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Bronx Professional Movers

Guaranteed prices for Cross Country Moving

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      Bronx Professional Movers

      Guaranteed prices for Cross Country Moving

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      We Make Moving Easy

      It doesn’t matter which service you need, whether it is long distance move, commercial or residential, or auto shipping, our crew of professional movers is highly trained and experienced to handle any of these tasks.

      Since we have the expertise, we are more than capable of handling all the tedious details that each type of move involves. This makes your experience hassle free.

      Family moving across the country

      Our Services

      Our professional moving services starts with your inquiry and the planning stage of the big move. We’ll be happy to chat with you on the phone. When it comes to packing up your things, you have a few options.

      There’s full-service packing, self-pack and fragile-only packing. Furthermore, we provide storage, assembling and installation of any furniture or electronics to help your long distance move to go over smoothly.

      Long Distance Moving

      Our professionals work with you to come up with a long distance moving solution that best fits your needs. Whether the move is residential or commercial, we are here to make your relocation hassle free. You can choose to use as few or as many moving services as you want. It is completely up to you.


      When it comes to our moving services, our storage service is just as important as the rest. Whether you need longtime arrangements or short-term, our team of professional movers are more than qualified to handle your needs. When storing your belongings, we store them in a secure facility.

      Auto Moving

      Whether you need to transport your family van or SUV or deliver a collectible rare car from an auction, Cross Country Movers is happy to help. Our trained professionals know how exactly to handle your car to make sure it arrives to its destination safe and sound.


      Cross Country Movers have professionally trained personnel that will be happy to assist you with packing even the most fragile dishes or antiques. You can choose to oversee as we do the packing for you. We’ll carefully pack it all into moving boxes, regardless of the size.

      Cross Country Movers Group Reviews

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      • 5 star ratingI have used Cross Country Movers twice in the last two years. Once with my parents and the other time when i moved from Los Angeles to New York, and I have been nothing but satisfied with their service. The staff is a team of all around great people. They... read more

        Sabrina S. Avatar
        Sabrina S.

        5 star ratingAs soon as I talked with Cross Country Movers on the phone I knew I was in good hands. They were very professional and organized, and made sure I had all the information I requested throughout the process. Their price was the most affordable. And they did a free on... read more

        Itzel S. Avatar
        Itzel S.
      • 5 star ratingCross Country Movers blew my mind. Its been a long time since my family and i moved, and the prices we got from different moving companies were confusing. Weight vs. Cubic feet, insurance, binding or non-binding questions. I avoided all the time and stress by just making one call to... read more

        Jennifer K. Avatar
        Jennifer K.

        5 star ratingWe had used Cross Country Movers and they did a fantastic job. Me and my family were moving to a new home so I decided to get a quote from them for my personal move. We were under a hectic schedule but they were able to meet and beat the... read more

        Jennifer P. Avatar
        Jennifer P.
      • 5 star ratingGoing with these guys was definitely one of the best decisions I've made in an extremely hectic week. We're expecting my father in law to move in with us, and we're moving apartments all in a couple of days so I needed the move to be flawless. We actually have... read more

        Sarahi S. Avatar
        Sarahi S.

        5 star ratingThe crew over at Cross Country did an outstanding job on our move, could not have anticipated a better overall process to have gone about like it did. Their whole staff is very friendly and ready to help you with any moving concerns that you may have and patiently prepared... read more

        Kris B. Avatar
        Kris B.
      • 5 star ratingThis company's service is an actual dream come true after all of that stress and headaches we had to endure in order to find a quality company.

        I wasn't expecting such hospitality from them, from the very moment the gentlemen who helped us via telephone answered he sounded very mellow...
        read more

        Suzie A. Avatar
        Suzie A.

        5 star ratingI can't thank these guys enough! Moving itself can be a very annoying and long process, but with these guys it didn't seem hard at all. It came to the point where my parents had to move the furniture, but we kept postponing the process until we could find someone... read more

        Nima L. Avatar
        Nima L.
      • 5 star ratingMy friend used Cross Country Movers and said that she had no issues and that her move was stress free, so I called. My sales rep was sweet and caring. Fees were upfront and included all of the costs. Movers showed on time and they were AMAZING! I had an... read more

        Caroline B. Avatar
        Caroline B.

        5 star ratingI would absolutely recommend this company to anyone. I've moved across the country a handful of times and have never experienced the kind of peace of mind that I did with this company. Everything arrived to its destination on time, nothing was broken or lost, and the customer service was... read more

        Hope T. Avatar
        Hope T.
      • 5 star ratingI was moving from New York to Boston last weekend with a great and professional company - Cross Country Movers. I moved because my application to Harvard got accepted, I will be getting my Masters Degree. And I was so excited of receiving this letter and I am still excited!... read more

        David O. Avatar
        David O.

        5 star ratingDear yelpers,

        I would love to share my experience with Cross Country Movers moving company that was held not so long ago. I was moving from New York to Atlantic City and I was looking for a company who can fit my needs: good price, responsible workers, great service, able to...
        read more

        Stewart T. Avatar
        Stewart T.
      • 5 star ratingI used to live in Nevada and I was pretty happy with that place. I loved the weather and Vegas was so close to me. My friend got into car accident and the worse happened, he died. I dont really want to remember that time but I quit everything I... read more

        Brawn M. Avatar
        Brawn M.

        5 star ratingBefore in my life, I certainly used professional moving services, namely, I ordered a truck for transportation of furniture without movers' services,so we coped with it somehow by ourselves but in this time the movers were needed ASAP. I learned that there is a bunch of worthy moving companies. So... read more

        William W. Avatar
        William W.
      • 5 star ratingI had three exams coming up and the only thing I could anticipate was this freaking move! I thought the guys that were going to be assigned to us were going to be unproductive annoyances, and I was everything but accurate. The gentlemen were so personable and accommodating that they... read more

        D S. Avatar
        D S.

        5 star ratingJust used Cross Country Movers for a Huge move. Excellent service with fast response time. From the moment they provided an estimate to the movers themselves the service was phenomenal. They handled my belongings with great care and I can't seem to find anything bad to say about my... read more

        Nare S. Avatar
        Nare S.
      • 5 star ratingMike, Zuki, and Arman and Nurzhan were very fast and professional with our move.

        Heavy items such as a refrigerator, washer, dryer, and couch made it over quick and smooth.

        Joseph G. Avatar
        Joseph G.

        5 star ratingThey showed up right on time and worked all day until 10pm. Our law office has very heavy furniture and never once did in hear a complaint. I fully recommend this company for a local business move or moving your home!! Very reasonable price with a discount for paying cash.... read more

        Jared B. Avatar
        Jared B.
      Bronx Cross Country Movers Group

      Bronx Cross Country Movers Group Review


      I've used their moving service both from VA to CA and from CA back to VA over the years and it never disappointed me. They print out bar codes for every little thing, even a bucket, so that no item gets lost/damaged. Not to mention the pricing is the most competitive in the market (has always been the lowest!)

      You won't regret going with these guys!

      3 ways to avoid last minute moving costs

      Ready to Make Your Move?

      The Bronx is a wonderful borough of New York and it’s perfect for families with or without children. Because of its great economy, the Bronx is great for people who strive towards new job opportunities. The weather in the Bronx is very pleasant and will suit most people. But before you start planning out your relocation and packing, you might want to hire a reliable and professional moving company.

      Our agents are happy to give you an estimate on your moving cost. You can be confident that there will be no surprise fees or expenses. We provide excellent services to our customers at rates that are reasonable and affordable.

      Serving the Bronx Area

      Cross Country Movers Group

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