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Packing for a relocation is always more comfortable and safer when you have the correct type of packing supplies. Provided that packing paper, plastic wrap, Bubble wrap, moving blankets, and packing peanuts you guy are all high-quality, they will contribute to a quick and problem-free packing experience.

Nevertheless, moving boxes are still the best and more versatile kind of packing materials and will remain so for years to come. When you picture a moving box, most of the time, you will get the image of a regular cardboard box.

The sizes that most common cardboard boxes come in are standard: small, medium, large, and extra large. However, when packing a whole home that is full of various things of different shapes and dimensions, it becomes clear that sometimes the standard-sized moving boxes are not going to work well for some of your oddly-shaped or more valuable possessions. And this is precisely where the specialty boxes find their niche.

So if you want to know what specialty boxes are, and what types of specialty boxes you will need when packing your home, the relocation just read these 5 most popular specialty boxes you need when packing for relocation.


  • Do you need specialty boxes when packing?

In reality, specialty boxes tend to be extremely useful because they are designed for a particular purpose, and each specialty box is different. For example,

  1. wardrobe boxes are used to carry and protect hanging clothes,
  2.  dish barrel boxes are used to guard and transport fragile and breakable items, and
  3.  mirror and picture boxes are used for packing and moving framed pictures, paintings and mirrors of various sizes merely because they can be re-sized and fitted around the individual framed pieces.

Of course, it is essential that you keep track of the packing expenses as well. While specialty boxes add extra security that your valuable items need to stay perfectly safe during the physical transportation between the two houses, the additional cost of these special cardboard boxes might not always be worth the investment.

How much will specialty boxes cost? A dish barrel box costs around six dollars, a mirror and picture box is around five to seven dollars per box, while a wardrobe box can cost between ten and fourteen dollars depending on whether it is a small, medium or large box that you need.

To compare a standard-sized moving box will cost anywhere from around a dollar if small to approximately two dollars and fifty cents for extra-large boxes. Therefore, the question of whether you really need specialty packing boxes when packing for relocation is ultimately up to you.

What specialty boxes are you going to need when packing for the relocation? Here is more information about each type of specialty box to help you decide whether or not you will need to use such special-purpose packing boxes when moving.

  • Wardrobe boxes 

Wardrobe boxes provide the best possible protection for expensive, formal, and designer clothes. These special-purpose boxes look like and act like a mini closet as they are tall and have metal rods on the top on which you can hang your clothes directly as you transfer them from your life-sized closet or wardrobe together with their respective hangers.

Wardrobe boxes will help keep your expensive clothes safe without any risk of wrinkles, dust, dirt, or moisture. Also, packing that kind of specialty box will only take a few minutes. However, a single wardrobe box will cost around fifteen dollars or even more, and will take quite a lot of room inside the moving truck.

  • Dish barrel boxes

Dish barrel boxes are designed to help those who are packing, moving and shipping very fragile items such as kitchen dishes, glassware, and even delicate antiques. The thing that makes dish barrel boxes unique is that they are double-walled so they can provide maximum protection of your breakables. Using a dish barrel box is like using two regular cardboard boxes fitted one into another to provide extra cushioning and security for the things inside.

Dish barrel boxes can be used together with a Cell Kit. A Cell Kit is a cardboard attachment that divides the box into sections where each fragile item can be placed individually. A Cell Kit is usually sold separately from the dish pack and costs around six dollars.

  • Mirror and picture boxes

Mirror and Picture boxes are great for packing and moving framed items such as artwork, pictures, paintings, and mirrors. The special thing about these moving boxes is that they can be adjusted to fit the framed items perfectly, that is, these boxes can be joined together seamlessly to accommodate larger frames.

Also, you can use additional frame protectors to make sure that your fragile artwork and mirrors are well-secured and well-protected during transport.

  • Extra specialty boxes

In addition to the three major types of specialty boxes, there are several other specialty shipping boxes that you might choose to use when packing up your prized belongings.

  1. Book boxes: These boxes are ideal for packing and moving books as these boxes are designed to hold small and heavy items, their price is around a dollar and fifty cents.
  2. File boxes: These boxes are great for packing and moving personal records, business records, and all types of important documents. File boxes come with the perfect size for holding letter-size folders and will cost around three dollars a box.
  3. Lamp boxes: These boxes are ideal for packing and moving tall, and oddly-shaped things such as vases or lamps and will cost approximately five dollars.
  4. Wine shipping boxes: These boxes are perfect for packing and moving bottles of wine as those wine shippers come with durable Kraft paper inserts that will protect each glass bottle individually. The price of wine shipping boxes is between seven and twelve dollars and depends on the box size and the number of bottle dividers.

Other specialty boxes include guitar boxes, telescopic boxes, flat-panel TV boxes, electronics boxes, golf bag boxes, and bike boxes.


Now that you have read these five most popular specialty boxes you need when packing for relocation, we hope that you are more prepared to pack your things for your relocation to your new home. If you are looking for a professional and reliable moving company to help you move to your new home, then look no further than Cross Country Movers Group, which is one of the best moving companies in the country.

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