One of the ways that you can use to find a high quality moving company for your upcoming move is to check their online reviews as an additional guarantee that you will be dealing with a reliable moving company which you can actually trust with your things.

It is fairly easy to do, visit the best moving company reviews websites and look at what their previous customers have written about the moving companies that you are currently reviewing, their professionalism, range of moving services and prices. In other words, you read their moving reviews.

Sadly, in the world today, these reviews are far from flawless, so many different types of moving fraud and rogue moving companies are not that uncommon in the moving industry. Well, these days you have to waste time to check whether a moving company is insured, licensed, and dependable.

So, if you are looking for a reliable moving company for your upcoming move, then the following 8 tips to help you spot fake moving reviews that will help you spot a fake moving review which will enable you to go through the fiction to find the right facts.

Why are there fake reviews?

It is not too hard to guess why there are fake moving reviews. Basically, it is about the problems that they cause for all of the people who are looking for trustworthy moving companies. Fake moving reviews further complicate the decision making of an excellent moving company so it is important that you know how to spot potential red flags while reading through the customer reviews so that you will be able to separate fiction from fact.

Positive fake moving reviews and five-star ratings are meant to increase the reputation of a moving company in a desperate attempt to hide poor quality moving services, as well as unprofessional and incompetent behavior. For bad moving companies, fake reviews are one of the few remaining ways to trick people to book their moving services.

Dishonest moving companies put out fake positive reviews from unscrupulous fakes who do not really have a problem pocketing some easy money, make their workers leave false positive reviews about their own moving company, or they encourage their customers to leave five-star ratings about their moving services, usually by providing them with a discount.

Fake negative moving reviews and one-star ratings are less frequent but still exist, sometimes left in an attempt to mislead clients and damage the good reputation of other trusted and professional moving companies.

How to identify fake online moving reviews?

Spotting a fake online review for trained professionals is very easy. But for people who do not have a lot of experience in online reviewing, it can be hard to spot fake moving company reviews, especially when they have no idea what to look for. So, how do you know if a moving review is fake or not?

1.It’s too positive

There is no such thing as a perfect moving company, even the best moving companies in the industry have aspects on which they can improve on. Therefore, overly adulatory moving reviews that are peppered with nothing but praise, compliments, and superlatives are generally fake.

Be wary of impossible combinations like the cheapest moving company out there and provides the best moving services ever.

2.It’s too negative

The chances of dissatisfied clients leaving unfavorable reviews about the moving company are a lot greater because they are negatively affected at the time of posting them.

Interestingly, online reviews that are too negative can also be fake, so do not trust apparent defamatory or strictly offensive reviews that give no useful information that you can use.

3.It’s too detailed

Most genuine moving reviews provide a short summary of the good and bad points of the relocation, plus the fact that they provide are relevant and straight to the point. At least that is what most real reviews will include.

On the other end, moving reviews that go into the tiniest details to convince people of how amazing the quality of their moving services is that can be false.

4.It’s too general

Many fake online reviews have one thing in common, and they are so general and broad that they never provide any specifics about the move.  Ignore the number of great’s, and best’s in the review, just look for actual details and any substantial information that you can find to help you make the correct decision.

5. Repetitive

Identical review structures, comparable writing styles, and recurrent language forms are usually signs of fake moving reviews. Remember that a large number of false online reviews come from individuals who are paid to write them, so repetitive patterns should be expected.

Also, if the moving company’s name gets repeated more than once in the review, then that is probably an attempt at advertising.

6.Uncommon language

Real moving reviews should sound like they were written by regular people who have no degrees in online marketing and Public Relations. Fake online reviews lean toward more uncommon language or specific jargon in order to get their message across. The punctuation of fake reviews can sometimes be weird too, and the over usage of capital letters is a common practice. Would you or anyone you know ever use such language for a moving review?

7.Using personal names

Detecting fake online reviews can be fun. People who get paid to write fake online reviews often go too far in trying to sound persuasive. One regular example of false moving reviews is when movers are mentioned by name.

8.Time and date of publication

If you suspect a handful of online reviews about a moving company to be fake, take a look at the time and date that those reviews were published. If the overly positive and similarly structured moving reviews were published almost all at the same time, then something is definitely off there.

As mentioned, it is not always easy to detect fake moving reviews. Use the signs above to know who to trust but do not forget to follow up on your hunches too. Now that you have read these 8 tips to help you spot fake moving reviews we hope that you have an easy time finding your moving company. If you are looking for a moving company, then Cross Country Movers Group is the company for you. We can provide you with high quality moving services that can help you to move to and from anywhere in the country.


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