How to protect your belongings when movingAre you going to move cross-country? As the moving date is approaching, you should start planning the entire process so that the relocation goes as smoothly as possible. It is a challenge, and you certainly need some experts to assist you to with the process. Cross Country Movers Group offers you a variety of services for any residential or commercial move. We are proud to say that we have already made hundreds of long-distance moves and have achieved customers’ satisfaction.

We recommend you to contact us and compare our service and prices with our competition. After you consult with one of our representatives and get a free price estimate, you will see that we offer you high-quality services at very competitive prices. In case you choose to hire us for packing, our experienced, friendly staff will come to you as scheduled and pack everything. We are aware that they are precious to you, so we do it with much care and attention. You can also hire us to ship your vehicle to your new place, your company’s equipment to your new office, your household to your new home. They disassemble the furniture and reassemble it after unpacking.

You can rely on our team to finish the relocation professionally, quickly and smoothly. Many people think it could be cheaper to handle it themselves in order to save some money. In a short time you can face some obstacles you can’t solve easily since you don’t have much experience and you end up paying much more to get it all done.

To prepare you for the upcoming move, we have written down some tips you should have in mind when relocating your property:


Get the right boxes

Unsuitable boxes increase the chance of damage to your belongings. They shouldn’t be used since second-hand boxes won’t probably be strong enough to be lifted for a few times while loading and unloading. Too big boxes are also not appropriate since there shouldn’t be any free space in them after they are packed.  You need boxes of various sizes, and be sure not to get too many or too little of them. Heavy items should be placed in the boxes that will resist the weight.


Purchase the right supplying material

Along with the right boxes, you should also have right wrapping paper. You don’t want to color your precious things wrapping them in some newsprint.  Bubbling paper is appropriate material for much breakable stuff. You also need various tapes to secure the things in the boxes, sticker labels or colored markers to label the boxes, scissors, and box cutters.


Choose packing service

It is not as complicated and expensive as you may think. You don’t have to look for and purchase anything. If you hire us, we will do the packing for you much faster and better than you can imagine. It’s a routine for our experts because they know exactly how to wrap each of your items. You will save time and energy, and you will be stress-free knowing your precious items will be packed and placed in the right boxes properly.


Call Cross Country Movers Group now. We will be very glad to work for you and assist you to relocate to your future home!

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