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Moving to or from Visalia

Moving to Visalia, California with CrossCountry Moving Group

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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable moving company which can help you relocate to Visalia, California? Here are a just a few out of the many reasons why you should hire Cross Country Moving Group. We are very experienced, professional movers with excellent moving company reviews made by our previous customers. Our top priorities are quality service moving and customer satisfaction. Our moving services include budget moving, commercial and residential moving, auto transport (both enclosed car transport and exotic car transport), moving trucks, moving helpers, packers, moving supplies, such as moving boxes, moving checklists and many more. We also offer free moving quotes, including full estimates, quick estimates, and auto estimates. Contact us in order to get your free estimate at your desired time. Our representative team will be at your disposal at any time – all you need to do is just give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our moving services. We offer the best interstate moving estimates in the entire US – if you hire Cross Country Moving Group, you can be certain that you will receive the best quality service moving for the best price. Before you start organizing your relocation in great detail, you might want to learn more about your future city of residence – Visalia, California. We have compiled this quick guide for you, which should contain all the necessary information about the city of Visalia.

Moving to Visalia


About Visalia, California

        Visalia is a wonderful city which is located in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley in California. It’s approximately 230 miles away from San Francisco, 190 miles away from LA and 36 miles away from Sequoia National Park. According to the 2015 US Census, the population of Visalia was estimated to be around 130,104 people. Visalia represents the 5th biggest city in the San Joaquin Valley. The cities bigger than Visalia are Fresno, Bakersfield, Modesto, and Stockton. Visalia is also the 44th most populous city in the US State of California and the 198th most populous in the United States. Visalia is the county seat of Tulare County. It’s the governmental and economic center of one of the most agriculturally productive counties in the United States. Sequoia, Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Parks are nearby in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This mountain range is the highest mountain range in the contiguous US.


Weather in Visalia, California

        The city of Visalia has a cold semi-arid climate. It receives just enough rain each year to stay out of the cold desert climate range. Visalia has lots of sunshine throughout the year. There are only 26 days with any measurable precipitation per year. The period from April to October is generally warm and dry. The average temperatures during this time period are generally about 74-94°F. However, temperatures also frequently exceed 100°F. The colder period of the year generally happens from November through March. It is mild and sometimes rainy. The average high temperatures range from 54-67°. Temperatures also occasionally drop to 20°F. The city of Visalia has an average of 11 inches of precipitation per year. The rain usually occurs during the winter and spring months. Visalia generally has only light rain showers. However, sometimes heavy rainfall along with thunderstorms can occur. Snowfall is very rare in Visalia. The greatest amount of snow was recorded just below 3 inches back in 1999.


Education in Visalia, California

        Visalia has only one community college and it’s the College of the Sequoias. It’s the only public college in Visalia too. Here is the list of the universities with branch campuses which are located within the borders of the city:

  •        Fresno State
  •        Chapman University
  •        Fresno Pacific University
  •        Brandman University

Private colleges in Visalia are:

  •        San Joaquin Valley College
  •        Milan Institute
  •        Estes Institute of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences

Visalia represents the only major city located in the Central Valley, which has a population over 100,000 residents, that doesn’t have a local four-year university. When it comes to schools, Visalia has one school district. The Visalia Unified School District serves the entire city of Visalia, along with several other communities. It has a student population of around 30,000 people. Regarding libraries, the Tulare County Public Library operates the largest branch in Visalia, which is the Visalia Branch located in Downtown Visalia. However, there are many other smaller libraries within the city limits. One such library is the Visalia Learning Center.


The Transportation System of Visalia, California

        When it comes to freeways and highways, California State Route 99, also known as the Pearl Harbor Survivors Memorial Freeway, is the major north to south highway that passes through Visalia. It goes north to Fresno and south to Bakersfield. The California State Route 198, also known as the Sequoia Freeway, goes east to the Sequoia National Park and then west towards Hanford. Other major highways which can be used for transportation include California State Route 63 and California State Route 216.

        The Visalia Transit (which was formerly known as Visalia City Coach) is in charge of the public transportation to, from and within Visalia, Goshen, Exeter, and Farmersville. The Visalia Towne Trolley is responsible for transportation services in Downtown Visalia. Visalia has only one airport, which is the Visalia Municipal Airport. Other nearby commercial airports are:

  •        Fresno Yosemite International Airport, owned by Fresno and serves the San Joaquin Valley
  •        Mefford Field Airport, owned by the city of Tulare
  •        Porterville Municipal Airport, owned by Porterville, serves the Southeastern Sierra Nevadas and the South Valley of the Porterville area
  •        Meadows Field Airport, also known as Kern County Airport No. 1, which serves the South Valley

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