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Moving when you are ill

Moving when you are illYou must be thrilled by the idea of moving to another state. It can seem a little complicated to you to manage all the tasks that have to be done since you have no experience in such things. It is undoubtedly recommended to hire a professional moving company that is capable of transferring your belongings to your new place as smoothly as possible. By hiring Cross Country Movers Group, you will be sure your property will be handled well.

Our team offers you all the services regarding safe, secure and fast relocating your property to your new address. Our skilled, friendly staff can pack your items with much care. You don’t even need to purchase the boxes and other supplying material. Our company is proud to say that we can offer you top-quality services at a very competitive price. Our team of experts has made hundreds of successful long-distance moves, both corporate and residential ones. Our aim is a satisfied customer, and we do our best to keep you relaxed all the time.

Just contact one of our representatives to get some useful tips, as well as a free price estimate and schedule your moving date.

Anyway, as the moving date is approaching, things can get complicated.  You suddenly get a cold. It’s getting worse, and you are worried. It can be nausea, fatigue, shivers or an upset stomach. You don’t know how long it will last before you recover. You start panicking since there is still much to do to complete the moving process. Although everything is ready to have your belongings shipped to your new address, you should do some necessary tasks regarding your documents, work, utilities, etc. What should you do?

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shipping boxes

No matter where you’re moving to, if you’re moving just down the block or if you plan on moving across the country, you’ll be faced by various problems and obstacles that are common to relocation. And most people have had to move at some point in their lives, and have come across different issues when it comes to moving. Now, the chances of making your move entirely stress free are quite low, but there are a few moving tips and tricks that can help you in trying to achieve that. And among the ones that you don’t usually think about is labeling moving boxes. A small part of the bigger picture, which is packing up all of your belongings properly. But a part which, done properly, makes packing, and even more importantly, unpacking, so much easier. Here are some basic tips on how to label moving boxes

– Prepare plenty of markers

        Even though you can do most of the labeling by using your old markers or simple pens, getting yourself some proper, high quality markers will go a long way. Not just for this relocation, but you’ll be glad to have them in your inventory, as you’ll surely use them at some point in the future.

– Get markers of different colors

        To do the labeling properly, as you’ll find out by reading on, you’ll need markers of different colors. So don’t shy away from spending a buck or two extra to get yourself a set of markers of varying colors. And don’t forget that they’ll still be useful to you in the future, so if you decide to buy better quality markers, also look for waterproof ones.

– Get lots of tape

        Of course you’ll have plenty of packing tape with you during your relocation, which will be useful for labeling boxes. But as color identification is so helpful for labeling, we’d suggest getting colored tape as well.

– Online labels or making your own

        Moving box labels are no hard find, as you can get them anywhere online, of all shapes, sizes and purposes. You can also check with your moving company, if you want to buy them from them, but know that there’s plenty online that you can download for free and print out.

– Designate colors to rooms

        As simple as that, choose a specific color and choose a room that you’ll be using it for. As you’re packing the specific room, mark down what you’re packing using the same color. This will make unpacking the boxes at your new home a hassle free experience.

– Number your moving boxes

        Another great way to label your moving boxes is by using numbers. Create a moving boxes checklist, number all of your boxes and write them down. This way you can easily check if a box got lost on the way to your new residence. Don’t forget to make a couple of copies of your moving checklist, as without it, the numbering is useless.

– Labeling tips

        Besides the above mentioned tips that will make the unpacking go smoothly and with no hassle, there are a few labeling pointers that you should keep in mind. Write down all the items contained in the box, on the top and sides, but don’t forget to exclude if there’s anything very valuable inside, just to be sure. And it’s also for the best to write in big letters if the items inside are fragile or need special care, as movers usually adhere to this labeling.

Don’t forget that Cross Country Movers Group can take care of the packing for you, if you want to let professional packers handle it.


If you are looking for affordable movers to take care of your upcoming relocation, you can be sure that you aren’t the only one who is doing it. It is a well-known secret that in the end, a residential move can become a rather expensive undertaking that will inevitably burden the family budget. And while it is a fact that there are proven cost-saving tricks and tips to lower the overall price, which particular company you choose as your moving partner will pre-determine not only how fluidly the entire move goes, but also how much you are going to pay for the professional services you hire. In many cases, the single decision of which moving company to trust with your things will influence the outcome of your relocation. Unsurprisingly, the final cost of the move is the determining factor in how your move will unfold. However, as vital as it is, the price alone is not the only thing you should take into consideration when moving to a new house. After all, you do not want to find cheap movers you want to hire an affordable, high quality and dependable moving company all in one. Stop asking, “Where can I find cheap movers?” and look into finding a perfectly affordable moving company that will also provide you with great moving services. The truth is that if you do your research in advance and play your cards right, you stand a great chance of disproving everyone who says that affordable services are almost always synonymous with poor quality. Here are 5 tips on how to find an affordable moving company near you.

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Everything You Need to Know About Moving with Kids

Are you planning on moving with kids to a new home soon? Then it is important to make sure you know how to handle the process so that it is as stress-free as possible for your family. Regardless of how old they are, the relocation is bound to affect their lives and daily routines in ways they cannot predict. For that reason, you should take the time to approach the whole process in the right way. To help you do that, we have put together some tips and tricks for preparing to relocate with a child.

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Expanding your career network in a new stateAre you thinking about moving to another state? Do you feel that your career could improve when you change a place of living? Certainly, a new place will give you a chance to meet new people and expand your career network. Whether you run a company or you have some family reasons, it’s time to plan it well since you don’t want to have any unpleasant situations. The key to a successful move is choosing the right mover. Hiring Cross Country Movers Group all your moving problems will be solved.

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