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10 Things to Do When Moving into a New Home

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When changing homes, there are numerous small or not so small tasks to be taken care of, apart from packing, organizing, and transporting boxes to our new address. But don’t worry, we’ve made a checklist of the ten essential things to do when moving into a new home, so your long-distance relocation and settling in go as smoothly as possible.

1. Check Your New Home

When you arrive at the house, do a complete walkthrough, before you start unpacking and settling in. Take a good look around and see if:

  • Something needs repairing
  • All the things that need to be in the house are there
  • Switches, outlets, and appliances function correctly

Everything else that isn’t included in the sales contract is now your responsibility, and by doing a walkthrough, you’ll know what they are from the start.

Remember To Check Your Delivered Boxes Too

No matter if you hired professional cross country movers or just rented a truck, inspect all boxes after the delivery and see if there are any damages or if some are missing. In case you have hired a long-distance moving company, and your belongings have been damaged or missing, you can settle with them over the issue. Also, if there isn’t much space for your items, you should consider exploring creative storage ideas and even rent a storage unit.

2. Do A Child And/Or Pet Proofing If Necessary

If you have children or a pet, then you should take your time and do child- or pet-proofing around the house. Make a separate zone for materials such as cleaning supplies, glassware, box cutters, and keep them far from reach. Moving with pets can be really challenging, so be sure you provide comfort to your furry friend the entire time. The same applies for moving with kids.

3. Plan Ahead What Goes Where

You’ll save yourself a lot of time by planning and organizing your belongings throughout the house. Think about how you’d like your room to look. This will help the unloading process go much faster.

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Find Out Tips For Unpacking In Your New Home in the Video

Take your time and watch these useful tips. They will come in handy when you have to start unpacking and organizing your belongings.

4. Check If Your Utilities Are Set Up

Take care of your utilities before relocating. So when you arrive at your present-day address, you can just make sure that everything is working properly. You should verify that all the important things in your new home are set up, like electricity, internet, water, etc. Explore the best way on how to transfer utilities for your new place.

5. See Where The Fuse Box And Water Valves Are

The fuse box and water valve are two things that you need to find when you first arrive. Your fuse box will probably be somewhere more remote in your house, like your basement, garage, or a storage room.

Locate These Systems Too

When the day of your cross-country move comes, you should know whether or not you have and want a home security system. If you already have a system in the place or are tied to a contract, call your provider or update your personal information online.

On the other hand, installing a smoke detector is the best way to protect you and your loved ones in case of a fire. Testing your smoke detectors is an important job since they can easily stop working over time.

Last but not least, your HVAC system (A/C and furnace) is a necessity, and an expensive one indeed. You’ll need someone to look into your HVAC system during the first few weeks following your move. If there will be repairs or replacements needed, get them done as soon as you can.

6. Clean The Place

This is probably the dullest thing you can imagine doing when you move, but it’s a really important one. Clean your place from top to bottom and do it right after you’ve moved in. That is the best time to do it. If you don’t have the energy to do some cleaning in one day, call and reserve a professional cleaning company instead. They’ll do an excellent job, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

7. Put Your Essentials In A Safe Place

After your cleaning adventure, store away your most essential items somewhere where only you and your partner would know. Find a safe spot at your place or buy a small safe and put all your essentials there.

Essentials include:

  • Social security card and birth certificate
  • Passport and driver’s license
  • Car related documents
  • Tax-related documents
  • Moving paperwork
  • Copies of travel documents

8. Make Sure You Change the Locks

Consider changing the locks since you don’t know who else has a key given by the previous owners. You want to be safe no matter what. Besides, it is a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

9. Don’t Forget To Update Your Address

Notify everyone who needs to know about your change of address, especially your bank, subscription services, or loan providers. Don’t forget your friends and family members. Be sure to learn more about how to change your address when you move. You can always ask around in your local post office or on their website.

10. Meet Your New Neighbors

Meeting new neighbors after moving in can be very helpful since you can learn more about your surroundings. You don’t have to go door to door, you can simply introduce yourself the first time you run into them, or you can even host a moving-in party for all neighbors!

Say Goodbye To Your Old Neighbors Before Moving Out

Don’t forget to say farewell to your old neighbors before you move out of your old neighborhood. Being friendly isn’t that hard, and you don’t have to do it with everyone. You can say goodbye to the neighbors that have helped you while you lived there.

One More Thing To Do When Moving Into a New Home

With this list of the top things to do when moving into a new home, you’ll adjust to your new life in no time! Just remember that it all comes to planning and organizing your long-distance move ahead. But in case you need any help regarding your relocation, you should go for reliable moving services and contact the moving company for a free quote. And while you’re at it, you may also book auto transport, for your car will be of great help in settling into your new community.

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