Relocating to another state is never an easy task. However, with the proper planning, you can avoid the common mistakes that people make when moving. These mistakes are usually centered around the most important part of a move – packing. The process is very tricky and should be handled with care. We are here to share our experiences and hopefully make your move as enjoyable as possible. Whether this is your first long-distance move, or you just want to make sure everything is handled right, these tips are for you. Here are the top mistakes to avoid when packing.

Starting Late

Not enough time to pack well


The way you pack can determine the course of the entire move. Professionals allocate the most time to this step for that very reason. Because of the importance of packing well, not starting the process on time is the first thing you should avoid.  When to start packing depends on your specific move. Some people schedule moves way ahead of time, and have more time to take care of this important task. For those that are not as lucky, the answer is simple, start as soon as possible. The faster you start the process, the sooner it will be complete, leaving you enough time to handle other important tasks. For those that struggle with time, you can always opt for professional packers to take care of the process for you.

Packing Without a Plan

Make sure to plan it out


The best tips all say that planning is necessary for a successful pack. A plan will speed up the process and make everything easier and faster. Following a plan will help ensure all items are properly packed, labeled, and secured well before the moving date draws near. Relocating without a plan should be avoided whenever possible. For those that find themselves in the middle of an unorganized move, you need to act quickly. The best way to handle such a scenario is to regroup and put together steps that can be easily followed. There are two popular options to tackle a chaotic move, going by category, or going by rooms. Whichever you choose, make sure to stick to it. If the move is proving to be too problematic, opt for professional packing services to assist you.  

Not Tackling the More Difficult Areas First

Handle more challenging rooms first

Certain rules of thumb are followed when packing to make the entire process more manageable. One of these rules is, to start with the most difficult rooms. These can include areas like the garage, attic, kitchen, and basement. Such rooms are usually considered hardest because they tend not to be well organized. The general idea is to take care of those rooms first, while you are still motivated and full of energy. Once they are completed, and the more laborious tasks finished, you will be able to move on to other less difficult rooms. Beginning with the “easy” rooms first is not a major mistake and won’t impede the moving process. 


Not Having Enough Packing Materials

Get enough packing materials


A mistake that is easily avoidable is getting the right amount and type of materials. Take the time to calculate how many supplies you will need. Once there is a good estimate, get all the necessary materials that will be required. Having them on hand will save you the trouble of looking for additional supplies after you have started the process. Be warned that it might be really difficult to estimate how many materials you are going to need at the very start of the process. If you have already begun to pack and find yourself short a few supplies, you can improvise. Popular substitutes that can be used are:

  • Blankets or towels as moving blankets – Though they might not do the job as well, they can provide some protection. Keep in mind that it can damage the blanket or towel.
  • News Papers – Can be used to replace packing paper or packing peanuts. Again, the protection it offers is not the same, but if there is nothing else, it can be used.
  • Old Clothes – These are perfect for space fillers. Use old jeans, shirts, or any other garment to fill boxes and secure the items inside. Keep in mind that this hack can add to the weight of the move.

Have in mind that these substitutes are not ideal and that getting the proper materials and supplies is still the best advice for any long-distance move.

Forgetting to Label Your Boxes

Label boxes properly


Forgetting to label moving boxes is a mistake that many first time movers make. It might not seem like a big one, but it can prove to be very problematic when the time comes to unload belongings. If the boxes are not labeled, you will be left with a room full of them that will have to be opened up and checked for their contents. Make sure not to miss this simple step. Mark boxes according to the room the contents should go into. This will allow you to unload the boxes in the appropriate room and quickly unpack the contents.

Leaving a Few Items to Pack on Moving Day

Leaving some items unpacked until moving day is one of the more common mistakes people make when relocating. The problem with leaving an item until the last moment is that it leads to hurried packing. Any rushed activity during this process can lead to mistakes and consequently damaged property. Try and have all belongings packed and ready for the move a couple of hours before the movers arrive. 


Doing it All Alone

Packing alone can get stressful


There is no doubt that packing will be the most arduous task on your moving to-do list. As such, you might find it really hard to pack all of your possessions by yourself. Remember that you can ask for help from friends or family. Having a helping pair of hands will relieve a lot of stress and speed up the process. Just remember to have a plan that everyone follows. 


Once you know the correct procedures, it will take a few attempts to master them. The process is all about trial and error and will become more natural and easier with time. The good news is that not every mistake will end in disaster, so you can actually fix or leave a few minor errors and still successfully pack your belongings. If you want to delegate the process to reliable professionals, then contact Cross Country Movers Group. We have years of experience in the business and are sure to handle the packing and moving flawlessly.

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