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Cross Country Moving

When it’s time to make a transition and move across the country, you face a difficult task: sorting out what to bring with you. A big move like this means that you will need to make some tough choices, because moving anything will be expensive and you will have very limited space. In this post, we will explain some tips to help you figure out what to bring and what to leave behind or sell.

Keep Sentimental Things

Whether it’s pictures, books, jewelry, or anything else, you should hold onto anything that has some personal value to you beyond its monetary value. These objects are often associated with special memories or important people in your life, so do your best to keep them with you. These objects are often small, so they won’t take up too much space. It is a good idea to pack things like this separately to ensure that you can find them quickly when you need to unpack. As anyone who has moved knows, it is very common to postpone unpacking some of the things you bring with you, sometimes indefinitely. If you know where your most important things are, you can take care of them first.

Do Not Use Storage Services

It can be very tempting to open up a storage cube or unit to keep some of your things, but this is a mistake. All it will do is enable you to keep collecting things that you may well not need. A move is a good opportunity to free yourself of some of the stuff that you don’t need. If you get storage, the opposite will happen: you will just accumulate more things while you have a whole set of possessions stored away. You’ll wind up paying for storage for a long time because you will never have the space and time to unpack the storage unit. Nobody ever uses the things they put in storage as much as they expect. You should ask yourself why you don’t just get rid of an object every time you consider storing it away. Think about how it will most likely just sit in a storage unit for months before you even see it again. In that case is it really something you need?

Keep Durable Things

One of the best ways to cut down on the cost of moving is to hold onto things you have that are practical and will last a long time. For example, pots and pans, flatware, plates and bowls, and kitchen tools and appliances are very useful and they tend to last if they are of good quality. There’s no need to rebuy them if you already have a good set, so bring them with you. The same goes for electronics and clothing. Yes, your move is a fresh start, but just throwing out everything is a waste. Take a careful inventory of what you own and make special note of durable objects that you use a lot. Those should get a high priority when it comes time to make your list of what comes along.

Toss Things You Plan To Upgrade

Conversely, it makes sense that if there are things that you will rebuy, don’t take them with you. For example, TVs can be bulky as well as delicate. If you are getting a new job and a new place, you might well want a new TV. If that’s the case, you should save yourself some money and effort by getting the new TV right away when you move in and leaving the old one at the old place. Why carry a TV across the country if it is destined to be gone in a few months? You can make a similar argument for some other bulky pieces like speakers, air conditioners, and big appliances. Whether you own these depends on if you are renting or buying, because a renter’s landlord often supplies items like these. Think about what you would do if you were not moving. Are there items that you would want to upgrade in the near future even if you were staying where you are? Those are good candidates for being left behind.

Think Carefully About Furniture

Furniture is a delicate case. On the one hand, it tends to be bulky, heavy, and vulnerable to breaks and drops, so it takes a lot of effort and money to move. Those same qualities also make furniture expensive to replace, however, and some furniture can have sentimental value. This will come down to a case by case decision. Some people will want the continuity of their own furniture, while others prefer a totally fresh start. The cost and size of your furniture plays a big role as well. Some things make no sense to move because they are old, too big, or hard to protect from bumps. Most cases will fall into a gray area, though, where you will have to use your judgement to decide on whether to bring something along. If you will have more space after the move, then this decision is a little easier, but you will still need to make some tough choices. Furniture is often the hardest part because it is very expensive to rebuy, but by not bringing some of it, you can use that space and money to move many smaller things. You’ll simply have to decide on the emotional and practical value of each item individually- no set rule can guide you here.


Moving more than a few hours away seems like a daunting task, and anything that you can farm out to professionals seems like it should only help make the move easier. However, that’s not always the case. Auto transport, for example, seems like a good idea at first, but then as you look at the costs and start looking for cheaper companies, more disadvantages become apparent – and many of those are linked to the fact that you’re looking at cheap companies.

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Whether you’re planning a big cross country move or you’re simply a “snowbird” headed down south for the winter, transporting your vehicle across the country can be a big stressor and can seem like a daunting challenge. It is however a a necessary part of your relocation process. While driving the car yourself is always a valid option, you may not have the time or energy to hit the road for a 700-mile drive across the country.

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things only movers do

Hiring a professional mover is the most recommended approach to moving. By just calling a mover, you may think all you have to do is go to your new home. Of course, there are things that you need to expect from movers. You need to know the things that only movers know about so you won’t have any surprises later.

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shipping boxes

Shipping processes can be quite confusing, and if you don’t have sufficient information about even the littlest things, it can all go horribly wrong. There isn’t a lot of information on the web for traders or businessmen to follow, so we aim to provide all the necessary information concerning standard size shipping boxes. Most people do not require information on how to pack a traveling bag, but when it comes to shipping, it is very essential that you know the right boxes to use for the right purposes. These boxes also come in several sizes, so it gives you the option of transporting goods of all sizes.

All You Need to Know About Standard Size Shipping Boxes

• Standard size shipping boxes are hardened chemically and designed specially in order to withstand long journeys and storage on the ship. They are a lot better than the regular boxes that you make use of when moving to a new apartment or the ones you just find lying in the corner of the attic. Those regular boxes would probably crumble once something with a reasonable amount of weight is put on it. Standard size shipping boxes are specially made to withstand the pressure of other boxes being placed on top, and they are particularly durable. This helps during long wet trips at sea.

• There are different sizes of shipping box. There is a large box, which is often referred to as the ‘Tea Chest Box’. As the name implies, the box seems large enough to contain an entire tea se. The Large Box is designed to contain items that are big and delicate. It can also be used for packing bulky items but are still light in weight. For example, this box can be used to carry a large amount of clothes, shoes, duvets & bed linen and even children’s toys. The Standard size shipping box is designed to accommodate heavy items such as books, CDs, files etc.

• There is also a maximum weight for each shipping box, and while most boxes come with labels showing the weight it can carry, it is also possible to get a quote. Some boxes also come with assembly and packing instructions. This is often found on the boxes. It is very important to read this before making use of the boxes.

• Shipping boxes often vary in size, but should usually be around 16” x 16”.

Standard size shipping boxes are very important when it comes to moving goods across the seas. They are made from especially resilient materials that ensure goods are transported effectively without damage. Shipping boxes may also be corrugated or custom print. There are benefits of using each of these kinds of boxes. Corrugated shipping boxes are especially useful when you are transporting precious cargo from one country to another. If you do not use these boxes, then you may be putting your goods at risk. A lot of shipping boxes suffer some damage during the trip. While this is not an uncommon site, it may be even worse if you do not use the appropriate boxes for shipping.

Using these boxes comes with benefits, which include:

Benefits of Using Shipping Boxes

• This form of boxes is a lot better if you are looking to customize. If you are looking to make a branding statement by customizing your shipping boxes, then you should go for the corrugated shipping boxes. These standard size-shipping boxes are a lot easier to customize. This makes it a likely choice for most suppliers that are looking to ship a range of products that come in different shapes and sizes. These goods often require different specifications of boxes in terms of thickness and the amount of protection that the boxes offer. For example, suppliers looking to ship goods over a long distance would mostly require thick boxes. Items that are unusually shaped would also require corrugated boxes, because they can be shaped according to the items. It is also possible to design the outward appearance of the boxes with creative design and multi-color printing. There are special materials that also make them tear resistant, flame resistant and even static resistant.

• Shipping boxes are also made from superior materials, this helps to ensure that your goods are transported to the required destination without any form of damage. The regular corrugated shipping boxes are tough and are superior to other kinds of boxes used for shipping. They are a far better option when compared to regular cardboard boxes. Corrugated boxes are often made from up to three layers of fiberboard sheets, which are designed to hold larger items. They also protect the items inside when other boxes are placed on top. This material is also recyclable and reusable. It is also very possible to get shipping boxes that are made from entirely ‘green’ materials. This makes them very environment friendly. This kind of shipping boxes would help you save a lot of money and effort in the form of protection. The damages that may occur during transportation may be too expensive to cover, so why not simply make use of boxes that are resilient. The boxes also come with a tougher canvas, which makes for easy branding. This helps to increase the amount of visibility your brand gets. They are also a lot more resistant to spills and tears. Corrugated boxes are often preferred to other kinds of boxes because of the benefits they bring to the entire shipping process.

Shipping goods to another country can be quite confusing if you do not know the about process. It is therefore very important to get the help of a professional or shipping company before you opt to transport your goods to another country. There are also a number of fees you can avoid if you know a lot about shipping. It is advised that you conduct proper research before shipping a product.

Making use of the right materials can also help you during shipping. This would protect you from the damages that can occur whilst your goods are on sea. It is therefore very essential to make use of the best possible materials and boxes when it comes to shipping. Thankfully, standard size shipping boxes are very affordable. You do not have to worry about additional costs.

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom printed shipping boxes are a great way of advertising your brand or company. Thanks to the tough materials that shipping boxes are made of, you do not have to worry about whether or not prints can be made on the boxes. These form of shipping boxes are a good way of letting your customers know what you are about, and even getting across to new customers. A lot of consumers patronize companies simply because of a contact number or website printed on a box or other form of branding. This makes shipping box branding very important if you are looking to get the right image across and market your brand to potential customers. Any size of shipping boxes can be customized. This is perfect for your standard size shipping boxes. It also gives you a chance to show your professionalism.

Standard size shipping boxes are perfect for transporting goods, delicate or not, from one location to another. They ensure that your commodities are protected. With the option of customizing, it is also possible to do more than just transporting goods from one country to another. You can market your brand or company with ease and reach out to more consumers. Standard size shipping boxes are hardened chemically and designed specially in order to withstand long journeys and storage on the ship. A standard size-shipping box can also contain slightly heavy items. Since they are fairly resistant to water, you do not have to worry about damages on sea.

4 ways you can get help with your move

Before you make a move across the country, you will want to take steps to protect what you love. Moving furniture across the country can be difficult. You have to travel a large number of miles to get your cargo there safely. Through the many challenges, weather, and other factors you encounter, it can be difficult to arrive safely at your final destination with your furniture in tact.

The last thing you want to happen when moving is to get to your location to discover that you have damaged furniture, some of which cannot be repaired.

By having a plan as to how you will handle it, you can minimize the stress and the issues that may occur from this task.


Before you start packing up your furniture to make the move and transport your favorite divan, couch, and China cabinet, you will want to consider the following tips to get it there safely and securely.

4 Ideas for Moving Furniture Out of your House

  • 1. Plan ahead of what you will need to help you get your furniture out of your house. Remember that very heavy items will require some additional assistance, such as dollies, furniture transport devices, and other tools. Having more people on hand is not always enough. Refrigerators and other heavy appliances must also be considered.
  • 2. Start with the small things first. Moving the smaller items such as small end tables, coffee tables, or small chairs should be moved first. This way, you free up floor space and clear the floors of obstacles that may inhibit moving the larger furniture outside of your house. This keeps your furniture from being damaged when you are taking it out as well.
  • 3. Check door frames and decide which door you will move tall or larger furniture out of. Some doorways are just too narrow to allow moving of large couches, kitchen appliances, or large items. Think ahead and measure the length and height of the door before you pick up the furniture and start lifting it outside. Door frames may be damaged, as well as your furniture if you get into a tight space that creates too much friction between the furniture and the doorway.
  • 4. Use furniture slides like “moving men” or other tools to avoid damaging the floor. If you are selling your house in the move, you can devalue your home’s value by scratching floors or causing inadvertent damage that sometimes happens during the move.

Loading the Delivery Truck or Van

When loading the moving truck, you will need to think of how to arrange it in the truck. If you are doing this yourself, this may require intensive planning to ensure that you get everything packed away safely so that it will not fall over onto other items. If you hire a moving company, they can do much of this for you.

  • 1. When loading a delivery or moving truck, put the tallest, largest items in the back first. This will create a “wall of furniture” in the back that will serve as a bit of a cushion for the less bulky furniture that could slide around during the move.
  • 2. Have plenty of rope to tie down the largest items, especially ones with glass doors or encasing. You don’t want to risk breakage of glass while you are moving. Smaller, more delicate items may be broken or destroyed if you do not secure the larger items adequately before starting the trip.
  • 3. If you are moving furniture across the country in an open truck, you will have to plan for bad weather. Even if the forecast calls for sunshine all the way across your tour (which is doubtful), one rainstorm could severely damage some of your best furniture. Have a plastic covered that is secured with rope or other materials or place some heavy water-resistant items on top to avoid having your wood and upholstery irrevocably damaged by weather and rain.
  • 4. Stop and check the status of your furniture once in awhile to ensure that it is safe and secure and free from danger. You will also want to protect your cargo from theft by locking up your vehicle during the night, especially if you are staying in a hotel on the way to your destination.
  • 5. Get insurance on your furniture before the move, so that you could be compensated for much of it if something tragic were to happen, such as theft, fire, or accident, that would damage or lower the value of your cargo before you got it to your destination.


Everyone wants to save money when moving across the country. There is a lot of expense tied to moving. You have the expense of the move itself (renting a truck, extra moving people to help, and equipment to move with), as well as lodging, eating out daily, and shopping that must be done along the way. Here are a few tips to help save money and curb at least some of the expense you may incur from such a move.

  • 1. If your move is initiated by your company, check to see if they could pay at least part of the expenses of the move. Some companies have set policies on paying for a lateral move when they need to locate you across the country. It pays to do your homework and check into this before hiring moving people or trying to do this yourself.
  • 2. Plan lodging at less expensive locations. If you do some internet research on the locations you will be stopping at overnight, you can save a lot of money over the long haul. Compare rates for hotels and lodging at your short-term destinations using services such as or for starters.
  • 3. Rent a truck and drive yourself. You can save some money on moving expenses if you drive the truck yourself. However, some people do not want the responsibility of doing this so they opt to hire professionals instead.
  • 4. Have a yard sale prior to moving so that you are only taking your most important items with you. If you clear out some of the less valued furniture and other items, you will not have to worry about moving all of it. This can save you money and hassles when trying to move all of your stuff across the country.


When moving valuables such as jewelry and other small but important items, you may want to carry these in a separate vehicle to your furniture and main household items. This way, if something were to happen to the moving truck, you would still have the most valuable and hard-to-replace items with you. Likewise, carrying the furniture in one main truck is the best for cross-country trips, so that you can unpack all of it at once in one location.

When insuring your furniture, estimate the amount you think the furniture is worth (street value today) and what it would cost to replace it. Don’t consider sentimental value as this will not hold water with insurance agents. Just think about the actual cost of repurchasing the items when calculating how much insurance you need.

Let kids and neighborhood friends help you pack up your moving truck if you are doing it yourself. They can save you a great deal of time and it makes it more fun when they pitch in to help. Who knows? They might even throw you a block party as a send-off!

Happy moving! And remember it just takes some organization, planning, and strategies in successfully getting your furniture across the country in one piece.

things to know about a new city before your move

Relocating to a new city can be a daunting experience especially to individuals relocating for the first time. Whether a person is moving for the first time, or they have been relocating before, moving to a new strange city can be a scary and stressful experience. Not having an apartment waiting for you in the city can be another stressful factor. To other people who love fun, relocating to a new city can be adventurous. It is a good idea for you to conduct a lot of research about your new city before moving. Research on where you can find essential services within the city such as the municipal services, the coffee shop, the grocery shop, and the movie shop among other places. You do not need to go the neighbors’ house and ask for directions to these locations, utilize online resources for researching about your new city.

Other necessary information you want to be sure of before moving to a new town includes the rental and real estate prices. Also, consider crime statistics of the city, transit situation, and the best and the worst neighborhood among others. You have the obligation to dig into these matters before deciding to relocate to the new town. There are two options when you are contemplating to move into a new city. You can choose to throw a gamble and run blindly without having done any research about your new city. The other option is the one we recommend for you, conduct your homework properly, and research extensively before relocating to your new residential place. Knowing some friends or having family in the city is not adequate, you have to find out the ins and the outs of the city before settling.

Discussed below are some of the tools and ways to understand your new city before deciding to move:

1. Reach Out

Try to find out if there is any person you know that stays in the city you are relocating. Do not assume that everybody will be a stranger, and you will be surprised to find out that you are wrong. Share with friends and family about your relocation, and you might find a friend of a friend that may help you to settle fast. Share it on your social media account if you are comfortable with it. An old friend that you attended high school together might be staying in your new destination. Even the most remote connection may still be a lifeline.

2. Consult With Neighborhood Databases

Numerous online databases of different cities are available online. Visit the websites and check the profile of the city you intend to relocate. Other relevant statistics such as the cost of living, crime rates, average salaries, and the city’s climate are found in these databases. The site called digs deeper into details about cities such as demographic distribution, road accident rates, transit means, and home appreciation values that are available by subscription only. Another site called focuses more on ranking neighborhoods and streets based on popularity. Walk score is another website that can be of importance to you because you can find neighboring schools, shops, and parks from the site.

3. Call the City and Ask for Guidance

The best way to learn a new city is to call the city hall and ask for assistance from the local authorities. Ask for information on new residential areas in the city or jobs offered in the city. You can also visit the official website of the city and familiarize yourself with your new destination. Many cities have resources on their websites that visitors can use to learn the city. The information contained in these sites can also be shared via the social media platforms. Other places to inquire for information concerning your new city includes the local internet provider and the local chamber of commerce.

4. Estimate the Time Taken for Commuting

You need get an idea of how much time you will be spending on commuting. Individuals planning on driving to work should also find out traffic situation of the city by checking the traffic overview on Google Maps. An excellent way to get familiar with traffic conditions is by viewing Google Maps, the sites give the most accurate traffic estimations down to day and hour. You also need to get familiar with the routes used by the public transit in case you are planning on using the public means when going for work. Transit authorities may be having online “plan my route” application that has details on how to move from one place to another.

5. Learn about the City by Checking School Reviews

Schools usually make the best neighborhoods. Residents that are fond of their schools care about their community. It is not a must for you to have school going kids to be able to stay near a school. Individuals planning on reselling their private place in the future should highly consider a school neighborhood. The most informative place about schools is the non-profit organization GreatSchools that publishes a guide that ranks schools on a scale of one to 10. Factors considered in the ranking include standardized test scores and students outcome rates. Residents are also allowed to share their reviews about the schools in the neighborhood.

6. Check the Crime Rates of the City

The most crucial statistics to look into before moving to a new city is the crime rates of the city. Information regarding the crime rates can be found on official police websites. More information about criminal activities of the town can be found by gathering cursory data over the phone. Sites that share public crime data can also be located online, and such websites include crimereports, the Family Watchdog, and SpotCrime websites. Safest cities can also be found on websites such as Safewise that regularly ranks cities according to their safety records. Ensure the safety of the place you intend to relocate by taking the necessary actions.

7. Visit User Forums to Get Honest Opinions

Online forums are the best place from where you can gather information about your new destination. Locals tend to provide great honest feedbacks on the online forums. Visit sites such as and go to user forums to learn more about the town you are planning to relocate. Another reliable website is Reddit where you are provided with information concerning various cities. Reading posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, and Google+ is another good resource for information. Residents may also be having private networks such as the, which is a private networking site where neighbors connect and share information.

8. Conduct Some Reading

Check your local library or visit your bookstore and get some information regarding the place you are moving to and read up. Individuals that are fond of fun activities such as hiking need to find out local trail maps, cultural spots, or museums existing in the city. Search for travel guides featuring your favorite destinations. Look out for hashtags on the social media platforms and look out for the tagged places. You could also decide to connect with the local users to get their opinion about the place you are headed. After these activities, you may be able to come up with some information regarding your new destination.

9. Learn About the City’s Local Culture

Once you have acquired all the necessary details about the city, now it is time to make a further step and get to learn about the local attraction, tourist attraction sites, and favorite sports activities. Several online sites are available that provide plenty of information about various city’s’ cultural events. City-Data’s forums are the best place to visit, and you can meet someone that is a resident of the place you are moving to and willing to meet you.

10. Lastly, Plan on Being Involved in Community Activities

Participating in community services is the best way to meet new people and interact with them. You could volunteer at a local kitchen, church, or a local school.

shipping boxes
hacks to simplify your move

“No friends, no life”. A simple statement but it holds a beautiful concept of life. Man is a social animal and he is brought in this world to interact, to socialize and to learn from others. Friendship is the best way of it, and people who have friends are extremely fortunate. The friendship is a relation in which you can share your problems, sorrows, happiness and secrets which most of the time cannot be shared with any other person. Friend guides us in the most difficult times of our lives, they support us when we need support, and they protect us from many obstacles and possible fails. The person who is blessed with the friend is never alone.

People who make friends are most lively and loving as compared to those who hardly make friends. If we make new friends it affects us very positively. Friends build our confidence level, make us strong. We come to know how to deal with different people, we share diverse thoughts with them, and we have a chance to meet people with the different psychology and mentality.

New experience is always a risk, but unless and until you experience new things you will not have a chance to taste the flavor of it. Making friends is also a risk but a beautiful one. It is very obvious that if you are new in a city or state and you don’t know anyone – you might be little unwilling to talk to people or to make friends.

Friend are always a good guidance for us. You should talk to new people and try to develop a friendship if you like someone, and that someone is friendly to you. By making friends in a new city or state, we have a chance to enjoy life there in different ways, by learning about their language, by learning about their customs, tasting their traditional foods, and by sharing different thoughts regarding various debatable topics.

If we make friends we would never be bored, unaccompanied, confused, complexed, helpless, hopeless, sad and in trouble.

Friends are always like a family, so never be hesitant to make friends in your new city or country of residence. Your new “home” will be welcoming if you want to have friends and are open-minded.