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    We Make Moving Easy

    It doesn’t matter which service you need, whether it is long distance move, commercial or residential, or auto shipping, our crew of professional movers is highly trained and experienced to handle any of these tasks.

    Since we have the expertise, we are more than capable of handling all the tedious details that each type of move involves. This makes your experience hassle free.

    Atlanta Movers

    Atlanta’s a lot more than just the capital of Georgia. An incredible cultural scene, diverse community, and plenty of business opportunities are just some of the things that will make you wish to move right away. And when your wishes become a reality, know that our leading Atlanta movers will make your moving cross-country seem like a breeze. Find out why our company should be your first choice when trading the current city for the amazing Hollywood of the South.

    Cross-Country Movers Group Is There to Provide You With the Top Commercial or Residential Moving Experience

    When you’re looking for movers in Atlanta, GA, it’s only natural that you would be searching for the most qualified team to relocate you from or to the Big Peach. And with us, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Our team consists of highly experienced and trained individuals who aim to lead each relocation they’re responsible for, whether residential or commercial, to success. It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating just a few boxes and furniture pieces or the whole household – our crew will be dedicated to completing the long-distance move as promptly and smoothly as possible.

    We work hard to earn our customers’ trust, and once we gain it, we don’t take it lightly. That is why with our professional Atlanta home movers, you won’t need to think about the hidden costs. With us, what you see is what you get. Transparency is an important part of our business policy, and that is what makes us the most reliable choice among all other moving companies in Atlanta, GA. If you opt for cross-country moving services, know that the quote will be based solely on your inventory list. And if you want to add or reduce some items from the list, you are free to do so even until the day before the move!

    Our Atlanta Movers Can Pack All of Your Belongings – And Do It Superbly

    If you’re one of those who fear packing, our Atlanta moving services will erase that fear from your mind. Disassembling and assembling and loading and unloading boxes, appliances, and furniture is all physically exhausting and a lengthy process about which you don’t need to worry one bit about.

    And the best part? It’s all part of the standard residential (or commercial) relocation service we offer. That means that you don’t need to get additional packing service if you plan on boxing up smaller belongings while leaving furniture and the rest of the bulky items for us. However, if you want to focus on other more important (and interesting) tasks, we can help you with that, too. All you have to do is contact us and ask for our professional packers.

    Get Our Partial or Full Packing Services and Let Our Professional Long-Distance Movers Help You Move More Efficiently

    What if you don’t have time, energy, or will to focus on boxing up the rest of your belongings? Remember that we can provide you with all the material and a highly competent crew that will know how to protect each of your items, from children’s toys to the most precious china sets.

    Even better, we can offer you both partial and full packing services. You can leave boxing up the most challenging items to our team, while you can take care of the rest, or you can leave everything in our experienced hands. Whichever option you choose, keep in mind that partial packing service includes packing up to fifteen boxes, while everything else is considered a full one. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us – our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

    Cross-Country Movers Group Can Provide You With a Car Shipping Quote, Too

    When relocating a home or office to ATL, keep in mind that having a car will become a necessity – public transportation is not one of Atlanta’s top qualities. So, if you already have a car, you must find a way to transport it to the new state safely. And when it comes to safety, know that our crew has both car shipping experts and the equipment to support it. So, if you want to have a piece of mind when it comes to transporting the vehicle, consider getting our professional auto transport services. Feel free to contact and get your car shipping quote.

    Various Auto Transport Options Are There to Meet All Your Needs

    Our ultimate goal is to deliver your vehicle to the new location safely and as fast as possible. However, it’s up to you to decide the way we’re going to do so. Cross-Country Movers Group will present you with several different options, so ensure to choose what fits you. Consider:

    • Enclosed trailer – do you drive an expensive piece? Or just want your vehicle to stay protected from outside impacts inside of a completely closed space? Then you should go with more safe enclosed carriers.
    • Open trailer – this transportation option is more convenient for those looking for a more affordable solution. However, keep in mind that there will be no barrier between your vehicle, on one side, and different weather conditions or poor roads, on the other.
    • Door-to-door auto transport – is there anything more convenient than giving away and getting the vehicle back outside of your home? Even if the streets are too narrow, your vehicle will be delivered to the closest possible location.
    • Terminal-to-terminal car shipping – our company has auto transport terminals in all of the larger cities. If you want to save money on relocation costs, consider traveling to the nearest terminals and delivering and picking up the vehicle there.

    Thirty Days Free of Storage Makes Our Offer Too Good to Refuse

    Planning a long-distance move can turn into a nightmare fast, especially if you realize that your new home won’t be ready at the time of your arrival. However, what makes us the leading ATL relocation crew is that we care about our customers. That is why we have decided to help them and offer storage services for one month free.

    Your furniture and boxes will be safe in highly protected and temperature-regulated storage units for thirty days, free of charge. Of course, after the month ends, you are free to decide if you want to continue using the storage unit or take your belongings to your new home.

    Insure Your Belongings and Be Fully Secured When Moving Across the Country

    The customer-oriented way we do business provided us with the top position among other Atlanta moving companies. Our crew will be focused on getting all of your belongings to the new destination intact. Unfortunately, accidents do happen – but don’t worry, even in this unlikely event, we got you all covered! When it comes to the insurance of your items, we can provide you with both Mandatory Liability Coverage and Full Value Replacement.

    The first option implies that in the case something gets damaged, you’ll get 60cents per pound of a damaged object. However, if you want to get the total replacement (physically on monetary), getting a second option is better. If you decide to insure all of your items, get the detailed inventory list prepared. Keep in mind, however, that this kind of insurance can be applied only to the belongings our team had packed.

    Are you planning on getting our auto transport? If so, know that your vehicle will also be insured, but that the exact amount depends on the chosen carrier. If you opt for an open trailer, you can get up to $100,000 in the case of external damage. With an enclosed trailer, that sum amounts to five times more.

    All the Reasons Why You Should Consider a Long-Distance Relocation to the Big Peach

    How can you not admire the city that has literally risen from the ashes? Almost the whole city was burned to the ground during the Civil War. Surviving all of that is somewhat of a miracle, but now it becomes more understandable why it has chosen a phoenix as its symbol.

    This city has a variety of nicknames, and in all of them, you can discover the nature of this marvelous place. Hotlanta, for example, refers to Atlanta’s hot and humid summers, so if you’re in search of warm weather all year round, it’s a perfect palace for you. The name Hollywood of the South originates from Atlanta’s extended film and TV series industry. If you are a fan of Hunger Games, or, for example, The Walking Dead, then you know that they are filmed here. Kind of a poetic nickname, City in the Forest, this town has earned because of many three-covered surfaces, so uncommon for the large cities. And what about those peaches? Georgia is known as a Peach state. Moreover, Geaorginas are so in love with this fruit that it’s a part of the name for even 71 streets – only in this city! Nickname the Big Peach makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it?

    Atlanta Has a Mighty Combination of Great Job Opportunities and Affordable Cost of Living

    Did you know that even 16 companies from Forbes 500 have their headquarters in the ATL metro area? Not only that, but some consider the City in the Forest an ideal place for building start-ups, aside from already being one of the country’s tech hubs. Combined with an unemployment rate lower than the USA’s average, you get a place with business opportunities you can choose from.

    Add the fact that living costs are also lower than the national average. While median home on the country level amounts to around $375 000, in the city, it is about $335 000. Affordability combined with all the benefits living in a large city provides are one of the top reasons why this area is becoming more and more popular.

    Whatever You Search For When Moving, Atlanta’s Neighborhoods Can Offer You

    From kid-friendly activities and green surfaces to a diverse cultural and nightlife scene, you can find all of it in some of the best neighborhoods in this part of Georgia. According to your preferences and needs, consider making some of the following areas your new home:

    • Midtown – with plenty of theaters, nightclubs, and live gigs, Midtown is considered to be one of the most electrical neighborhoods in the Big Peach. And when you get tired of awesome but exhausting nightlife and need some peace, remember that this place is surrounded by beautiful nature, perfect for many outdoor activities.
    • Buckhead – this neighborhood is also considered to be the heart of Atlanta’s nightlife. With many diverse bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops, it’s excellent for those looking for parties and good entertainment during the night and good workplaces during the day. However, keep in mind that it is one of the most luxurious areas of the ATL. Does the nickname Beverly Hills of the South mean anything to you?
    • Poncey-Highland – for people with families, this neighborhood may seem like heaven. Lots of green spaces for outdoor activities combined with great schools make Poncey-Highland ideal for raising children.
    • Decatur – if you’re looking for another family-friendly palace with good schools, Decatur may be one of your choices. Being surrounded by fantastic food all the time is just an added plus. Keep in mind that this neighborhood is the top gourmets’ location in ATL.
    • Cabbagetown – if you consider yourself an artistic and authentic individual (read – hipster), you will love this place. From street art and art galleries to playing a great part in Atlanta’s (and country’s) music history, this tiny neighborhood has become an important part of the city’s culture.

    As a Leading Moving Company in Atlanta, We Can Help You Leave This Southern Gem, Too, If That’s What You Desire

    If you decide to go against relocation trends and move away from Big Peach, know that we can offer you this type of service, too. As a nationwide cross-country moving company, we are here to fulfill any of your wishes considering long-distance relocation. No matter the nature of your relocation, we aim to provide you with only the best. We are proud to call ourselves experts in what we do, and our level of professionalism can be proven with many satisfied customers over the years. So, if you’re looking for the best when relocating to or from the ATL, look no more. We guarantee you won’t find better service than ours, for both residential and commercial long-distance move. Contact us and find out for yourself!

    Our Services

    Our professional moving services starts with your inquiry and the planning stage of the big move. We’ll be happy to chat with you on the phone. When it comes to packing up your things, you have a few options.

    There’s full-service packing, self-pack and fragile-only packing. Furthermore, we provide storage, assembling and installation of any furniture or electronics to help your long distance move to go over smoothly.

    Moving Insurance

    Moving insurance is an indispensable part of our moving, packing, and car shipping services. Cross Country Movers Group offers three different types of moving insurance

    Learn More


    When it comes to our moving services, our storage service is just as important as the rest. Whether you need longtime or short-term arrangements, our team of professional movers is more than qualified to handle your items. When storing your belongings, we store them in a secure facility with guards and video surveillance.

    Learn More


    Cross Country Movers have professionally trained personnel that will be happy to assist you with packing even the most fragile dishes or antiques. You can choose to oversee as we do the packing for you. We’ll carefully pack it all into moving boxes, regardless of the size.

    Learn More

    Moving Services

    Our professionals work with you to come up with a long distance moving solution that best fits your needs. Whether the move is residential or commercial, we are here to make your relocation hassle free. You can choose to use as few or as many moving services as you want. It is completely up to you.

    Learn More

    Auto Moving

    Whether you need to transport your family van or SUV or deliver a collectible rare car from an auction, Cross Country Movers is happy to help. Our trained professionals know how exactly to handle your car to make sure it arrives to its destination safe and sound.

    Learn More

    Cross Country Movers Group Reviews

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    Excellent! highly recommend them! Corporate office (Ron Rubin) was very helpful and flexible with the numerous date changes in our move. The actual movers Ricardo and his team… Awesome (Cobra Van Lines) the team went over and beyond in wrapping my furniture and fitting into the truck. They were friendly, helpful and seemed to really care about doing the best job for me and my family. I truly appreciated it.

    Patricia D. 4/05/2019

    I contacted Cross Country in a panic when another moving company completely blew their pick up date and left me stranded. Not only was Cross Country able to pick up my life within 72 hours, every single person I interacted with was kind, thorough and (gasp!) even funny!

    Moving is tough. This move was from Boulder, CO to Detroit, MI in the middle of winter. The team at Cross Country not only saved the day, they went above and beyond to make sure all our timing hit just right.

    My stuff was picked up on a Tuesday and delivered on Friday of the same week.

    The movers in Colorado were great – easy going yet efficient and very careful with my items. The dispatch team is as good as it gets.

    Overall, dependable, quality service at competitive rates. They may be slightly more than others but when it comes to moving, you get what you pay for. These guys offer peace of mind and ease in addition to outstanding service. Would absolutely use again.

    Tatiana H. 2/07/2018

    I want to give full marks to the Cross Country Movers. Best services at all. Saved money. Didn’t get any problem on move. None of my furniture or antique piece was damaged or lost. Last year I used a mover and they didn’t pack my items flawlessly and some of things were out of tress. So I was very careful during my recent move.

    This movers also took care of my stuffs. So it was my less stressful and painless day. They are 100% professional crews. He is also excited enough! I hope and have trust that his journey will be like my move. I will recommend them to my associates. Couple of them have plan for moving.

    Gregory B. 4/23/2016

    I had a great experience with a move from Baltimore to NYC. I only had a few items, and contacted them kind of close to my moving time. Despite my being a last minute relatively small customer, they were super responsive and everything was organized seamlessly. Everything even arrived exactly when they said it would. Will definitely bookmark them for any future moves.

    Kris T. 10/09/2017

    Have to say that these guys are amazing they are really out going and number one in my book I would like to give a shout out to Juan, and Ralph for there help thanks again guys

    Alan E. 10/10/2016

    Tim was the person who organized my move. He was extremely helpful and responsive. They coordinated movers on the pickup and delivery end who were professional and quick. I have to leave off one star because there was a LOT of drama in delivery — after waiting nearly 3 weeks for delivery I was told my stuff would be delivered after the “guaranteed” deadline. Three hours arguing over the phone got them to make the delivery happen in the agreed upon time. Other than being without my things for 3 weeks — almost longer — it was an overall positive experience! All my items are accounted for and looking good. Thanks to everyone, especially Tim, for your help!

    Rachel E. 9/13/2017

    Atlanta Cross Country Movers Group Review


    I’ve used their moving service both from VA to CA and from CA back to VA over the years and it never disappointed me. They print out bar codes for every little thing, even a bucket, so that no item gets lost/damaged. Not to mention the pricing is the most competitive in the market (has always been the lowest!)

    You won’t regret going with these guys!

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