Expanding your career network in a new stateAre you thinking about moving to another state? Do you feel that your career could improve when you change a place of living? Certainly, a new place will give you a chance to meet new people and expand your career network. Whether you run a company or you have some family reasons, it’s time to plan it well since you don’t want to have any unpleasant situations. The key to a successful move is choosing the right mover. Hiring Cross Country Movers Group all your moving problems will be solved.


Our qualified staff offers its clients all services regarding long-distance corporate and residential moves at very competitive prices. On your demand, you will be provided a free, accurate moving price without any responsibility. By comparing our company with some other in the same business, you will find the most value in our service.

We are equipped with high-quality moving boxes and other supplying materials to pack each of your items properly and protect them from any damage. Among other services regarding transporting your belongings, insurance and shipping your vehicle, we can also provide you with safe, video-monitored storage facilities.

As you are settling a new environment, you should think about expanding your career network in advance, before you start living there. Consider the following tips:


Ask people you know for referrals

It’s always a good way to get in touch with somebody in the new area when you collect some contact information from your colleagues, friends or members of your family. Just ask them for possible leads. They maybe have a clue which contacts will be beneficial to you after you settle there. You will be surprised to find out how many contacts you can get that way.


Join a group with similar interests and activities on social networking sites

Some sites, such as LinkedIn will automatically connect you with people of your professional profile. Then you can contact the ones who live near your future home and start having face-to-face appointments as soon as you settle there.


Prepare your business card with your new data

Make your new business card and keep some of them always with you. You never know who you can meet and start a conversation about some new job opportunities.  Be always prepared to introduce your education and your skills and keep a copy of your resume in case somebody might ask you for it.


Search for associations and events of your interests in your new city

All the information is so easily to find online, so just search the net to find some group of people from your chosen field and events where you can meet people with the similar occupation.


Cross Country Movers Group hopes the tips will help you expand your carrier network after you move to your new address. We will appreciate much to assist you to relocate there. Call our consultant now!

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