When you are preparing furniture for the move, you will have to decide on whether you should empty your furniture drawers before you pack all of your furniture for the move. It is a common question that we at Cross Country Movers Group get asked, and unfortunately, there is no direct answer.  By emptying your furniture drawers you will make the moving process safer, but it will also prolong the move by taking time and effort to do. It also complicates the move by requiring additional moving supplies to pack all of the items that you keep in the drawers. By leaving your furniture drawers full will save time when packing and will leave more free room in the moving truck but might also compromise the safety of the rest of your furniture during the move, causing property damage or personal injuries because of the added weight. We at Cross Country Movers Group have put together an article to help you to find the best way to pack your furniture drawers for the move.

Is it a good idea to empty your furniture drawers before packing them?

Should you empty your furniture drawers before you begin your move? Emptying your furniture drawers of leaving them full is something that you will need to decide when packing pieces of furniture that have drawers. The answer mostly depends on a case by case basis as sometimes it is a much better idea to just seal off the furniture drawers with packing tape or plastic wrap and ship it as is.

To help you to decide which furniture drawers should be emptied and which can be moved full, here are a few things that you have to consider:

Is your piece of furniture durable?

You do not have to empty your furniture drawers if they belong to a piece of furniture that is well-built , in good overall shape and is of high-quality materials. Such pieces of furniture usually are heavy, sturdy, and will withstand the extra weight of their full drawers and you will merely have to secure the furniture drawers with stretch wrap.

If the piece of furniture is made out of flimsy and cheap materials, you are advised to empty the furniture drawers, an excellent example of such furniture is ready-to-assemble furniture that you can buy from stores such as IKEA. Also, avoid leaving the furniture drawers full if your piece of furniture is fragile or old as there is a good chance that the extra stress that comes with the moving process might damage it.

Can you carry the piece of furniture?

When you pack your furniture drawers for the move make sure that they are not too heavy as they will be more difficult to carry, navigate through tight stairs and doors, and the load onto the moving truck. When you decide to leave your furniture drawers full, you will have to keep them in an upright position while they are in the truck. So, if you are moving alone, it is more advisable to empty the furniture drawers so that you can pack lighter and move them more easily. If, on the other hand, you have several people to help you pack or if you have hired professional movers, then you can leave the furniture drawers full to save time.

What is in the furniture drawers?

Whether or not you choose to empty your furniture drawers depends mostly on what they contain. After all, you are not solely trying to protect the furniture drawers themselves by packing them correctly, but also trying to keep their contents from getting damaged while they are being moved to your new home. Therefore if your furniture drawers are full of lightweight, non-fragile soft possessions like clothes, sheets, pillows, towels, etc., you can leave them in the drawer as these items are unlikely to be damaged or to cause damage during the move.

But, if your furniture drawers are full of fragile, small, valuable items, or heavy items, then you will have to empty the furniture drawers and pack them and their contents separately.

Packing instructions

Packing your furniture drawers for your relocation is a pretty straightforward process. All that you have to do is follow a few simple packing guidelines, and you will be safely done packing in no time. As already mentioned, you basically have two options when packing your furniture drawers for a move: 

1) Empty and pack your furniture drawers

To reiterate, you should make sure that you empty your furniture drawers when:

  • the piece of furniture is old, antique, flimsy, or in bad shape
  • the drawers hold fragile, heavy, valuable, or small items
  • you will not need the extra manpower to carry the heavy drawers onto the moving truck

When packing your empty furniture drawers, you should:

  • Line the inside of the moving boxes with several layers of clean packing paper to provide protection
  • Empty the drawers one at a time if the furniture has more than one. begin with the bottom drawer and gradually work your way up for as much as possible
  • Move the contents of the furniture drawers into the correct moving boxes
  • Have a plan when you are packing your furniture drawers. When you are done packing one drawer, put two sheets of packing paper in the moving box to act as a divider, then move on to the next drawer.
  • Make sure that everything is packed tight so that it avoids shifting around during the move. If you hear or feel that any items are moving around inside the box after you are done packing, make sure to fill in all of the empty spaces with crushed packing paper
  • Label the box and tape it shut

After you have packed the contents of the furniture drawers, it is time to pack your furniture drawers themselves. There are two main ways to pack the empty furniture drawers, which are:

  • Place the empty furniture drawers back into their original slots in the piece of furniture. Use pieces of masking tape to keep them from opening during the move. Another way that you can keep your dresser drawers closed is to put a few layers of plastic wrap over them and around the whole piece of furniture to keep them in place. Finally, wrap the piece of furniture in moving blankets for extra protection.
  • To pack your furniture drawers separately from the main piece of furniture. Wrap each individual furniture drawer in furniture blankets and tape the furniture blankets with tape to stop them from unwrapping.

Leaving the empty drawers in the original piece of furniture will help you to save space in the truck, but it will make the piece of furniture a little more cumbersome to carry. Packing the empty drawers separately will use up more space in the moving truck but will make moving your pieces of furniture on and off the truck easier.

2) Leave the drawers full and then secure them well

It’s recommended that you leave the drawers of your piece of furniture loaded when:

  • the piece of furniture is of sturdy, in good shape and of high quality
  • the furniture drawers are carrying non-fragile and lightweight objects like bedding and clothes
  • you have enough help to carry all of the extra heavy pieces of furniture

This furniture drawer packing method is quite convenient and very useful when packing dresser drawers that are packed full of bedding and clothing.

When you want to pack your full furniture drawers for the move:

  • Carefully remove each drawer from the piece of furniture and put it on the ground
  • If the drawer is not completely full or has visible empty spaces, fill them with soft pieces of clothes to prevent any of items inside from shifting around. And additionally, you can use the furniture drawers as moving containers and fit more lightweight and non fragile items in them
  • Put several layers of clean paper sheets over the contents of the furniture drawers to provide more safety
  • Make sure that you wrap the open top parts of each of your furniture drawers with many tightly packed layers of plastic wrap to keep their contents inside

Once you have wrapped the furniture drawers in plastic wrap, you will not be able to put them back in their original slots in the piece of furniture. Instead, use a moving blanket to wrap each one of the furniture drawers to make sure that they reach your new home in the same condition that they left your old home.

Now that you have read how to pack your furniture drawers for the move we hope that you will be able to pack all of your pieces of furniture and move them safely to your new home. If you need the help of a moving company to pack your things, we at Cross Country Movers Group are here for you. Our Cross Country Movers Group professional moving services can help you to move your entire household quickly, easily, and safely. To find out about our moving services, contact our customer support staff who will answer any questions that you might have, and help you to schedule your move.

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