rather complicated task, especially when you own some highly valuable and tricky-to-pack items, such as a grandfather clock. Of course, leaving your old home without it is not an option, that’s the one thing you’re sure about, but the question is – how do you move such a large and valuable piece of furniture? In order to ensure a safe move for your precious longcase clock, you need to follow some steps, and Cross Country Movers Group are here to tell you which ones.


Disassemble your clock

Even though people may be tempted to think of a grandfather clock just as of a sturdy item that’s too hard to move, we know that what you own is, in fact, a rather fragile object. It is never a good idea to just lift a longcase clock and try to carry it, as that would mean skipping the first and most important step – removing the weights and the pendulum. It is of utmost importance that you disassemble the clock and protect these most significant components if you want to avoid potential damage to its internal mechanism.


Always use gloves

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you are not supposed to touch any of the internal mechanism components with your bare hands, as these can be easily damaged when doing so. What you need to do is get a pair of soft gloves to make sure the finely polished brass and glass elements are safe from getting stained. As for cleaning, you should use a soft non-abrasive cloth.


Use proper packing material

Before putting any of your belongings in moving boxes, you need to wrap them using adequate packing supplies, right? Naturally, a grandfather clock is no exception. In fact, such a fragile and valuable piece requires special care, so don’t forget to use soft packing paper for its delicate parts, sheets of bubble wrap, a roll of tape, and moving blankets.


Wrap the pendulum in soft packing paper

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary moving supplies, it’s time to use them correctly. So, as previously mentioned, use soft packing paper to protect the clock pendulum.


Wrap the weights in wrapping paper

As for the clock weights, it is crucial to remember to pack them individually, so as to avoid them bumping into each other during transport. Use wrapping paper to keep these safe.


Cover the clock with a moving blanket

Moving blankets can come in handy while packing individual parts of a grandfather clock (they can be used as extra protection for the previously listed two parts), but they are also used to cover the entire body of your clock. Don’t forget that everything you put in the moving truck is likely to move during transport, which is why moving blankets are a must.


We wish you good luck with your move, and we hope that these tips will help you deliver your longcase clock intact to your new house. If you’d rather have professionals do it for you, do not hesitate to contact Cross Country Movers Group.

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