“No friends, no life”. A simple statement but it holds a beautiful concept of life. Man is a social animal and he is brought in this world to interact, to socialize and to learn from others. Friendship is the best way of it, and people who have friends are extremely fortunate. The friendship is a relation in which you can share your problems, sorrows, happiness and secrets which most of the time cannot be shared with any other person. Friend guides us in the most difficult times of our lives, they support us when we need support, and they protect us from many obstacles and possible fails. The person who is blessed with the friend is never alone.

People who make friends are most lively and loving as compared to those who hardly make friends. If we make new friends it affects us very positively. Friends build our confidence level, make us strong. We come to know how to deal with different people, we share diverse thoughts with them, and we have a chance to meet people with the different psychology and mentality.

New experience is always a risk, but unless and until you experience new things you will not have a chance to taste the flavor of it. Making friends is also a risk but a beautiful one. It is very obvious that if you are new in a city or state and you don’t know anyone – you might be little unwilling to talk to people or to make friends.

Friend are always a good guidance for us. You should talk to new people and try to develop a friendship if you like someone, and that someone is friendly to you. By making friends in a new city or state, we have a chance to enjoy life there in different ways, by learning about their language, by learning about their customs, tasting their traditional foods, and by sharing different thoughts regarding various debatable topics.

If we make friends we would never be bored, unaccompanied, confused, complexed, helpless, hopeless, sad and in trouble.

Friends are always like a family, so never be hesitant to make friends in your new city or country of residence. Your new “home” will be welcoming if you want to have friends and are open-minded.

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