Shipping processes can be quite confusing, and if you don’t have sufficient information about even the littlest things, it can all go horribly wrong. There isn’t a lot of information on the web for traders or businessmen to follow, so we aim to provide all the necessary information concerning standard size shipping boxes. Most people do not require information on how to pack a traveling bag, but when it comes to shipping, it is very essential that you know the right boxes to use for the right purposes. These boxes also come in several sizes, so it gives you the option of transporting goods of all sizes.

All You Need to Know About Standard Size Shipping Boxes

• Standard size shipping boxes are hardened chemically and designed specially in order to withstand long journeys and storage on the ship. They are a lot better than the regular boxes that you make use of when moving to a new apartment or the ones you just find lying in the corner of the attic. Those regular boxes would probably crumble once something with a reasonable amount of weight is put on it. Standard size shipping boxes are specially made to withstand the pressure of other boxes being placed on top, and they are particularly durable. This helps during long wet trips at sea.

• There are different sizes of shipping box. There is a large box, which is often referred to as the ‘Tea Chest Box’. As the name implies, the box seems large enough to contain an entire tea se. The Large Box is designed to contain items that are big and delicate. It can also be used for packing bulky items but are still light in weight. For example, this box can be used to carry a large amount of clothes, shoes, duvets & bed linen and even children’s toys. The Standard size shipping box is designed to accommodate heavy items such as books, CDs, files etc.

• There is also a maximum weight for each shipping box, and while most boxes come with labels showing the weight it can carry, it is also possible to get a quote. Some boxes also come with assembly and packing instructions. This is often found on the boxes. It is very important to read this before making use of the boxes.

• Shipping boxes often vary in size, but should usually be around 16” x 16”.

Standard size shipping boxes are very important when it comes to moving goods across the seas. They are made from especially resilient materials that ensure goods are transported effectively without damage. Shipping boxes may also be corrugated or custom print. There are benefits of using each of these kinds of boxes. Corrugated shipping boxes are especially useful when you are transporting precious cargo from one country to another. If you do not use these boxes, then you may be putting your goods at risk. A lot of shipping boxes suffer some damage during the trip. While this is not an uncommon site, it may be even worse if you do not use the appropriate boxes for shipping.

Using these boxes comes with benefits, which include:

Benefits of Using Shipping Boxes

• This form of boxes is a lot better if you are looking to customize. If you are looking to make a branding statement by customizing your shipping boxes, then you should go for the corrugated shipping boxes. These standard size-shipping boxes are a lot easier to customize. This makes it a likely choice for most suppliers that are looking to ship a range of products that come in different shapes and sizes. These goods often require different specifications of boxes in terms of thickness and the amount of protection that the boxes offer. For example, suppliers looking to ship goods over a long distance would mostly require thick boxes. Items that are unusually shaped would also require corrugated boxes, because they can be shaped according to the items. It is also possible to design the outward appearance of the boxes with creative design and multi-color printing. There are special materials that also make them tear resistant, flame resistant and even static resistant.

• Shipping boxes are also made from superior materials, this helps to ensure that your goods are transported to the required destination without any form of damage. The regular corrugated shipping boxes are tough and are superior to other kinds of boxes used for shipping. They are a far better option when compared to regular cardboard boxes. Corrugated boxes are often made from up to three layers of fiberboard sheets, which are designed to hold larger items. They also protect the items inside when other boxes are placed on top. This material is also recyclable and reusable. It is also very possible to get shipping boxes that are made from entirely ‘green’ materials. This makes them very environment friendly. This kind of shipping boxes would help you save a lot of money and effort in the form of protection. The damages that may occur during transportation may be too expensive to cover, so why not simply make use of boxes that are resilient. The boxes also come with a tougher canvas, which makes for easy branding. This helps to increase the amount of visibility your brand gets. They are also a lot more resistant to spills and tears. Corrugated boxes are often preferred to other kinds of boxes because of the benefits they bring to the entire shipping process.

Shipping goods to another country can be quite confusing if you do not know the about process. It is therefore very important to get the help of a professional or shipping company before you opt to transport your goods to another country. There are also a number of fees you can avoid if you know a lot about shipping. It is advised that you conduct proper research before shipping a product.

Making use of the right materials can also help you during shipping. This would protect you from the damages that can occur whilst your goods are on sea. It is therefore very essential to make use of the best possible materials and boxes when it comes to shipping. Thankfully, standard size shipping boxes are very affordable. You do not have to worry about additional costs.

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom printed shipping boxes are a great way of advertising your brand or company. Thanks to the tough materials that shipping boxes are made of, you do not have to worry about whether or not prints can be made on the boxes. These form of shipping boxes are a good way of letting your customers know what you are about, and even getting across to new customers. A lot of consumers patronize companies simply because of a contact number or website printed on a box or other form of branding. This makes shipping box branding very important if you are looking to get the right image across and market your brand to potential customers. Any size of shipping boxes can be customized. This is perfect for your standard size shipping boxes. It also gives you a chance to show your professionalism.

Standard size shipping boxes are perfect for transporting goods, delicate or not, from one location to another. They ensure that your commodities are protected. With the option of customizing, it is also possible to do more than just transporting goods from one country to another. You can market your brand or company with ease and reach out to more consumers. Standard size shipping boxes are hardened chemically and designed specially in order to withstand long journeys and storage on the ship. A standard size-shipping box can also contain slightly heavy items. Since they are fairly resistant to water, you do not have to worry about damages on sea.