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How to protect your belongings when moving

Moving to a New Nation: 5 Helpful Facts
Introduction – The Ins and Outs of Moving to a Foreign Nation

Moving to a foreign nation can be an exciting and exhilarating journey. It can make you feel like everything and anything is possible. That’s not to say, however, that there aren’t any drawbacks to it. People who relocate to other countries often experience culture shock. They frequently experience intense emotions such as isolation and homesickness as well. If you’re planning on relocating to another nation, you should approach the situation in a sensible manner. You should make sure you do plenty of research beforehand, too. Knowledge is always power in this fast-paced, unpredictable and dynamic world.

You May Spend a Lot of Time All By Yourself

If you move to another country, you should probably prepare to spend a lot of time all by yourself. That’s not to say that you won’t get the opportunity to meet new people and start new friendships. You most certainly will. The truth is, however, is that it’s never the same as it is back home. It can take a lot of time to build a network of close friends in a brand new location. There’s nothing wrong with that, either. If you want your transition to life in a new country to be as easy and stress-free as possible, you have to be mentally prepared to spend a lot of time on your own. You shouldn’t use that as an excuse to get down on yourself, though. Make the most of the extra spare time. Take up a new and interesting hobby. Explore the local culture. Do anything you can to improve yourself and your future in your new home.

Moving Abroad Won’t Solve Your Life

It isn’t uncommon for people to want to flee problems. Some people incorrectly believe that relocating to a new setting will change their lives and melt away all of their problems. That unfortunately isn’t reality in any way. If you want to move to another country to experience something new and fresh, you have to remember that that positive feeling won’t last forever. Reality will set in after a while. Life in your new country will start to become dull and perhaps even restless. You just can’t avoid that. Moving to a new country may be able to briefly give you feelings of happiness, contentment and fulfillment, but it won’t fix everything for you. A new environment at the end of the day is nothing more than that. If you’re fully aware of that concept, you should be able to approach moving to a new nation with a much healthier and more balanced outlook.

Culture Shock is a Real Thing

Culture shock isn’t a myth. It’s a real thing. It can be hard to immerse yourself into a lifestyle that’s totally unfamiliar to you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done plenty of research, either. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken the time to learn about local customs and practices. It can be tough to get used to cultural differences. It can be something that requires a lot of time, effort and patience as well. If you move to a new country, don’t be surprised if other people don’t respond well to your distinctive sense of humor. Don’t be surprised if people act startled when you try to hug them or shake their hands, either. The world is full of cultural differences. Don’t take them personally. That just wastes your precious time.

Your Friendships Won’t Be the Same

It can be hard to continue friendships when distance is involved. If you have a best friend who lives in your hometown, expect your relationship with him or her to be a little different. Some people speak to their best friends on a daily basis. If you uproot to an entirely new country, however, doing that probably won’t be realistic. Try not to feel hurt if your friends and family members from back home don’t contact you as much as they did before. That’s totally normal. You may not be able to contact them as much as you did in the past yourself. That doesn’t mean that you no longer care about them or think about them. It simply means that life is busy and that you have a lot on your plate in your new home.

Goodbyes Will Likely Be Common

If you move to another country, you may meet a lot of other people in your shoes. Expatriates tend to move frequently, however. That means that there’s a good chance they won’t be around for long. You should realize that there will probably be many new people coming in and out of your life. It can be painful and difficult, but that’s how things usually go in the expatriate world. People rarely stay put for extended stretches of time.

Conclusion – Preparation is Essential

Moving to a new country is simultaneously difficult and rewarding. If you go above and beyond to prepare well, however, it may be the best thing possible for you. Your aim should be to prepare for your relocation confidently and calmly.


Like most long-distance moves, you have a lot of pieces to put together regarding all of your items. Your biggest and second most valuable asset, your car, only adds more pieces to the puzzle. So, how do companies transport cars from state to state? To answer that question, we’ll have to cover a list of factors such as laws and regulations on auto transportation, logistics, enclosed transport, open carrier, getting a quote, and so on. Rest assured that by the end of this article, you’ll be well equipped to handle relocating your ride across the country.

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Different types of cardboard packages

The best way of packing your belongings is to sort them out and put them into hard cardboard packages intended for a particular type of item. In order to package all the belongings safely and properly, you’ll have to know what are the best size boxes for moving, and for this reason, we decided to present you with all types and sizes of cardboards and what belongings you can pack in each.

What Size Box Is Best for Moving?

There are different types and sizes of cardboard that are intended for packing all kinds of items during the relocation process. Depending on an item you want to pack, you’ll have to acquire different-sized cardboard packages, so let’s go through all the best-sized boxes for moving and define what capacity would be best for your needs.

Small Boxes

Small items are the easiest for boxing up since they are in less danger of being broken or damaged. Logically, the most suitable packages for them are small cardboard packages, with dimensions 12″ x 12″ x 16 (1.5 cubic feet). Those cardboard packages can hold up to 65 pounds, so they are great for packing all that tiny things such as:

  • Kitchen items,
  • Canned food,
  • Toiletries,
  • Books,
  • Computer parts,
  • CDs and DVDs.

Small cardboard packages are also a great solution for fragile things such as:

  • Glassware,
  • Small antiques,
  • Picture frames,
  • Vases.

However, before starting to wrap up all these delicate things, check how to pack glassware properly and prevent them from getting broken or damaged.

Medium-Sized Boxes

If you’ve ever been curious to know what is the standard moving box size and what size of cardboard packages you will need most, here is an answer. Most of all types, you will need medium-sized cardboard with dimensions of 18″ x 18″ x 16″ (3 cubic feet) that can also hold up to 65 pounds and are considered to be a standard relocation cardboard package size. Those cardboard packages are the most suitable for packing the stuff, such as:

  • Kitchen utilities,
  • Small appliances,
  • Clothes (there are literally hundreds of tips on how to pack clothes),
  • Toys,
  • Electronics.

Since electronics cover a wide range of electronic devices that can be very delicate, don’t forget to explore how to pack the electronics and ensure everything will arrive at the new address in perfect condition.

Large-Sized Boxes

Believe it or not, large-sized cardboard can not bear the weight that medium-sized cardboard can, however, they are necessary for packing all bulky items. Large cardboard packages usually come in a dimension of 18″ x 18″ x 24″ (4.5 cubic feet), and they are just the perfect choice for packing things such as:

  • Large appliances,
  • Furniture parts (table legs, bed frames,)
  • Bed sets,
  • Blankets,
  • Rugs,
  • Curtains,
  • Purses, shoes (just for a record, placing shoes into their own cardboard and then placing them into large packages is one of the best ways to pack shoes for relocation.)

Extra Large Boxes

Extra-large cardboard are the biggest out of all other types and come in dimensions of 24″ x 18″ x 24″ (6 cubic feet). Although the biggest, they are least durable, so it is recommended to use them for packing only the lightweight things. Some of those things could be:

  • Sofa cushions,
  • Sleeping pillows,
  • Quilts,
  • Blankets,
  • Heavy winter clothes (jackets, sweaters, coats.)

Still, you should be cautious not to overcrowd those cardboard packages, just because they are so big because you can damage them and then have to buy another one again.

 Couple is boxing up the household
Before starting boxing up your household, ensure you know what types and sizes of cardboard you should obtain

What Other Sizes and Types of Cardboard Do You Need for Packing?

Once you’ve packed all the bulky items that take up so much space, it is time to take care of your clothes and other delicate and decorative things that are breakable. Let’s see what other types of cardboard you might want to find.

Wardrobe Relocation Cardboard Packages

Wardrobe cardboard packages are specially designed packages for some delicate pieces of clothes that require special attention. They are quite tall and have a metal bar at the top of it where you can easily store your clothes such as gowns, coats, and all other delicate and long pieces of clothes, so this kind of cardboard will be a perfect fit for this type of clothes.

Cardboard Packages for Pictures and Mirrors

Items such as mirrors or valuable paintings deserve even more attention due to their delicate nature. Before packing them into specially designed cardboard packages, it is always recommended to box them up into bubble wrap so that you could attain full protection.

Although the pictures or mirrors are so carefully packed, when it comes to cross-country moving it is always advisable to give them a special place in the relocation truck so that you could be absolutely sure they are safe. You can always ask your cross-country movers how to pack pictures for relocating and kindly ask them to be especially careful when they package them.

Mattress Relocation Cardboard Packages

Even if you couldn’t imagine packing the whole mattress in a box, it is actually the usual practice of all professional movers. They will always advise you to do this, especially if you’re moving cross country, where the transportation can last even for a few days.

Cardboard packages for mattresses are used for practical reasons since they could protect the mattress from dust, moisture, insects, or any dirt. And of course, once you start dealing with large things, it would be a good idea to check how to lift heavy objects safely and protect yourself from possible harm.

Cardboard Packages for Dishes

People usually say that packing the kitchen and all utensils is one of the most time-consuming processes during relocation, so the question of how to pack dishes becomes one of the hardest to answer. Since there are many delicate things, thoroughly explore how to package plates, and be aware that each of them is properly packed. If there is any chance you can obtain those specially designed cardboard packages for dishes that have individual cells, it would be a perfect fit for it. Here you can put the glasses, mugs, or bottles and not be afraid that any of them will be broken, chipped, or damaged in any other way.

Custom Cardboard Packages

Once you make an inventory list and forward it to your cross-country moving company, in case they notice you have some of the items that could not be stored into standard cardboard packages, it is most likely they will advise you to order custom ones. Those things could be some musical instruments (in case you lost the original package and were wondering how to package a guitar for shipping, the custom box is an answer), skis or snowboarding boots, lamps, or even flat TV screens. Of course, custom cardboard are more expensive than standard ones, but the safety of your belongings when relocating should always come in the first place.

Cardboard package for clothes
Choose specially designed cardboard packages for your clothes if you want to keep it in great condition

How Many Boxes Do You Need for Packing the Whole Household?

The answer to this question is quite individual and is conditioned with a crucial factor of household size and the total number of things you have to take with you. For that reason, it would be a good idea to determine the total number of needed cardboard packages once you declutter your home, donate your things, or sell unwanted items.

However, from the rich experience of the cross country movers group, we came up with an average number of needed cardboard packages depending on the size of a house or apartment. So, let’s see what their experience reveals and what is the number of cardboard packages needed for each household type.

How Many Cardboard Packages Do You Need to Move One Bedroom Apartments?

Choosing the right package size is the first step of the packaging process. Here is how many cardboard and of what size you’ll have to obtain for one-bedroom apartments:

  • Small cardboards: 15-18
  • Medium-sized cardboard packages: 18-29
  • Large-sized cardboard packages: 10
  • Extra large cardboards: 4 – 9.
For a one-bedroom apartment, you’ll need more than a dozen cardboards.

How Many Cardboard Packages Do You Need to Move Two Bedroom Apartments?

Packaging a two-bedroom house is time and box consuming, however, you’ll have to do it. Here is how many cardboard you will have to obtain for packaging it:

  • Small cardboard packages: 35
  • Medium-sized cardboards: 27- 38
  • Large-sized cardboards: 15
  • Extra large boxes: 16 – 11.
Pack up a two-bedroom apartment with medium-sized cardboards.

How Many Boxes Do I Need to Move a 3 Bedroom House?

Believe it or not, you will have to obtain only eight cardboard packages plus compared to the number of cardboard for a two-bedroom house. Here is how much cardboard you will require for packaging 3 bedroom house:

  • Small cardboard packages: 38
  • Medium-sized cardboard packages: 36 – 47
  • Large-sized cardboard packages: 20
  • Extra large cardboard packages: 8 – 13.

Now that you know how many cardboard packages you approximately have to obtain, you can also make a cost estimation and try to find out how to decrease it.

Pack up a three-bedroom apartment with a dozen extra-large cardboards

Tips and Tricks That Will Make Packaging Easier and Less Expensive

If you’re still not sure about the number of cardboard packages, or what size of boxes for moving you should acquire, and how you can find your packaging supplies for free, then check the video below and learn some really useful hacks that will help you make the packaging process much easier and more affordable too.

 How to Decrease Costs of Relocation or Finding Free Best Size Cardboard Packages for Moving

Relocation costs are not negligible, and they can be even higher when you are moving across the country. And we bet the moment you create a relocation expenses checklist, you’ll undoubtedly want to decrease them. And one of the possible ways is finding relocation cardboards for free, or at least buying them and other packing materials at a very low price. For this reason, we decided to present you with an ultimate solution for finding free relocation cardboard.

Where You Can Find Free Cardboard Packages

Local stores near your house can be the first step in your search for free cardboard packages:

  • Local wineries and liquor stores can be a very precious source for hard cardboards since bottles are weighty. Another plus is that many of those packages contain dividers that could be a great way to store some fragile things such as glasses, for example.
  • Grocery stores manage a considerable number of cardboard packages since the majority of goods are delivered this way. So, don’t forget to put them on a list as well.
  • Bookstores are another great source for larger and harder cardboards that can be used for boxing up bulky but lightweight things. Besides, don’t miss a chance to ask for a piece of advice on how to package books, because they must be very experienced in this subject.
  • Recycling centers also have many lightly used cardboards, and there is a possibility to find them for free there, or at least at a very cheap price.
  • Office Depot and other similar large stores can be a place to find free packages. The most important in this case will be to find out the day of the week and time when they receive shipments and explain to a store manager for what purpose you acquire them.

Now you are provided with a considerable number of packages, it is the right time to decide what things are required to be packed into new cardboard packages and what things can be sustained in already used packages.

Relocation savings
You can influence your relocation costs and decrease them in many ways, one of them is finding free packing supplies

What Should You Do to Prepare Moving Cardboard Packages Properly Before Movers Arrive?

Although the easiest and the most secure way to package your belongings is to leave them to the professionals, there are still some things we believe you would like to package by yourself, so just make sure everything is prepared for movers before they arrive. Also, don’t forget to check what moving services they provide and what types of packing services they offer, and schedule all of them in time. In case you require storage services, ensure your professional movers can provide you with a fully secured storage place too.

Since preparations are the key for any successful move, now that you know all about the best size cardboard packages for moving and the right relocating hacks, the whole process will be much easier. However, don’t miss to make sure you’ll explore all the tips on how to prepare for a move, create a household checklist, and make labels for relocation cardboard. All this preparation will help you not only to package your belongings easier or prevent you from forgetting something, but it will help you with your unpacking process, which is also a part of the relocation procedure.

4 ways you can get help with your move

No matter how strong you are, we are sure that moving furniture is a challenge that might make your knees shake and cause you a minor headache. In this case, it is not all about strength. There is a lot of logistics, planning, and thinking you need to do before you even try to lift something as heavy as an old sofa. And since it can also be dangerous, it is essential to do it safely and properly. So, follow our guide if you are curious to find out how to do it without experienced movers.

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