Moving to a new home is difficult, but moving with kids is usually much harder. When you are moving to a new home with school-age kids means that you will have to find a good school for your kids. And if you have decided to move in the middle of the school year, then your task just got a lot more complicated. How are you going to find a good school for your kids? The most essential thing that you have to do is find a good school in your new city.


What Will Your Kids Need?

What are your child's needs?
What are your child’s needs?

The first thing that you should do when trying to find a good school for your kids is to see what kind of schooling your kid will need. In most cases, you are going to have plenty of schools at your disposal. That is great news because different kids do well in different fields of education. When choosing a school, take into account your kid’s interests and abilities. To find a good school that will most benefit your children, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will your children prefer to go to a small school or a large school?
  • Is your kid interested in extracurricular activities, and to what extent?
  • Will your child need any special programs to help them catch up or keep up with the other children?



When to Move?

What date is best for the move?
What date is best for the move?

We know that you do not always have control over when you are moving, but if you do, then we would advise you to move during the summer break so that your children can start the school year along with all of the other children. By starting at the same time as the other kids, your children will have a more natural transition, as they will have gotten used to their new neighborhood and will start along with the other new kids. Moving during the summer might not be an option, and you might have to move during the school year. Moving during the school year has obvious disadvantages, but it will provide your kids with the opportunity to dive right in to their new school surroundings.



Look For Recommendations

When looking to find a good school for your kids, get as many recommendations as you can. 

Look for credible recommendations
Look for credible recommendations
  1. Real estate agents are a surprising and very reliable source of information as they usually know specific information about the neighborhood and will know which schools in the area are among the best schools in the city.
  2. Social media is an excellent source of recommendations, especially if you know and trust the people providing them. Ask all of your friends on social media for information about schools in your new city.
  3. Other parents are a great source of information, get in touch with the other parents in your new neighborhood and ask them for information that will help you find a good school.

Browse the Internet

Do some online research
Do some online research

Once you get a general idea on which schools in the area are the most suitable, do some research and find the ones that will be ideal. Visit the National Center for Education Statistics or to find out everything that you need to know about the public and private schools in your new city. Also, you can use the sites to check the school’s ratings, compare their programs, and read the reviews left by other parents. All the schools are rated in terms of teacher quality, principal leadership, and parental involvement, all of which is very useful when deciding on which school to send your child to. You can also visit the schools’ websites and see if they have the facilities and services that will best help your kid.




Visit the Schools

Visit the Schools
Visit the Schools

If you have performed the previous indirect checks, you should now only have a few schools to choose from. Now it is time to get direct and visit the schools to see what they have to offer. Remember that visiting these schools is the best way for you to determine whether the school is right for your children. Contact the school principal and request a personal visit, if possible, bring your kids as well to enable them to experience the school atmosphere first hand. Even a short tour of the school will help you to look over the school. If you can, speak to a few teachers. 



Ask Questions

When trying to find a good school after the move, you should ask questions that will help you to gauge the effectiveness of the school. If you can’t visit the school in person, then you should still have a list of questions that you can ask the principal or one of the school’s representatives. These questions include:

There is no such thing as a stupid question
There is no such thing as a stupid question
  1. What kinds of extracurricular activities do they provide?
  2. Does the school have any learning programs for gifted or special needs students?
  3. How does the school utilize modern technology used to aid the learning process?
  4. How does the school support students who have academic or social difficulties?
  5. Does the school require the students to wear uniforms? 
  6. Does the school have a dress code?
  7. How do they handle discipline and safety? 
  8. How do they handle bullying?

Prepare your Child’s Paperwork


Get the paperwork in order
Get the paperwork in order

Remember that finding a good school after moving to a new home is very difficult. But when you do, you will have to register your children at their new school. This means paperwork, and here are the documents that you will have to have with you: 

  • Recommendation letters from their old teachers (photocopy)
  • Report cards (photocopy)
  • Copies of completed exam scores and the exams themselves if possible
  • The address and contact information of your kid’s previous school
  • List of all awards and achievements that your children have earned
  • Up to date immunization records

Now that you have read our tips on how to find a good school for your kids after moving we hope that you will be able to get your children into good schools. If you need the help of a professional and reliable moving company to pack your things and transport them to your new home, know that we at Cross Country Movers Group are here to help you. Our Cross Country Movers Group provides high-quality moving services that can help you to move all of your household items quickly and safely. To find out about our moving services, contact our Cross Country Movers Group customer support services who will answer any questions that you may have about the move and our moving services, and will help you to plan your move.

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