How to stay safe during your moveWe all know how stressful and emotionally difficult moving to another place can be, but that does not mean that you get to forget about taking some precautionary measures to stay safe throughout this hectic process. In case you have never moved before, chances are you don’t really know where to start and what you need to bear in mind. But don’t worry – that’s why we are here. We at Cross Country Movers Group put your safety first, so we’ve prepared a short guide for you. Read on to learn what to think about so as to make sure you avoid any possible injury during your move.


  1. Develop a moving strategy

How to stay safe during your moveTo begin with, you shouldn’t get the whole process started without a safe moving strategy, as having one will make it less likely to inflict damage or do some harm. Forget about acting impulsively during your move. You have to have a well-elaborated plan, and you need to organize your time wisely so as to avoid all the haste which increases the chances of injuries. Just remember to measure twice and cut once.


  1. Don’t lift more than you can take

How to stay safe during your moveAnother important thing to think about is the weight of your boxes.  We suggest that you avoid packing boxes that heavier than 50 pounds. That way, you will be able to lift them without too much strain. In addition to this, you should also know that you’re not supposed to just bend over and pick a box up – ever! When doing so, you risk back strain, so make sure you squat down and use your entire lower body instead.


  1. Use proper equipment

How to stay safe during your moveYou don’t know what to do about those bulky and heavy items such as pieces of furniture and some appliances? The answer is quite clear, actually – you just need to rent proper equipment. That is, don’t even consider getting started without a dolly, moving straps, moving blankets, and non-stick mats. If you want everything to go according to plan, you need to be aware of the fact that the right moving equipment is necessary.


  1. Hallways and pathways have to be clear of obstacles

Did you know that one of the most common culprits for moving-related accidents is a blocked moving path? For that reason, before you start taking out your boxes, you need to make sure that all the moving paths are unconstrained. Disorganized clutter can seriously jeopardize your safety during your move, which is why it is of utmost importance that you keep all the packed boxes neatly organized in piles.


  1. Get rid of flammable items

When packing, forget about matchboxes, paint thinners, aerosol cans, and other chemicals, as these are flammable and dangerous and movers refuse to transport such items.


  1. Drink enough water

Finally, don’t forget that a strenuous process such as packing and loading and unloading moving boxes can dehydrate your body. So remember to take in enough water all the way throughout the moving process and stay hydrated. It might be a good idea to carry a bottle wherever you go to remind you to drink enough water.


So, if you’re sure about your decision to go through the relocation process without professional assistance, keep the previously listed precautionary measures in mind to avoid injuries. However, you can also change your mind and hire professional movers to take care of loading and unloading, and not lift a finger. In some cases, the best way to go is to leave it to experts to do their job, so don’t forget about that option. If you need some more moving tips, do not hesitate to contact Cross Country Movers Group anytime you want.

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