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    We Make Moving Easy

    It doesn’t matter which service you need, whether it is long distance move, commercial or residential, or auto shipping, our crew of professional movers is highly trained and experienced to handle any of these tasks.

    Since we have the expertise, we are more than capable of handling all the tedious details that each type of move involves. This makes your experience hassle free.

    Phoenix Movers

    Relocating to Arizona must be exciting – still, organizing a move isn’t easy and requires time. If you are relocating to The Grand Canyon State’s capital soon, you will need reputable, trustworthy Phoenix movers to get your belongings to their new home. Don’t worry – your search for the perfect moving company is over. Cross Country Movers Group is here to help with all your relocation needs and make sure nothing goes wrong with your move.

    Relocating to the Arizona Capital? Reach Out to Our Phoenix Movers for Professional Moving Services

    Do you know how to organize a relocation? It may seem simple at first, but once you start checking tasks off your relocation to-do list, you will realize that there are just too many things to handle. Keep in mind that the distance to your new home isn’t short – DIY relocation is out of the question.

    Why not get a professional moving company to help you? There is no reason to exhaust yourself when you can simply get a free quote and move with an outstanding long-distance moving company. Our business can provide you with every moving service you can think of – give us a call.

    There Are No Better Moving Services in Phoenix Than Ours

    The best movers in Phoenix can be found in our company. We have gathered a team of well-trained workers with plenty of experience in the relocation industry. Your boxes and furniture will be entrusted to reliable people who are skilled and know how to handle any possible issue that may arise on the relocation day.

    The trust in your relocation company is the most important thing – we’ve all heard of crazy, elaborated scams that have left victims without a single box of stuff. With us, you won’t have to worry about those disasters. We are a business with years of experience, thousands of happy customers, and plenty of stellar reviews from those who gave us their trust.

    Our Cross Country Moving Company Will Provide You the Best Packing Service

    Is packing your whole household inventory something that seems like an impossible task to you? If so, you’re in luck because our relocation business has outstanding packing services that will save you time and energy. When you book our basic relocation services, as a part of that, you will get standard wrapping – disassembling and wrapping furniture, plus wrapping anything too large to fit into a box.

    We know those oversized items are just impossible to pack, so we want to get that burden off your back – our business philosophy is to always make things easier for our clients in any way we can. Of course, our team will also assemble the furniture at your new address – we’ll take care of everything.

    Should You Book Partial or Full Packing Service?

    If you want us to pack more than just furniture and large items, we can do that as well. Packing services that we provide include partial and full wrapping assistance. You are probably wondering what the difference is, so we’ll just quickly explain. Partial wrapping means that you’ve hired us to pack up to 15 boxes – if you want more than that packed, that is considered full wrapping.

    If you decide to go for one of these two options, all you’ll need to do is provide our team with a detailed inventory list of items we’ll have to pack. Of course, it’s good to note in the inventory how you want us to group your belongings in the boxes. We also have a custom crating option, perfect for valuable items you wish to have extra protection.

    Rest Assured That Our Packers and Movers Will Take Care of Your Belongings

    Everybody feels a bit of anxiety while watching their belongings being loaded onto the relocation truck – it’s natural. However, believe us when we tell you that our workers will do everything in their power to ensure that nothing gets damaged, broken, or lost. We have a fantastic track record when it comes to that – our crews are known for being very careful and gentle with customers’ boxes. You can feel relaxed during your move, knowing that they have your boxes.

    Long-Distance Relocations Require Car Shipping Service

    Long-distance relocations are not just about boxes and furniture – what about your car? How will you get it to your destination? If you’re relocating across the country, driving the entire distance is probably not an option – you will exhaust yourself. Is there a simple solution? Of course, we have an answer for you – one of our services is auto transport. We can ship your vehicle anywhere in The States for an affordable price.

    Moving Your Car – Open or Enclosed Carrier?

    Car shipping offers you two options – carrying your car by an open or enclosed trailer. What is the difference, and which one should you choose for your auto? Well, open carriers are the primary option that most people prefer – they are cheaper than the enclosed carriers and quite suitable for most types of vehicles.

    If you own a luxury or a classic car that requires exceptional care, the enclosed carrier might be the better choice for you. It will provide additional protection – weather and road debris won’t be able to touch your car.

    Additional Benefit We Offer – Door-to-Door Delivery Option

    Naturally, it’s easier for you if the car is shipped directly to your address, which is why we offer door-to-door delivery. You won’t have to bother going to one of our terminals to pick up the vehicle, thus saving time that you can use to start unpacking countless boxes that await at your place.

    In cases when we’re not able to approach your residence, we will leave the vehicle at the nearest parking lot, which is still more convenient than leaving it at the terminal. Of course, if you for some reason prefer to have terminal-to-terminal delivery, we can do that as well. Our business has terminals in all larger U.S. cities.

    We Offer 30 Days Free-of-Charge Storage Service for All Our Customers

    Once your relocation experience is over, you might realize that your residence isn’t ready to store all those boxes you’ve moved. Maybe you have to do some renovations, or you simply have no room for the excess stuff. What to do in that case? The solution is obvious – you need a modern storage facility to keep your belongings safe for some time until you’re ready to move them into your residence. Naturally, we can help you with this as well – our crew will move your items to our storage. They’ll be perfectly safe there and can be stored for any amount of time you need.

    The best thing about this is that you will get the first 30 days of storage entirely free of charge. No, there aren’t any catches – even if you decide to stop using our storage unit after those 30 days, you won’t have to pay any fees. Those who want to continue using the facility after the first month are welcome to do so for an affordable price. Rest assured that your items will be protected from any kind of damages when under our care – our units are the most modern ones, with carefully controlled conditions. Temperature or humidity can’t affect anything stored with us. So, why worry about decluttering everything when you can easily store things you don’t need right now? They’ll be with us, waiting for you whenever you want to get them.

    Moving Insurance – What Kind of Policies Do We Have?

    Whatever kind of assistance you book us for, you will have mandatory liability coverage guaranteed – the policy is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. This type of insurance is applied to every single item that we move, no matter if we’ve packed it or it was done by somebody else. Still, many customers choose to be even more careful – paying for full value replacement insurance is a pretty popular option with our clients. What can be covered with this policy? Basically anything – however, all those insured things must be packed by our workers. Also, there has to be an inventory list of everything insured, so there aren’t any issues in case of damaged goods (rare cases, considering how skilled we are).

    We have another option, perfect for customers who have a few precious items – they can be insured separately for an additional fee. Of course, these belongings have to be packed by us, with custom crating included. Don’t forget another valuable thing you have to move – your vehicle. We have car shipping insurance as well. If there are any external damages on the vehicle after shipping it, the policy is $100,000 for cars shipped in an open trailer and $500,000 for those transported by an enclosed carrier.

    Phoenix – Beautiful, Sunny City That You Will Fall in Love With

    As one of the best places to live in Arizona, the Valley of the Sun is a great city where everyone can settle in and enjoy all the amenities of a quality lifestyle. Whether you’re a young professional who wants to boost a career, or you have a family and need a lovely suburb for your kids, this place is the perfect one for you. No one can stay indifferent to the Arizona capital – you will quickly fall in love with this sunny city of 1,633,000 residents.

    What Makes This City So Special for Its Residents?

    One of the best things about this Arizona city is that it is so diverse and welcoming to new people – you won’t struggle with finding a community that suits your taste. There’s always someone who will embrace you with open arms and make you feel like this has been your home for years.

    The city is ever-changing and in constant development, and it will continue to grow and improve in the upcoming years. The weather is always excellent – not too hot for most of the year, as one might think. There are both urban and suburban areas, and the traffic isn’t as hectic as in most big U.S. cities.

    What Are the Costs of Real Estate in Phoenix?

    If you’re worried about the real estate market in the Valley of the Sun, let us tell you now – you don’t have to stress over finding a home at a reasonable price. The median home value is $235,400, which is quite good compared to the national standard ($217,500). If you prefer renting a place, you should know that the median rent is $1,050 – almost the same as the national median rent. These prices are pretty good when you know how unique the city is.

    Moving Out of the Valley of the Sun? Our Cross-Country Movers Can Assist You No Matter Where You’re Going

    If you’ve decided to move out of this beautiful city, you will also require excellent relocation services to get through your long-distance move – our relocation team can help you with this move as well. We operate nationwide, which means that we can assist you no matter where in the United States you’re going. Our cross-country movers are equipped to handle any relocation issues, so you can be sure that your belongings are in safe hands. Why wait? Get your free quote and book us to be a part of your relocation experience.

    Our Services

    Our professional moving services starts with your inquiry and the planning stage of the big move. We’ll be happy to chat with you on the phone. When it comes to packing up your things, you have a few options.

    There’s full-service packing, self-pack and fragile-only packing. Furthermore, we provide storage, assembling and installation of any furniture or electronics to help your long distance move to go over smoothly.

    Moving Insurance

    Moving insurance is an indispensable part of our moving, packing, and car shipping services. Cross Country Movers Group offers three different types of moving insurance

    Learn More


    When it comes to our moving services, our storage service is just as important as the rest. Whether you need longtime or short-term arrangements, our team of professional movers is more than qualified to handle your items. When storing your belongings, we store them in a secure facility with guards and video surveillance.

    Learn More


    Cross Country Movers have professionally trained personnel that will be happy to assist you with packing even the most fragile dishes or antiques. You can choose to oversee as we do the packing for you. We’ll carefully pack it all into moving boxes, regardless of the size.

    Learn More

    Moving Services

    Our professionals work with you to come up with a long distance moving solution that best fits your needs. Whether the move is residential or commercial, we are here to make your relocation hassle free. You can choose to use as few or as many moving services as you want. It is completely up to you.

    Learn More

    Auto Moving

    Whether you need to transport your family van or SUV or deliver a collectible rare car from an auction, Cross Country Movers is happy to help. Our trained professionals know how exactly to handle your car to make sure it arrives to its destination safe and sound.

    Learn More

    Cross Country Movers Group Reviews

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    We shipped a car from Philadelphia to LA and it was a solid experience. Flat fee, no hassling, the person I dealt with was professional, the contract was digital and clear, the truck driver communicated directly with us on timing of pickup and dropoff. I was overwhelmed with the barrage of emails, calls and texts when I shopped around and was turned off my the “Crazzy Eddie” type sales approach. I decided to do my own research on BBB, Yelp and google, and found these guys. I would use them again.

    Heather H. 8/01/2020

    Moving sucks, moving across country to a brand new State sucks, finding someone who actually knows to move things properly is super stressful too. How was I about to go about this to move from state to state without having to drive cross country? My friend suggested to go with movers on Yelp and I stumbled upon Cross Country Moves in DTLA. Rent in DTLA is ridiculous so I need to move for the better. I called for a quote, they replied back within 10 mins, maybe even faster as I shopped around for other places. Got my quote, of course it is within reason, would be less of a hassle then renting a giant uhaul and driving there myself and finding someone in Texas to unload my heavy furniture and belongings.

    They arrived ON TIME at my place and handled all my things with care. They wrapped up my fragile glass cabinets and tapped it up which was a sigh of relief for me, I paid a lot for that cabinet. Anyway, everything was packed neatly and didn’t take as long if I were to do with my friends and I because we wouldn’t know how as they are professionals. They even had special crates for my fragiles and valuables!

    Overall it was a great experience and helped me out a ton! They arrived at my new place on time again! That’s twice now! Timing is everything because timing is scarce for me as I have to get on with my new life in Texas! I recommend anyone to saving yourself the trouble and asking Cross Country Movers what they can do for you!

    Joni T. 1/16/2019

    I highly recommend Cross Country Movers for several reasons. I had them pack my stuff which they did with sheer excellence. If anything, they kinda over-protected my stuff with tons of paper and padding. They were in and out unbelievably fast. The stuff arrived on time in LA and delivered expertly as well. Nothing was damaged at all!!!They even unpacked my 4 clothes boxes and hung the stuff in the closet for me. This was not really part of the deal. Their price was unbelievably lower than the 5 other movers I had gotten quotes from. Their men were polite and professional. Honestly, if you are moving, this is definitely a company you should check out. I would refer them to anyone!

    Robby B. 5/04/2016

    Cross Country Movers made our lives so much easier during our move from Seattle WA to So Cal. They handled our home goods with care. The guys were friendly and worked at a good pace! They were on time with pick up and delivery considering I was under a time constraint to leave Washington and settle in in Cali. I was pleased to see my furniture still intact after the long haul. Their wrapping skills were on point, no dents, scratches or damages found as we unloaded and unpacked. The guys seemed knowledgeable and were self-sufficient. They did most of the leg work which I appreciated. Super thankful for them considering the short notice. Recommended from a friend and I’m definitely recommending it for anyone who needs to move across state lines. Hopefully you have

    Gilbert D. 2/26/2019

    My Uncle has a used car lot in Portland and offered me a car for a really good price . He recommended Cross Country Movers because he’s used them before with no issues . I gave them a ring and set up a pick up day. They gave me a flat fee for the delivery and I had my car in no time ! Without these guys I probably wouldn’t have purchased a car from out of state

    Alen I. 1/24/2016

    Excellent! highly recommend them! Corporate office (Ron Rubin) was very helpful and flexible with the numerous date changes in our move. The actual movers Ricardo and his team… Awesome (Cobra Van Lines) the team went over and beyond in wrapping my furniture and fitting into the truck. They were friendly, helpful and seemed to really care about doing the best job for me and my family. I truly appreciated it.

    Patricia D. 4/05/2019

    Phoenix Cross Country Movers Group Review


    I’ve used their moving service both from VA to CA and from CA back to VA over the years and it never disappointed me. They print out bar codes for every little thing, even a bucket, so that no item gets lost/damaged. Not to mention the pricing is the most competitive in the market (has always been the lowest!)

    You won’t regret going with these guys!

    Ready to Make Your Move?

    Phoenix is the capital and most populous city in Arizona. It has a population of 1,615,017 residents, which makes this city the fifth most populous city in the United States, and the most populous state capital!

    Phoenix’s weather is characterized by a subtropical desert climate. Despite this type of climate, Phoenix has a thriving farming community, thanks to its canal system. Many of the original crops remain an important part of the city’s economy, such as alfalfa, cotton, citrus and hay. The driving forces of Phoenix’s economy remain cotton, cattle, citrus, climate and copper (also known as the Five C’s).

    If you’re moving to Phoenix, our agents are happy to give you an estimate on your moving cost. You can be confident that there will be no surprise fees or expenses. We provide excellent services to our customers at rates that are reasonable and affordable.

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