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Tips on How to Move Safely During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond

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Moving across the country is stressful enough without a global pandemic of Coronavirus. If you plan to move and have already arranged everything with your company, here are some rules that can help you and your movers to move safely as much as possible. There is so much uncertainty and questions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, but if you stick to these couple of moving safety tips, your relocation will go smoothly. But first, let us answer some questions you may have.

Can I Hire a Moving Company During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Currently, all moving companies are considered essential providers, and they are regularly working and respecting all protection measures regarding Coronavirus so you can move safely. If you schedule a move, there should be no reasons for cancellation. To be sure, call your cross country moving company and ask them if there are any delays or changes. But if you plan to hire movers in the near future, when you contact them for a quote, ask them are there any measures you and your family can take before meeting them in person.

What Does It Mean to Move Safely?

Safety during the move doesn’t just mean wearing your mask and being protected from the virus. There are other safety issues regarding relocation you need to consider. When hiring movers, numerous questions pop up in your mind: Are your belongings safe? Is there insurance if any damage appears? What are the things you need to do before your movers come? Or how to lift heavy objects safely? But rest assured, if you hire professional moving services, they will cover all these safety issues.

Do Movers Do the Packing?

Considering all the social distancing we need to do now, it is no stranger to ask this question. And yes, movers provide packing services for their customers, and the crew has to wear protective gear, like masks and gloves. Trucks are also sanitized and cleaned daily.

But there are some precautions you can take, like getting your kids and elderly family members out of the home on a big day. All they need to do is take their moving essentials and be out of the way. Your movers will pack everything according to your inventory list, and you don’t even have to go to the store to buy supplies for the move. They can bring them to you.

Are Storage Facilities Open?

Maybe because of the pandemic your new house is not ready yet, and you have to leave your old one and don’t know where to put your stuff? Don’t worry, and contact your company and ask them about the storage services they provide. As with movers, storage facilities are considered essential so you can plan your relocation knowing that your belongings will be safe.

Tips for Safe DIY Move

If you are moving out for the first time, these tips will come in handy, and you should avoid all the moving mistakes people usually make. So no matter what your reasons to move are, or if you are having a last-minute move, these tips will help you have a stress-free move.

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Pack Your Items for a Move on Time

If you are too scared to hire a professional to do the packing, you can do this independently. Just make sure you start your packing on time – at least a week before your relocation. Buy boxes, bubble and plastic wraps, packing paper for moving, blankets, duct tape, and start sorting everything out. If there are any, sell unwanted items and start packing your stuff.

Hire Movers for Large Items

For a safe move, you will need help carrying large items. Maybe you and your friends can do this on your own, but there is always a risk of injuring your back. You should think about hiring professionals for this part, especially if you are moving in wintertime, when roads are icy and slippery. If not careful, you can easily fall and break something.

Get Moving Insurance

Make sure that company you are hiring is providing insurance. All serious companies should give you insurance for your belongings. If they don’t offer one, they are probably a fraud.

If You’re Into Sanitizing, Now Is Your Time to Shine

Well, we mean it literally. Go to the store and buy all the disinfecting products you need and prepare your home and stuff for movers. Buy alcohol and other sanitizers for movers to use when they arrive. If you are hiring them to do all the packing, then the smarter option will be to clean your belongings at your new home. This way, you can rest assured that you can use your stuff safely.

Stay at Home and Wait for Your Movers

Now that you know how to protect yourself in the relocation process, you can start searching for a company online. You can make all the arrangements on the phone or through email, but your estimation should be in-home. This is necessary if you wish to get a precise quote for your move. So with all the precautionary measures, hiring professionals is the safest option for your relocation.

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