Practical tips when moving

As you might know, the moving process is pretty stressful and chaotic. Hiring a moving company will definitely help in so many ways, but here are some more practical tips to help you with your moving process.


  1.      Wheels – Try to packing heavier items into luggage that hells wheels. It will make moving those items very much easier and you back will not hurt.
  2.      Egg cartons – Use egg cartons to pack your jewelry. Make sure you tape and label the carton so as to not forget what’s inside.

Plan the road ahead – It is smart to look up the route that your household items will be taking during the shipping process. Use this website to see what kind of roads await your cargo.

  1.      Weather – make sure you start your relocation during fair weather. Rain and storms will make the relocation almost impossible. Visit this website and find out what will the weather be like in advance.
  2.      Packing trucks – Make sure you have a packing order while loading the trucks. Put  the heavy appliances closer to the cab and put your items with drawers facing mattresses to prevent opening en route. Have your heavy boxes in the center of the cargo area and long items against the walls of the truck.
  3.      Stuffed toys – Have the stuffed animal toys packed in bags and use them as a padding for fragile items. The same can be done with pillows and towels and other soft items.
  4.      Weight – try to keep your boxes under 40 pounds. This way, you will avoid potential injuries. Packing a box too heavy can also damage the box itself.
  5.      Tape – Try not to save tape. Use the packing tape in an effective way. Taping your boxes twice will make sure that the boxes will not open during the shipping.
  6.      Drawers – Some lighter items can be safe in drawers. You can save time by not taking those out and save time again by not having to put them back in.
  7.      Foam Plates – Use foam plates and stack them in between your plates to protect them during the shipping process.
  8.   Electronics – If you can, pack your electronics in the original boxes from the manufacturers. There is a good chance that the electronics will be safest inside their original packaging.
  9.   Fill the boxes – The boxes that are not filled up to the top are more likely to get damaged. Make sure you fill the boxes to the brim to protect your items.
  10.   Liquid supplies – make sure that your shampoos, expensive wines and other containers with liquid in it. The last thing you want is something getting spilled inside the moving truck.
  11.   Cosmetics – Use cotton balls to protect powdered cosmetics. It will give them extra support and prevent shattering during the shipping process.

There you have it. Remember to use these tips while packing. Visit our web page to read more about the services we offer. For more contact information, make sure you visit the contact section of our website. For more useful tips and tricks, visit our blog page where you will be able to find a lot of useful information.

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