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3 ways to find out your movers hourly rates

3 ways to find out your movers hourly ratesIt is essential to remember that when you are moving to a new home that is less than a hundred miles within the same state, you are moving locally. The importance of this information is that, when you hire professional movers to move your belongings from your old home to your new one, you will be charged an hourly rate. And whenever you hire movers by the hour, you have to be familiar with the typical hourly rate so that you can have a general idea about how much you will have to pay the professionals in the end.

Read these 3 ways to find out your moving companies hourly rates to find out the average cost of hiring professional movers per hour and their extra hourly rates.

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7 things you should photograph when movingTaking pictures before, during and after your relocation will be useful to you for a number of good reasons. Below, we will take a closer look at the reason why you should not pack your camera yet. Taking photos when moving can help save time and money, protect your things, and more importantly, spare your nerves during the move.

Taking random photos of random household items will not work, you will have to know what essential things to take pictures of, and why you are taking these photos in the first place. Of course, you might choose to pack up your digital camera and use your smartphone to take those pictures. That is perfectly fine, make sure that your smartphone takes high-resolution photos that can be effectively used as proof if needed.

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5 tips to help you prepare logistically for you move

5 tips to help you prepare logistically for you moveAre you going to make a long-distance move? It doesn’t have to be a hassle, although it seems to be much work. It is a life-changing event, so planning it well and getting the right service will make sure your move is a pleasant experience. That’s why you need a reliable long-distance moving company that can offer you high-quality moving services at competitive prices.  It is a base of every good moving strategy. Cross Country Movers Group offers you a wide range of service and all assistance and tips you need while relocating.

Our skillful and experienced team makes all types of cross-country corporate and residential moves at a very affordable price. We can complete all those daunting tasks for you, such as packing your property so that no item will be damaged during transportation, disassembling furniture, unpacking and re assembling them after it is transported to your new address, shipping your vehicle and much more. Just contact our representatives to tell us about your demands, and we will give you all the useful tips, as well as a free price estimate without any obligation.

We can give you 5 tips to help you prepare logistically for you move right now to make your move easier to prepare your move logistically. They are as follows:

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6 lists to help you furnish after moving into a new home

6 lists to help you furnish after moving into a new homeWhen relocating to a new home, you might want to make it as similar to your old place as possible in the hope of preserving some semblance to your old life and transferring all the happy memories, comfort and peace you experienced in your old home to your new one. Or you might want to make it radically different from your previous residence as a symbol of your fresh beginning in a new home, of the opportunity to start over and leave all the negative aspects of the past behind.

Whatever you decide, you will want to make your new place feel like home. To achieve this, you need to furnish your new house well, equip it with all the practical essentials and aesthetic elements that will ensure your convenient and enjoyable life after the move. So, whether you take your old household items with you or buy new ones for your new home, make sure that you have everything you need for a new home.

But what do you need when moving to a new home? A bed, a table with some chairs, a fridge, a microwave, and? Take a closer look at the following 6 lists to help you furnish after moving into a new home to make sure you will not miss anything essential when moving into a new place.

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3 ways to avoid last minute moving costs

3 ways to avoid last minute moving costsIt is a well-known fact that moving is very costly. It is not a secret that there are proven ways to reduce the moving costs either. So, if you are planning a residential move, you have probably researched your options, found out how much money you are going to need for every stage of the moving process, calculate your finances, organize a moving budget, and use all the tricks for cutting down the final cost of your move. What you might not have planned for, however, are some unexpected moving expenses that may be incurred in the last minute such as extra fees, additional charges, forgotten or hidden costs, etc. Such surprising last-minute costs can greatly add to the financial burden of moving and leave you upset and frustrated. In fact, careful planning and insightful thinking are all it takes to avoid last-minute moving costs and save your relocation budget. Just follow these 3 ways to avoid last minute moving costs below, and you will be able to save money on moving day.

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How to protect your belongings when moving

How to protect your belongings when movingAre you going to move cross-country? As the moving date is approaching, you should start planning the entire process so that the relocation goes as smoothly as possible. It is a challenge, and you certainly need some experts to assist you to with the process. Cross Country Movers Group offers you a variety of services for any residential or commercial move. We are proud to say that we have already made hundreds of long-distance moves and have achieved customers’ satisfaction.

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20 things to do before your movers arrive

20 things to do before your movers arriveYou have probably heard a few stories about smooth and trouble-free moving experiences as well as some problematic and stressful ones. Those who encountered no difficulties when moving to a new house were either lucky enough to come across competent moving companies or have had excellent organizational skills in planning and providing for all manner of unexpected situations. If you want to follow in their footsteps and organize a successful move, you should begin organizing your move far in advance and pay thorough attention to all the small details that have substantial consequences for the whole moving process. Aside from selecting an appropriate new home, setting up an efficient moving budget, acquiring several moving estimates and then hiring the best moving company. There is something else you can do to help your own moving process considerably, and that is to prepare well before the moving team arrives. Even if you have hired the full-service move, there are a few things you can do to speed up the relocating process and lower the risk of problems, setbacks, and damages. If you know how to prepare your items, you will save yourself a lot of valuable time on moving day. Which is why we provided these 20 things to do before your movers arrive:

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wood burning stove

wood burning stoveWood-burning stoves prove to be excellent sources of renewable heat during the winter months. As a bonus, the bulk of wood stoves are quite charming and tend to radiate a sense of comfort throughout the home when they are lit. If you own a wood stove, then you already know what a good investment it has proven to be. Except, of course, when the time comes for you to move that heavy item to another location in the same room, a different room, or to another house entirely. And when that moment comes, your very first thought will most likely be, how to move a wood-burning stove by yourself. Followed by the irresistible impulse to call professional movers who will get the risky job done correctly. Before you do think, what if you could somehow save the money that you would pay professional movers to move the wood burning stove for you? Read these 13 easy steps that help you move your wood burning stove to learn how to relocate your wood stove by yourself, and whether you are up to the stove moving challenge.

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4 ways you can get help with your move

4 ways you can get help with your moveIf planning a residential relocation and feeling bewildered with moving preparations and tasks, you are very likely to get a very specific recurring nightmare, moving day comes around, everything goes wrong, and your move ends in complete disaster. Such terrible visions are rarely a surprise considering the number of substantiated reasons people have to be nervous about moving day.

However intimidating and random your moving day might be though, there is something you can do to decrease the stress and avoid significant disasters at the time of your relocation, ensure dependable and efficient moving help. But how can you get moving help, you might ask. Where to find reliable moving help? Who would be willing to provide you with the required moving assistance? If you are looking for help on moving day, all you have to do is look below:

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How to move your fish tank

How to move your fish tankIt is a well-known fact that getting ready for a long distance move is no easy a task. Naturally, one of the most tedious things to do is to pack all your stuff, yet again, you have to do it. Not only is it boring to spend days and weeks surrounded by moving boxes, but before you know it, you’ll find yourself cornered by some tricky-to-wrap items that require some extra effort on your part. One of such things is a fish tank. We understand that you can’t imagine your new house without, but, again, you don’t have a clue how to move it safely, right? Don’t worry – here’s a step-by-step guide to moving your fish tank without any trouble.

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