7 tips to help you decide whether to move on a weekday or the weekendWhen tackling a new project, you will certainly do everything you can to make sure that it gets done in the best way possible. So, when moving, one of the most challenging things you can ever embark on, you will surely do your best to make your move as easy, safe, efficient, and cost-effective as possible. You will have to plan the relocation down to the tiniest meticulous detail, establish a reliable moving budget, find the best moving company for you, pack your possessions with the utmost care, select an auspicious moving date, etc. anything you need to make sure that you have a smooth move and bring good luck to your new house.


7 tips to help you decide whether to move on a weekday or the weekend

Even if you do not believe the moving superstitions and lucky days, you will still have to find a favorable day on which to move. The particular time of your relocation might affect your moving luck, but it will definitely affect your budget, work schedule, choice of moving company, available help, and immediate post-move situation.


So, while relocating on the weekend might seem like the logical choice, you can’t be sure that it is your best choice without taking all the relevant factors into account. There are different pros and cons to moving at different days of the week that you have to understand well to make the right decision and choose the most advantageous day for you to move. Here is what you have to know:

Moving on the weekend

Moving on the weekend is the choice your common sense tells you to choose, it is easier to organize and more convenient than a move during the weekday, and gives you the opportunity to your new life fresh at the start of a new week:


  1. You will not need to take time off from work: A weekend relocation will take place during your free time, so that you will not have to worry about disrupting your workweek, falling behind schedule, or losing money because you took an unpaid day off.
  2. Your children will be home: You will not have to take your kids out of class and cause them to miss lessons, assignments, or tests because of the move. Older kids can also help when they are out of school and have the time to do so.
  3. Friends will be able to help you with your relocation: Whether you need more hands to help you with the packing, cleaning your old home, or taking care of your children or pets on the day of the move, it will be easier to ask friends and family to help on the weekend, when they have some time to spare.
  4. You will not have to worry about rush hour.
  5. You will have more time to unpack your things and settle down into your new home.
  6. You will have the chance to relax after the arduous moving process and will be able to get back to work on Monday well-rested.
  7. You will be able to start your new life on the first day of a new week.


Moving on a weekday

Moving on a weekday could be much more beneficial than the weekend. Provided that taking some time off work is not a problem, it is in your best interest to schedule your relocation on a weekday:


  1. It will be cheaper: Moving companies usually charge higher rates during peak moving times, these are the summer months, first and the last few days of a month, national holidays, and the weekends, when most of the moves in the country take place. The rest of the time, movers are less busy and more likely to lower their rates to encourage more clients. So, if you can schedule your relocation for midweek, you will get a much better deal and will save some money on your move.
  2. You will have more moving companies to choose from: Moving companies will not be fully booked during the week, so there will be plenty of available movers to choose from. You will have the chance to select some of the best movers in the moving industry and secure experienced and affordable moving help for your relocation.
  3. Stores will be open: Service connections are much easier to coordinate during the week. If there are any problems with the utilities at your new home, you will be able to call service providers during working hours and will have the issue resolved immediately. All the local stores will be open during the weekday, so you will be able to get the supplies you require for your new home right away.
  4. You will have more privacy: Moving during the weekday will attract less attention, many of your new neighbors will be at work, so you will have more privacy when moving into your new home. If you are moving during the weekend, there will be much more scrutiny as almost all of your neighbors will be home and will likely to be curious to see who is joining the neighborhood and what exactly you are unloading.
  5. It will be easier to unload your things: Neighborhoods and apartment complexes are more deserted during a weekday as most people will be at work, so there will be fewer cars on the street, giving the moving truck transporting your things a chance to park very close to the entrance of your new home. If you are moving into an apartment, it’ll be a lot easier to carry your things up the stairs as the place will be nearly empty. On weekends, there will be a lot more traffic, and staircases will be more crowded, traffic jams will be more frequent, etc.
  6. There will be less traffic: As long as you manage to avoid rush hour, traffic will be nearly non-existent on the weekday. So, try to organize your move for late morning and make sure that you arrive at your new home and unload your belongings before four in the afternoon. When everyone gets off work and rush hour traffic begins to clog the roads. If your move is local, then this can be easily achieved. If you are moving long distance, it might be difficult to avoid traveling during rush hour.
  7. Your kids will be at school: You will be able to focus on the move, without worrying about your kids. However, this only works if you are the move is local, and you can put your kids on the bus to school or drop them off before the moving team arrives and have enough time to complete the relocation before you have to pick them up from school.


Depending on the particular day of your relocation, a weekday move might provide some other benefits as well.


Which is the best day to move on?

Moving statistics show that most relocations take place on Friday, while Tuesdays and Sundays are the days that people choose the least. Every day of the week comes with its specific advantages:

  • Friday: The last of the weekdays is considered the best day to move for a reason, moving on a Friday means that you will have to take only a day off work and will have the whole weekend to unpack your things and settle into your new house. Of course, Friday is also the day of the week most people choose to move, so it will be more challenging to schedule a move on Friday.
  • Saturday: Moving on a Saturday will allow you to move without taking time off work and will give you lots of time to unpack and get settled in.
  • Monday: Moving on a Monday gives you additional time to pack up and vacate your old house. You will also have the whole working week to take care of urgent post-relocation tasks in your new area.
  • Thursday: Moving on a Thursday will allow you to not only to unpack and set up your new home but also rest and explore your new neighborhood before heading back to work on Monday.
  • Wednesday: A Wednesday relocation gives you three extra days to settle in and relax after the exhausting moving process. It will also help you save money and find the best movers to handle your move.
  • Sunday: When moving on a Sunday, you will have one extra day to finish packing and rest for a bit before moving day.
  • Tuesday: The best deals that moving companies usually provide are for any relocations that move on a Tuesday.


Different days of the week present different benefits and different challenges to movers. We hope that these 7 tips to help you decide whether to move on a weekday or the weekend you will find it easier to decide on when you want to move to your new home. It is up to you to decide on the best day to move, depending on your specific circumstances and personal preferences. Whatever day of the week you decide to move through, make sure that you research your moving options, find trustworthy movers to work with, and book their professional services well in advance.

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