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Moving from Irvine, California to Portland, Oregon with Cross Country Movers Group

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So you’ve finally decided that now is the best time to move from Irvine, California? If you’re looking for a place that can provide you with more opportunities and is also a good location for a family, we would recommend moving to Portland, Oregon. No matter where you decide to move in the end, you should keep in mind that moving can be quite stressful and time consuming, especially if you’re doing it by yourself. You need professional Irvine movers by your side, which is why you should consider hiring Cross Country Movers Group to safely transport all of your belongings to your new home.

We’ve been in the moving business for years, so we know what our customers usually want from us and how to do it best. And besides that we always aim to make every long distance move that we do go as smoothly as possible. Along with providing quality moving services, our goal is to also make them affordable, so even people with a low moving budget can afford them. If you don’t want to hire us for the full moving service, you’re welcome to pick the services that you need the most and you can rest assured that we as your Irvine movers will do our best.

Irvine MoversWe have plenty of experience when it comes to long distance moving, no matter where in the country you’re moving from or to. And when we say that we mean corporate relocation, or moving offices as it’s commonly known, and residential moving, otherwise known as moving houses, that is, moving your belongings from your old to your new home. You can also rely on our car shipping services, no matter what kind of a vehicle you need transported. You can choose between the cheaper open trailer, and the safer, enclosed car carrier for your vehicle transportation. With us as your Irvine movers, you can relax knowing your car is in excellent hands.

And since packing is usually the most tiring part of the relocation and most people don’t really want to do it themselves, we also offer professional packing services. You can trust us with your belongings as our experienced cross country movers and packers are trained to handle various items safely.

In case you’ve chosen Portland, Oregon to be your new home, read on to learn something about it.

About Portland, Oregon

Portland is the seat of the Multnomah County in the state of Oregon. It’s a major port city in the Pacific Northwest, as it’s located at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers. The city is home to roughly 640,000 residents, making it the largest city in the state of Oregon, and the second biggest city in the Pacific Northwest.

The Oregon settlement was named after Portland, Maine, and started getting populated to a larger extent as it was near the end of the Oregon Trail. A developing timber industry and its easy water access helped a lot in this regard.

Portland is commonly known for being one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world. With its abundance of public parks, around 10,000 acres of them, the high walkability and a large network of public transportation options.

As soon as you decide that it’s time to get started with your cross country relocation, don’t hesitate at all to contact Cross Country Movers Group, and we’ll gladly take care of it for you.

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